Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween in Iraq....

Well hello!!! The counter at the bottom of the page is definately messing up but we get reports once a week that says how many people visit our page and I have to say, THANK YOU!! Thank you for your support by reading our page and checking us out.

Halloween in Iraq.... well, it's just the first of several holidays for us in the near future. But, today was actually a pretty fun day in the desert. The day started pretty early with sporting events starting around 0700 and ending around 1300. That's 1 pm for those who don't know... we played dodge ball, basketball, volleyball, tug-o-war, relay race....yeah, it was pretty fun... most of my morning was spent playing volleyball...we came in second in that event...the others I won't say. I had a great team...but I guess fair to say that we weren't the best....AHH one fun thing that we did was 'attack' everyone playing volleyball.... someone walked up to me and said it would be awesome to get on top of the hospital and launch water balloons at everyone then run like hell... SO the water balloons that I got a few months ago...finally came in use!! We filled about 30 or so, climbed up on top of the hospital, stayed back where no one could see us, and launced them where everyone was gathered....then ran like hell back into the hospital and pretended to be "wondering around" the was pretty fun. I don't normally do things that could end up with me standing at attention while someone yells at me...I usually just go with the flow...but today was a little different...and it was a nice rush. The afternoon was followed with a pie eating contest, which my team won...I didn't participate but our representative took 1st place. Then there was the dizzy bat/beer drinking contest. It would take a lot of time and room to explain that was pretty complex...basically 5 times around the bat, chug a to another place, chug a back....chug a beer. My teammates weren't quite as experienced with this kind of thing so we didn't win that one either, but I think I pulled my weight for sure. All of this was followed by a cookout, a costume contest, and finally the finale was a fashion show at the auditorium. It was pretty cool. I was the 'security' for the event. All that meant was checking ID's at the door and telling people not to run through our haunted house that we set up in the foyer of the auditorium. The place was packed! We easily had 250 people in there. It was a much better showing than I anticipated. I'll put some pictures on here maybe tomorrow, I'm pretty tired and if you notice the time of the entry, it's 0030 my time....

Halloween wasn't so bad. My favorite week of the year is coming up and I'll be stuck here. Thanksgiving is the one week of the year that I look forward to more than anything. Hunting, the family time, being away from EVERYTHING up in WV, spending time with my family...yeah I said that's that GREAT! I love you dad! I wish I could be there this year! Get a big one for me too!!! Then Christmas is just around the corner.... I've been away from my family once already for Christmas while I was in Germany.... but at least there we could have a decent Christmas dinner, open presents around a tree....enough of that...I don't need to start thinking about all that now...

OH, and by the way... FOR SALE: 2003 HARLEY SPORTSTER 883, CUSTOM SEATS, LOTS OF CHROME, SADDLE BAGS, LOW MILEAGE - ASKING $3000. Seller just doesn't want it anymore. For further questions, post a comment asking for contact information, or call 865-329-7456 and leave a massage after the beep.

Well, I'm off to bed. LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I still miss you!!!

Somewhere in Iraq



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Too soon...

Hello, and thank you to all of you that continue to show your support for my brother and I! Thank you!

Too soon....Earlier today I stopped by my room to send out a couple of emails. But oddly I took time to write a post on here. I don't normally do that...matter of fact that's the first time I've done that I think. Just like I said, we don't use the word 'quiet' around here....I did today just playin around....well....the rest of the day wasn't to quiet...unfortunately. I felt really guilty later this I was the reason that some stuff happened...but that's not right, I shouldn't feel that way. I can't blame myself for something like that. I'm not supersticious (sp?) and never really have been...but today I felt partially responsible....why? I don't know. I talk to myself quite a bit and after a while of convincing myself that what I wrote on here has nothing to do with the series of events that took place. This is another one of those times that if I said what happened, I'd have to kill you...just kidding. I wouldn't do that...put I still can't tell you. I feel better and I know that what happened, happened. That's it. It doesn't matter what someone writes or thinks or says half way through the day....things just happen. We don't know why or what caused them....they just happen. I guess I should elude back to one of my other posts from July or August...."Are you ready??" Go back and find that it. Then ask yourself...'am I ready?'

Prayers...our Soldiers need your prayers. Prayers for strength, and stability in their lives. Pray for their families and friends. Thank you.

