Thursday, January 31, 2008

In the beginning......

Most of you know that my brother and I are both in the army. Some of you even know that we are both headed to different parts of the world very soon. Jeremy is headed to Iraq and I am headed to Afghanistan.

There was a great going away party for the both of us that my brother, friends, and parents worked very hard to make it happen for us. There were too many pictures to think about posting here. I will eventually get some put this weekend.

I have started this page for my brother and I so that we can keep you all up to date of what is going on. I am headed to the main airbase in Afghanistan and Jeremy is headed to northern Iraq, but does not know any more detail other than that.

Jeremy called me today and let me know that he is headed to Texas at 10am so that he get some training before he leaves. I have completed all my training I am just waiting on the plan ride.

I know that my parents are proud of what we have done and we could not be more thankful for the support that we are receiving. I know that it has to be hard on them to accept that both sons are headed to war. We will both be thinking about them and praying for them while we are gone.

I have not told Jeremy enough how proud I am of him for what he has volunteered to do. We are from the volunteer state after all. Please make sure that you tell him how proud of him you are.

I am off for tonight. I need to call Jeremy and tell him how to sign onto here so that he can add as he pleases.

I will add some pix this weekend so that you can see how crazy the party was.

My email address is and Jeremy's is

Here are some party pictures.

Just the guys.


Turf said...

Hey- I just wanted ya'll to know how extremely proud I am of the two of you! I wish you nothing but the best- have fun and please be careful! Ya'll better come back safely! Thank you for all the memories of a great weekend!

sgtwormy said...
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