Monday, September 29, 2008

You asked for it....

As always...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Thank you for your support for my brother and I!! I just can't say it enough!! Karen G, you are truly a patriot and I just don't have the words to express my appreciation for your dedication and hard work!! Thank you!! I appreciate it, and a great hundreds of other Soldiers thank as well!! DNR...thanks for writing. I appreciate the offer. I love to ride the motorcycle so a road trip to Indiana/Ohio(where my family is) wouldn't be a bad idea if there is a barn party included. Thanks! I may just take you up on that one day. And thank you for your support and your sacrafice as a parent to a Marine and a brother of a Sailor.

OK...SO back to the request for pictures...WAIT...CONGRATULATIONS to my brother and his new FIANCE!! I just can't express how happy I am for both my brother and Freedom! I'm so excited. I wish that I could have been there for the evening of excitement! The only thing I know to say, brother...keep your fork. For those who don't know what means...I read it in an email about three years ago. It was about an elderly woman that always looked forward to church dinners, family gatherings, and other events. The meals were always the best part. But after each meal she would see people throwing away their forks...but never did. Because she knew that the best was yet to come. She would need her fork for best desserts that were still to come. Before she died, she made it know that she wanted to be buried with a fork in her hand....because the best was yet to come. SO, brother...keep your fork. I wish you two the best and I wish you two a life filled with happiness and many many years together!! I love you both!!

OK...SO back to the pictures. I've worked on this a little and hope you all enjoy them. I'm not sure how to put them all on here without them being a cluster, but I think you all will enjoy them none the less.

I'll ramble a little bit to take up some of the page....OH, one thing I'm not happy internet is going out again. For real this time bro. ;-) We have "window" mounted air conditioners and it's cooling down some so they now have the task to switch out the a/c with heaters. AND unfortunately, SOMEHOW the a/c power and the internet cables are intertwined, close to each other or some madness....SO for "safety" they are shutting down the internet for two days I think...maybe three? I think it starts tomorrow. I was having problems with it last night and thought they were about to start on it...but I guess it's tomorrow. It's aggravating because we pay $50 for 30 days of service and lately they have been getting the best of us! Not cool!

Do you ever find something out, or know something but you can't say anything?? Of course...kinda like that feeling you get at Christmas when you're sitting around talking after you just came from the store and your dad says....I need a drill for this project...I'm going to Lowes and buying it....OR you come home and the same drill you bought two days ago...there it is. In the back of his truck....BUT you can't tell him that you bought it.... OR when someone at work does "something" and you're like "OOOOOHH!!" BUT you still can't tell anyone....yeah...that's about how I feel right now. Stupid rules. I understand that when something happens over here a specific amount of respect is due and we are not allowed to express our feelings about something or say what happened. Hey bro...I need to think about a way to say we got a ticket to Disney yesterday...but instead of going to Disney it was actually a ticket to Epcot. We got a ticket, but it was to Epcot instead of Disney. Which was a good thing. It makes it easier....If you're lost...GOOD. Sorry but you're supposed to be.

Well....I don't have much more to write about I guess...I'm going to start uploading pictures and spread them through this post.

I love you all, and I'll be home soon!!
Somewhere in Iraq....

SGT Wormy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I want to see you...

Hello all!! I want to thank all of those who are supporting my brother and I over here. If you're new, my brother is in Afghanistan and I am in Iraq...somewhere in Iraq.... I open every post thanking each and every one of you for your support and kindness you show us. I don't do that just to be repetitive, I do it because I mean it. With that in mind, I am REALLY looking forward to experience the power of the American people as we work to fill the request I posted yesterday. Please help us, and thank you!!

I want to see you....I was talking to a very very dear friend of mine yesterday and they asked me, "why don't you put more pictures of yourself up?" I tried to explain that a lot of the pictures I take don't include me...AND I've been doing some secret squirrel stuff so I can't post the pictures I do have....BUT I would try to find some or take some and post up on here. SO, that's what I'm doing. I'll start putting pictures up here....