Well, I'm headed to bed. This post may be a little shorter than I was thinking it was going to be, but....I'm really tired, I fell asleep in the middle of writing it, and now I'm awake hour later...and I'm going to curl into my blankets and try to erase the events of today from my mind. I love you all and again thank you for your support that you show us!!

Somewhere in Iraq,
Sgt Wormy


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just hanging out...

Hello! WOW! Thank you to those who continue to show your support to my brother and I! THANK YOU!!

Just hanging out...well, that's about it. That about sums up what I've been doing for the last week since I got back from R&R. Just hanging out. The one word we're not allowed to use over here is "quiet". It's like a curse or something...people say that we don't really do a whole lot over here...well, that's a good thing. When I have a 'lax' or 'lazy''s a good thing. I am pretty surprised though with the elections coming up I kinda figured there would be a spike in the activity over, understand that some areas are always busy and some people are always busy but for me....well, it's been pretty quiet. Ooops...I said it. Sorry. Sometimes I wish I had a more exciting job and that I got to do more...I guess that just comes with the job though. But, it always depends on what kind of unit you come over here with....some medics stay busy. I almost wish I was one of those. When I say busy I don't necessarily mean busy treating people, busy can mean running missions or a number of things. By the way, that's not me in the boss would probably shoot me if he knew I put that on here.... :-) He works a lot of hours...and sometimes the sleep monster gets the best of us!

Anyway....can you tell I'm bored....sitting here just blabbering on about a whole lot of nothing. My room did shake a few minutes ago. It's amazing how far away an explosion can be and still rock the building. Hey bro! Get off your butt and do something! Just kidding. He mentioned falling off my landing at my house...yeah, he's not allowed to set the table at my house anymore. I thought he was kidding at first, but no, he banged up his ankle pretty good. The site has had a lot of activity lately. THANK YOU! The counter has been messing up, but I'm pretty sure we're well over 6,000 hits. Not too bad. Not bad at all. My mom asked me about the weather over here. Well, it feels like 75 or so in the day time which probably means it's about 80-ish. And at night it feels like 60-ish....maybe in the 50's. It's really not too bad. But the rains have begun. And that means that it's a soupy mess over here. And you would think that it would all dry up pretty quick but it doesn't. The mud just kinda lingers's pretty nasty. But oh well. Hopefully we'll make it out of here before the real rainy season starts.

Well....I really don't have much more to write about. I need some ideas so if you have a question about something over here, or if you're just curios about me in general...feel free to ask. Just click on the 'comment' button below the post and ask away.

Thank you once again for your support! I'll see everyone at home again pretty soon!! LOVE YOU!!

Somewhere in Iraq,
Sgt Wormy


Monday, October 27, 2008

Long, FUN Ride

Well, I am still in the states and should have been back in AfCRAPistan a long time ago. I am not sure how much you have heard, but get ready for a long post. I am at Fort Campbell pulling CQ (Charge of Quarters) in the barracks from 6pm to 7am. This means I am sitting in a room watching for stupid soldiers to do stupid things and make sure no one comes in that does not belong.

Well, lets start in the beginning. I got home on Thursday, 25Sep. I came in the wrong gate so no one saw me coming. I walked up behind mom, dad, Tessa and Courtney and they were not ready with the banner and me not ready with the camera. I really enjoyed it. Then came the part where I had to decide who to hug first. I grabbed Courtney and squeezed her tight. Then came the time to grab Tessa up and finally tell her to her face that I love her!!

Well, that was Thursday and on Saturday, 27 Sep I proposed to Tessa at Cherokee Grill in Gatlinburg and she said yes. That was a huge moment in my life to love someone so much and the love to be returned. I think my dad even had a tear in his eye when it all went down. I called Jeremy right before I left the house (oh and I spent all day running and setting things up while mom, Tessa and Courtney went and got nails done and such). I called him in Iraq not knowing that he was about get on a plane to come home and see us and I asked him if I should do it before or after I ate. He told me before and of course I would not listen to him. He said I would not be able to eat and he was RIGHT!! After we ate, I went to the bathroom to try and clear my head. On my way back, I passed Tessa and knew how to pull it off. She came and I made her pose with me for some pictures and then I did it. I was the most exciting moment in my life up to that point.

The surprises did not stop there. Jeremy called Cherokee Grill and made arrangements to pay the bill from IRAQ!! The manager even wrote us a nice letter congratulating us and thanking Jeremy and me. It was one of the nicest things a complete stranger has ever done for me.

We spent the next two nights in a cabin that Fern Chase was awesome enough to help me out with. I really owe her for that one!!

The weekend was one that will never be forgotten for a lot of us. It will always remain cherished in my heart.

The next week we went to Ohio to see the family with Courtney in tow. It was her first trip to Ohio and she had a great time (could have been better if her mom was not such a pain and tried to ruin it for all of us). EVERYONE loved Tessa. My cousins really liked her, to include JD flirting and being a Schramm. Gina and Bryan spent Sunday at the zoo with us with Isaiah. It was a real blast. My grandma really liked her too. Lets just say I never thought I would have a farting contest in her living room and her laugh so hard. I kept hearing all weekend how they really liked her and it was so obvious how happy I am. They have no idea.

We came home and spent every moment together going and doing things neither one of us had ever done. That list is endless and will be another post some day.

She was even by my side the night I got to go to the hospital. Thats right, I made that wonderful trip to the hospital. I was setting the dinner table and fell off a ledge at Jeremy's house and MAJORLY sprained/fractured my foot. So here I sit at Fort Campbell doing physical therapy and waiting to go back to Afganistan in November. In the mean time, Tessa and I are spending a lot of time together when we can. She has drove here several times and I home several times.

I know that I talked about her in previous posts and talk about how great she is and how much I love her, but I never knew it would be so great when we finally saw each other and told each other face to face how we felt and it kept growing stronger and stronger and getting better and better. I never knew it was possible to be this happy. I never want it to end, and it never will. Just to give you an idea of how crazy I went and I am about her, I bought her a new car the week after we got engaged. Of course she had to put a HUGE BAMA sticker in the back window.

I have had a great time while I have been here. This has been awesome and I wish I did not have to go back.

Life is finally going great for me and it looks like it is going to be great for Jeremy too. I hope he gets to be as happy as I am right now!!

He also mentioned the elections a few times. I hope that everyone has caught on to what he is saying and that we put the right person in the White House this time. He is right about the experience. You really need to keep that in mind. Make sure that you do your homework and really think about what you are doing on election day.

I got to spend a little time with Courtney. It was great to have the time that I did. Unfortunately, someone, you know who, has made it difficult for me to see her and did not keep the promises that she made. Oh well. I guess that her turn will come one day. There is nothing that can take away the happiness that I have in my life.

Once again, God has answered my prayers and made me a happy person beyond belief.

There is not much else to talk about really unless you want to read on forever about Tessa and me. There are HUNDREDS of pictures I could post on here, but I do not have the time. You can see a lot on my myspace page if you want to see more.

I want to thank everyone for the support that everyone has shown us. It was great to have all the special times with my family and it was AWESOME to have my brother home at the same time. We shared a few "war stories" over a cold one and had some great times.

You need to be ready to come to a wedding in June or July next year. I will tell you that it will be unlike any one that you have ever seen.

Until next time.........

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back at it!

Hello everyone!! Once again, thank you for all of your support that you have given to my brother and I!! THANK YOU!!

Back at it...well, I've had a REALLY nice transition back to being over here. I've the last three days off! WOW!! That's two more than I expected! SO basically I've slept the last three days. It's nice to just lay around all day. When there's not much more to do, why not? And, it's been raining the last couple days so there wasn't much more to do. I enjoyed catching up on the news from my room on the internet, but other than that I only left my room to shower, shave, brush my teefers, and use the wonderful potty....oh, and to eat once a day....I mean come on, how much food do you really need if you're just laying around all day? Plus the food isn't that good anyway. I miss the food from back home! I was really fortunate to get to eat a great variety of foods while i was home. Thanks to my folks cooking some much needed home cooked meals, I made dinner a few nights, and many thanks to the various restaurants around town. I think the only food I didn't have while I was home was some good habachi..sp? BUT that will be something to look forward to when I get home. Tomorrow I get back to work...well if you want to call what i do "work"....well, it can be at times, but it's a lot of 'hurry up and wait'. However, I do have a PT test in the morning...BLAH!! I hate them! It's the one thing I can't stand doing. Don't know why, I think it's the thought of not passing that mentally messes with my brain...but oh well. It doesn't matter, like I said before, nothing can get me down at this point. My goal is to not get excited about anything else while I'm over here...when I say that, I'm talking about my unit, the war, my unit, or.....any b.s. resulting from 'stuff' over here. I'm excited about much more important things than any of that stuff. It's great to be in a fog and have so much to look forward to when I get home. NE-WAY...OH, before I forget...