I want to see you....thank you. Hearing that made me feel very special. Thank you. I'm not sure how to start this next part, but I'll try to make it make shouldn't be too hard. One of the things I have asked for the most from home are pictures. Pictures of my family, my dog, my house, my niece, the farm in WV, and other things.....Pictures. Just pictures. If you read back far enough you'll come across another post that talks about pictures. I think it was actually "Let Us Pray"......I'll remind you...even though I'm not going to try to put as much emotion in it this time....I'm about to the point of mental exhaustion and I just don't think it's in me right now. What is a picture? A picture is a moment in life captured forever. And in this respect it's the ones that we get in the mail. I have almost every picture I've gotten in the mail hanging on the wall in my room/chu here. Each day when I walk in I look at them and just think about the beautiful faces and things in them. When I sit on my bed and use the computer, I face the wall of pictures, letters, and cards that people have sent me. I wish a picture was just a picture.....if you let yourself get caught up in the moment and daydream about the beautiful little niece playing in the front yard....running around laughing, and smiling....playing with Otis, looking like a little's so much more than just a's a time in her life that I'll never get to be a part of. She's a year older now and I'm missing out. It's a day that I'll just get to hear about. As I sit and imagine her cute little voice laughing and playing in the front yard...just wishing my daydream would be reality. But it's not, and it never will be...That day has come and gone. Kinda like that song..."My front porch lookin in"....I hear that and think about the "blue eyed blonde with her shoes on wrong"....I like to call her Angel... I'm sorry I was daydreaming again... The only thing I can do is look forward to days to come when I can be there. And Otis...oh Otis. I can't wait to get home and ask him, "wanna go?!" He loves Lowes as much as the manliest of men. He LOVES to go to Lowes and walk around looking at stuff, getting to lay in the floor while I take forever looking at something...occasionally getting pet by a passer by....and on the way home we stop by Taco Bell....I always get him a cup of water, no lid, half full....he knows which cup is his and which is mine. I don't have to tell him not to lick my straw, he knows. But for now I just get to look at the picture and make up the rest in my head. I get to daydream and remember the days when those things were a reality....and look forward to doing those things again. Now I'm sure that people want to see pictures of us and the things we do so you can maybe make up your story or daydream about what we were doing before or after the pictures.....ok, I can see that. OR maybe you just want to see my handsome face??? Oh, I don't know...... Pictures can be great....they are great. Part of being away from home for so long includes the mental struggle of not being able to with the people you want to be with or do the things you once did. BUT part of the mental encouragement is that we will do those things again. It's just a matter of time. People say that "absence makes the heart grow fonder"...well I must say that people are right. It sure does. I'm laying here trying to think of a way to say something but it just won't come to thoughts are like a flyin squirrel jumping from one branch to the other....they're all over the place...speaking of flyin squirrels....nevermind...sorry I get kinda sidetracked once in a while. I often find myself browsing around Myspace and Facebook. I have spent hours just looking at peoples' pictures...just wondering what I've missed from being over here. I enjoy looking at everyone's "Summer 08" pictures and "party" here and "good times" over there....I just look and look and look....wondering how many of those pictures I might be in if I were home. Other people's pictures have kept me going and they don't even know it. You see, pictures are ways many of you don't even know.'s late and I'm about tired...I'm looking forward to getting home, taking a lot more pictures, and enjoying everything I can possibly can.

SO, blah blah blah....I want to see you. You want to see me, and I want to see you too! So thank you for the request. Afterall, you've honored my request several times brightening my days.

Thank you all again, and I love you all!!

Somewhere in Iraq....



Monday, September 22, 2008

Special Request!

Hello all!! I can't say enough about how I appreciate all the support we're getting from people ALL over the U.S!! WOW!! My brother set up a tracker that logs what state people are from that click on our blog. And I must say that I think there has been someone in EVERY state check us out at least once. WOW!! THANK YOU!!! There was a backup in our mail...WOW!! The guys that get our mail from the post office have not been too happy with me...because of all the care packages I've been getting. THANK YOU!! But not only do I thank you, there are Soldiers across Iraq that are thanking you. Through your support, I've been able to help wounded Soldiers at TWO Hospitals, one MiTT team, and two other Platoons on two other bases!! I'm not sure if there is a number to people I am reaching BECAUSE of people that send me items. THANK YOU!!! I was thinking about the "Hall of Fame" post I did a couple months back and I said that I would continue to post the names of people that sent care packages...Honestly...that would take a LOT of time! And I thank you for that!!!

With that being said....I was approached today by some people from the Hospital. I guess everyone kinda knows that I get a lot of "stuff". They asked me for bed linen; pillows, pillow cases, bed sheets (single bed-the small mattress), and blankets. Through previous donations I was able to supply them with at about 100 of each....but we still need about 200 more of everything. I understand this is big request, but our Soldiers need these items. This is an unusual thing, but none the less we have a particular situation that needs addressed quick. I understand that this is a LOT for any one person, but with many, it is a very possible feat. The items will be needed by 1 October -ish. The cheapest, most cost efficient, simple white items will be perfect! If you find colored items to be cheaper, solid colored items will be best - no print please. Blankets - wool is great. Again, we don't need thick heavy comforters, just some regular ol' blankets. If you can help in any way, it will be so so MUCH appreciated!! This Soldiers will appreciate it more than you will ever know.

My address here is:
407th Medical Company
APO, AE 09334

Again, if you can help in any way, THANK YOU!!

I can't say how much I appreciate your help!!

I love you all and thank you for supporting you Troops!!

Lost in Iraq.....


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hello all!

Well, it's me again! Thank you for all the support you all have been giving my brother and I!! I can't say that enough! I really appreciate everything!