Hey bro! I think the counter is messing up. I REALLY thought that we passed the 6,000 mark, but then the other day when I got on here, it was at 5700 something...and I KNOW that I was not on crack when I put the number up two days ago, but now it's less than what I posted??

And, I'm not sure if anyone else noted that we only had 11 posts in September.... Sept 11 Well, it wasn't meant to be that way but I thought it was pretty cool. A nice way to remember September 11th. It's amazing how after that happened I would be driving down the road and look at the clock on the radio and it would be 9:11 . Odd. I wonder if people ever wonder if others still think about that day. I'll be the first to say I do. I think about it. I can't say how many times I've looked a clock, watch, radio, or something else and seen 9:11...I think about where I was and what I was doing and what I did that day. It's like yesterday. My brain doesn't work too well sometimes, but that day is locked in for pretty obvious reasons. Getting off that subject... While I was home a few people asked me about the war and how I deal with all the crap I've seen over here. I think I've said it before, but I was blessed with a bad memory. If I didn't keep a journal of the 'bad things' over here...I probably couldn't come with more than 4 or 5 stories. It's pretty cool I guess. You know, to my surprise, not many people did ask me what I've seen over here. I expected a lot more people to ask the questions I didn't want to answer, but they didn't. It was kinda nice. Being home and away from 'the war', talking about it was just about the last thing I wanted to do. Although, I did have some folks ask me what I thought about the whole situation over here....being in my situation, there's only a few things I could say. Which none of them will be repeated on here....just because. One thing I will say is this: People are going to vote the wrong way in a few days. This isn't a 'military' sponsored blog so I guess I can say whatever I want, but I won't. I will refer back to a conversation my aunt and I had. She said, 'he doesn't have a pullout date set. We want you all to come home now! At least 'he' does have a pretty quick plan to getting you all out of there.' Well, my response was this: Politicians will tell you and the American people what they think they want to hear. If I told you we were all leaving next Tuesday, would you vote for me? Next Tuesday, that's it right. That's what you want to hear. We're leaving next Tuesday. No matter what the situation is over here, no matter whether or not the Iraqis are ready to take over, lead their own country, have a stable military, stable gov't, and a stable way of want to hear that we're leaving, SO OK...Tuesday it is. Do you feel better? Do you? Why not? That's what you wanted to hear right? It doesn't matter that this country will go back to shit. Every life that was sacraficed will be discredited just so you could hear what you wanted. Let us finish the job so we don't have to come back to a worse situation. Let us finish the fight strong. SO many Americans would probably vote for Willy Wonka if he promised everyone a bar of chocolate....if that's what you wanted to hear.

Ok, I'm getting off my soapbox. There's more to this election than people think. I understand the economy is pretty bad. If I'm right, we've had a Democratic Congress for sometime now. So don't blame it on the Republicans. The economy should be the number one focus on this election. I voted. And I hope that the person I voted for is successful. Two or three years of experience isn't enough to lead an Army to war, let alone lead a country. Given the chance, take a highly motivated, smart, educated, and well-rounded employee from your work. Let's say he's been there 4 years. He/she probably thinks they know quite a bit about the business. Now take that person and move them to the General Manager, or CEO or your business. Seriously, how do you REALLY think that will go over?? Doesn't make much sense to me. I wouldn't do it. There is SO much more to the job than you can learn in even 4 years to put in that position. Now think about that before you vote. Do you REALLY want to put a 3 year employee in charge of the entire Company?? I hope not.

Ok seriously, enough of that. I must remind everyone that this blog is solely the opinions of two brothers. This blog is not connected to any military branch or belief. We are in the Army, but the words written on the blog are only our opinions and no one else's. We do not speak for the Army or any other branch of the military. We speak for ourselves.

Till next time,
Somewhere in Iraq,
SGT Wormy


Friday, October 24, 2008


Well, here goes nothing, but I hope it means something....BUT first, thank you to all of those who show your support to my brother and I over "here". We just can't say enough to those who support us with care packages, prayers, and thoughts. THANK YOU!!