Well, life hasn't been all that exciting around here lately. Just hanging out with the occasional "work" here and there. I can't wait to get home next month...well,'s pretty close to "next month". I'm really looking forward to it! I hope my brother enjoys his time in the states. I'm sure he'll have a blast. I have big plans too when I get home....DO NOTHING! I'm going to enjoy time with Courtney, my family and my friends. It should be a nice trip. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to getting out of here for a while too. It will be nice to see some green grass, some trees with leaves, and all that stuff. I was talking to someone the other day and we mentioned how so many Soldiers get hurt when they get home from might be because the top speed over here on just about any road is 35mph. And that's inside and outside the wire. I think the fastest I've been over here is 40mph...and that wasn't for too long. Now, I don't have any plans to come home and be a speed demon, but it will be nice to sit i a comfortable vehicle, go a nice speed, and it not take FOREVER to get there. I guess John has been in a couple situations where over 35 was ok...but not me. Just like when I was in Germany...I can't wait to get home and fire up the truck!! The sound of a flowmaster exhaust....MAN YEAH!! And there's always the Ninja...that will be fun too. I'm looking forward to a lot of things when I get home, and I hope that I'm able to do them all. BUT then I have to come back over here...but my time over here won't be too long after I get back from R&R, so that's cool.

John, what do you mean you're gonna kick my butt??? What did I do?? :-)

And I have to thank my brother for his help with my award. I think I say about 10 times a day that I can't stand the Company that I'm over here with...sometimes they just don't make any sense. BUT, what can you do?? I'll just keep jumping through hoops like a show doggy and do whatever they say....most of the time. Ah, it will all be over before we know it, and I'll hopefully NEVER EVER get attached to this unit EVER again. BUT anyway...thank you brother for helping me!!

Well, that's about for now, I'm going to go relax and get some chow. I'm getting kinda hungry. I will see you all soon and till then...I love you all!!!

Somewhere in Iraq
SGT Wormy


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Been Gone a While

I was a little delayed in the getting the two prior post up for a few reasons. On Sunday I went on another road trip. This time I rode in an up armored Humvee. This was a lot different from what I am used to riding in. We got held up in traffic in Kabul and the way we got out was interesting. I do not think this is a place that I should I tell you, but it was interesting. I was able to get to ISAF and get all my medals picked up and delivered back to BAF that day. That was a long day.

Early that morning I when I got up I was not feeling very well, but I sucked it up because the only other option was also sick, but he was worse than I was. I went on the trip and got back and continually felt worse throughout the remainder of the day. About 10pm I gave up and went to the hospital. I was given the cure all, an IV. I took the IV and they gave me meds to help with upset stomach and PAIN? I was not in that much pain, but they found it necessary to give me, so I took it. A little while later when they checked on me I was not feeling better. The doctor took a long time to get in there because it was a "busy" day for us in the part of the country. When she came in she pressed on my stomach, which did not feel good at all, asked a few questions and left. The nurse came back and told me they were checking for an apendicitis. I told them hell no I was leaving. The doctor came back and told me I did not have diareha so it must be that. She never asked if I had eaten that day, which I did not eat enough to make a difference (I have not been eating that much anyway). I left and went back to the office.

At the office I was telling them what happened and told them I was going to bed and would see them the next day. BUT....a Major came out of the back and TOLD me to go back and have the test. I listened and spent the next 6 hours being tortured and then the diareha started!! I was so mad I was cussing everyone I saw. Come to find out I had a stomach virus like I told them to start with, I just wanted something to help with the upset stomach. I was put on bed rest on Monday, worked like crazy on Tue and Wed and now today I am off and getting all this up on here. Sorry if you did not want to hear about the bodily fluids, but that is the most exciting thing that has happened in a while.

Today Tessa is going for a few tests and mom had a few yesterday. I ask that you pray for them both. I am still very excited about having Tessa in my life and could not be happier. I am also VERY excited that mom and dad love her so much and all is going so well. Now if I could just get past my trust issues and understand that I have found the perfect person, all will be good and will not screw this up.

I went back and was reading some past posts. I found where I was talking starting a diet and losing weight. Well, today I checked and I have lost over 15 pounds since late July. I am not under 210. I am very excited.

Well, I am going to watch a movie or something and be bored to death and think about going home for 18 days in 10 days.

I love you all!!

Tessa I will be home to show you just great it will be.

Courtney, I have a lot planned for us and hope you are ready to stay busy and have a lot of fun!!

I love you mom and dad and thank you for all you are doing.

Jeremy, I am going to kick your butt and you know why!! I love you bro!!