Well, if you read the last post I said I was going to write another post the other night....but I just couldn't get the thoughts together and I just wasn't ready....I'm not really sure that I am now, but I'm going to try. This post really doesn't have much to do with the "war" and everything over here....this is one of the only personal posts I'll put on here. I try to keep my personal life seperate from this blog. I guess this is one of those times where I want to vent/express what is on my mind and in my heart and there's just no one else to talk to. Some of you that read this won't understand it, some of you will.

Pretzel. Odd name for a title to a post, I know. But that's about how I feel at this point. My head's all tied up like a pretzel....I know, that's a quote from Tallegada Nights, but that's about how I feel right now. I don't know where to start, I don't know what to say and not to say, and I don't know how to finish. If you could hear me right now, there would be a lot of sighing....some deep breaths and this look, just "that look". I don't know where to start because I don't want to say too much, but there's so much I want to say. Ah, how do I start this?! Before I went home on R&R I made the decision to start living better. Start doing more of the right things and less of the crazy "young" things. People say that the war 'changes people'. Well, 'people' are right. It's made me stop taking so much for granted and is making me realize that all we have can be gone in a flash. I've seen it first hand, and it's not pretty...physically or mentally. So, I've decided to live more like I should and more like God wants me to. So when I got home, I tried to focus on my family and quality time with my friends and not just partying every night. I think I did ok with all that. Sure, there were a few nights and times I should have been with my family and not with friends, but I tried. This isn't coming out like I want it to. The pretzel is still all tied up....

You know, I've made some mistakes...the time period between Germany and Iraq was filled with stupidity and selfishness. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to my family and friends. Sometimes the greatest thing in our life is right in front of us and we can't see it. I want to come home so bad and make things right. The song 'my front porch lookin in' says it all. And the most beautiful thing happened while I was home...sitting in the rocking chairs in my back yard watching a little angel run around.... dinner at my folks house with her and Lukas... if that's what I have to look forward to one day, I can't wait! Little blue eyed blonde with her shoes on wrong... I can't wait! So I get back over here and I start downloading songs off the internet because while I was at home I didn't know any of the songs on the radio. One of the songs I downloaded is, "Roll with me" by Mongomery Gentry. You know what, I love songs like this. It seems like when I just can't put things into the rights words, someone else does it in a song. I'm so ready to start living my life, slowing it down, worrying about nothing except the man I want to be. If you haven't heard this song, download it. This song says everything I've been thinking and feeling for some time now. I'm tired of all the crap and hustle and bustle. I'm ready to slow down, love the town I live in, and just do my best to be the man I want to be. Everything happens for a reason, I believe that. I'm not sure when another song came out, but when I downloaded that song...I almost melted. I'm not sure if why I heard that song...but that it says it all. "I still miss you" by Keith Anderson....yet another great song to check out. Please be patient with me, it's starting to come out a little easier... I'm so sick of missing out on true happiness. I'm so tired of being fake, miserable, and someone I don't want to be. I need to slow down......sorry. I'm convinced that everything happens for a reason. Because of that, I have no 'regrets'. I will not say that I regret anything. ALTHOUGH, I REALLY REALLY wish I wouldn't have made a trip to europe 14 months ago...sorry but that's the truth. But, again, I don't regret it. I'm sure something good will come out of it....maybe. Whatever... I will say this though, when I get my 'business' taken care life will get back on the right track. Well, I'm kinda starting to feel somewhat better....I hope you don't mind me venting on here, I really hope you don't mind.

So, yeah....this whole 'war' thing has changed me. I'm pretty sure people are pretty right on when they say it changes everyone that comes over here. But, at least in my case, it's for the better. I hope that you will benefit from it too. I hope a lot of people can benefit from it. Maybe one day I'll say something or do something that will make someone else think....hmmm ok. I'm looking forward to coming home and turning a new leaf in my life. I'll be 27 years old. It's about time to grow out of the craziness and all that 'crap'. Now, don't think I'm going to jump off the deep end, I'm not going to come home; sell the Ninja, empty the fridge, and not wear jeans with holes in them. I'm still me. But, I'm looking forward to really 'living life' and not just being another person going through the motions. Moderation. That's a good way to put it.

Well, I hope you somewhat enjoyed this post. I thought twice about actually posting it. It's almost a little too personal, but sometimes it's just hard to keep somethings bottled up. Relating this back to being over here: There's not much at this point that can get me down. My unit has a record of breaking my spirit, but not anymore. Not this guy. I have too much to look forward to when i get home. I don't have much time left over here, and if I can help it, nothing will get me down. Nothing.

Till next time,
Somewhere in Iraq,

SGT Wormy


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, hello!! I know it’s been a while, but I was home on R&R and I must say that I hardly even checked my email while I was home. BUT, what a nice surprise I got when I got back over here to the wonderful Iraq…I had about 10 boxes of “stuff” waiting on me!! THANK YOU!! Thank you to all of those that sent me care packages!! THANK YOU!!

Well, like I said, I was home on R&R, for those of you who don’t know what that is…in the easiest way, I was home on a two week vacation from Iraq to spend time with my family and friends. I must say that I had a WONDERFUL time!! Thanks to a few great friends and one in particular..flyin squirrel! I don’t want to get into too many details just yet about that one though…it just wouldn’t be right. But, I know they know who I’m talking about. WOW! I’m going to have to make another entry to just get some things off my chest that I don’t want to in this one… I’ll keep this post for just general info and blah blah blah.

I had the opportunity to get to spend some wonderful time with my family and friends. I did a pretty good job of surprising everyone that I was coming home. My brother picked me up from the airport to my surprise…he had to find out because my brother-in-law couldn’t pick me up from the airport so he did. And he brought his own surprise with him…my motorcycle! I got to ride a motorcycle home from the airport!! That was great!! Thanks bro! My R&R was full of surprises…some of which I can’t mention due to being sworn to secrecy…but that’s ok. It will all come out in due time. I owe a big THANK YOU to Johnny, Josh, Blake, and many other friends for making my trip home a very memorable one! We had some pretty great times together. My parents were wonderful, my brother was awesome and basically we had a GREAT time together!! There’s nothing like sitting around the table for dinner with family and friends. Speaking of sitting around for dinner…John broke his foot while setting the dining room table at my house. He fell off the landing that my table sits on. But thank goodness he didn’t fall off the high side, he only fell off the low side…but he still managed to break his foot. Clumsy! We had the chance to be a part of a motorcycle ride, go to a Friday night football game at our old high school, and just hang out. Of course, there are always people that you would want to hang out with more, and yes, that happened too. But with only two weeks to hang out with everyone…there just wasn’t enough time. BUT the good thing is, I’ll be home in a few months and I’ll have plenty of time to catch up with the people I didn’t get to this time.

But, for now, I’m back in good ol’ Iraq. It’s thundering and lighting outside right now. I just got off the phone with my parents and a couple friends to let them know I made it back safe and sound. I’m hoping that the jet lag doesn’t kick my butt too too bad the next couple days. I should be ok by tomorrow hopefully…hopefully. It was really nice to get back and have a stack of boxes to go through!! WOW! I got enough junk food to last a WHILE! THANK YOU!!!

Well I think I’m going to go for now…I may write the other post now, or I may wait until my thoughts are better put together….well…I’ll probably just do it now so I can sleep better…It’s almost like having a secret and you’re now allowed to tell anyone…but you want to SO SO bad! So I’ll think of a way to dance around the truth and maybe I’ll feel better….

Till next time

Somewhere in Iraq…again,


Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well thank you all for your support for my brother and I!! I just can't say it enough!! We really appreciate it more than we can say!!

Well...I'm going to make this pretty short too...I am home!! I am in TN with my brother and my family. John wanted me to be home while he was here...and different from what I said in previous posts about hunting being more important....well,'s not true. I got home two days ago and am having a great time so far!! My brother and everyone went to Ohio for a couple days but I'll see them when they get back. Well....I need to get ready to go to church so I'm going to get off here. I'll put some pics and another post up here soon.



Thursday, October 2, 2008


This is really short because I am sitting in the parking lot of Krystal's in Sevierville, TN using the free Wi-Fi so I can upload photos for you all.

I just wanted to share the photos and let everyone know SHE SAID YES!!!!!

That means that when I get home in May, I will be getting married to the love of my life and the most wonderful and beautiful woman in the world!!! The pix are jumbled up because I am losing battery fast.