Letter from the Polish on 9/11

Here is a letter we received on 9/11 from the Polish command here on Bagram:

Bagram All,

On 11 Sept. when terrorist affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked four jet

airliners and then intentionally crashed them into the Twin Towers,

Pentagon and Shanksville, we saw that all of America was touched by this

huge tragedy. "Enemies of freedom" committed an act of war against your

country. We saw the United States of America had to face a new

challenge, but the attack on your freedom was also the attack on other

democratic countries, so we understood that this terror cannot go


Today we are together with you in the common operation in Afghanistan,

because we remember the morning of 11 Sept. and wounds to your country

inflicted by terrorists from a criminal organization. We are not able

to accept such a senseless attack, killing thousands of innocent people,

because we will never accept terrorism in the World.

We will remember 11 Sept. It changed our generations and our history.

We have realized since that tragedy we are in danger, and we have every

reason to be fearful. Because we want things to go back to normal we

have to be together against people who try to destroy it.

Bagram 11 september 2008

Polish Soldiers

Polish Military Contingent


I typed this on 12Sep08 and I because of reason I will talk about in a later post, I am just now able to get it on here:

Well, I was told that I better get something up in here soon. What I am supposed to put on here, I have no clue. I promised not to put the weirdest phone call ever from an ex-wife on here. I really want to, but I promised. I could tell you all that I am bored to death and working my ass off. There are days where we have both. Currently, I am facing having to completely rebuild my database that houses all the information for awards. This is going to be long process seeing there is so much info and crap to recreate.

I could talk about how excited I am to finally come home on leave and see everyone. I bet you all want to know what I am doing and where I am going. The where is the easiest part. The what is a little difficult. I am getting engaged, going to OH and spending a lot of time with Courtney and Tessa. All that is pretty much in stone. I am down to about two weeks before I leave here. I am so excited I can barely sit here.

I talked to dad and Tessa earlier and found out that gas is sky rocketing in the area. I just looked at the Knox-News Sentinel site and saw just how bad it is going up. I hope it calms down when I get home. I plan on doing a lot of driving. The gas prices are stupid and there is no need in doing what they are doing. The excuse is the lowered production in the gulf. I understand the law of supply and demand, I did take economics although I slept through it, sorry Ms. Holloway but that crap is boring. What I do not get is why gas should be affected like that. The price per barrel is down overall and is at a low since March of this year. The excuse of supply and demand is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of for gas. Everyone in the world knows that gas is critical to life all over the world. If the price per barrel is down, so should the price. We are not going to buy less because it is higher. OK, maybe we will travel less do to prices, which hurts a lot of business. Take Ruby Tuesday’s where Tessa is at. They are VERY dead for a Friday afternoon. Why? No one wants to drive from Knoxville or anywhere else to hang out in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg because it will cost too much to get there and get home. That also means that all the businesses are going to suffer and that will drive up those prices. Not to mention the restaurants, where the price is going to go up because they deliveries are going to cost more with the gas up. The government is too scared to step in and do something about it, although we all know that it will help the economy. If you are paying less for gas then you have more money to spend elsewhere and therefore will boost local economies. I guess people like me are too stupid to see what they see or are too smart and willing to do something about it. Where are the heroes on Capital Hill that should be helping us out? Oh wait, they are making money off of the higher prices. Although I am not at home suffering through the prices, I still feel the pain and will feel it more when I get home. I will be lucky enough to live ten miles from work and hopefully be able to car pool with Tessa to and from work. I really hate to hear that friends and family are suffering due to the gas prices. I know that gas prices influenced my new car purchase, which resulted in a car that is messed up and not worth it in the end. I guess that is enough of that. Wait, you have been sending me things I need, I wish I could send you some gas to help you out right now.

I finally heard from Jeremy again. Looks like I am helping with Iraq awards again. His chain of command needs to realize the things that are being done by lower enlisted and award them properly. I am not going to go on about that, but it is a mess that needs to be taken care of.

On to my favorite subject. Tessa. I got an email from mom the other day and she was talking about how great Tessa is. When she elaborated, she told me that Tessa makes her feel like a lot younger than she is. Yeah mom, you are getting old so anything helps. I think that my dad even like having her around. Now would be a good time to compare her against Christina and how they are the opposite, but if you know me, you know that is not necessary. Here are a few pictures that Tessa the other day of mom and dad. Dad is asleep in the chair like normal, with mom and Tessa making fun of him like we always do and mom acting like a goofball which is also normal. Tessa has told me several times that mom does not want her to move before I get home and I have a feeling that mom might win that one. Or at least have Tessa coming home to them as often as possible. Tessa said she missed them already and she is not even gone yet. No one can imagine the joy and happiness it brings me to know that my family loves her so much. I have finally done right and found the happiness I have always been looking for. Christina has done the same but I am not going to elaborate at her request.

As far as here is concerned, it has not been that bad. The weather is getting nicer, I am losing weight, I am as happy as I can be here, and it is close to come home for leave. I have a new partner here in the awards section and it is great to have someone that is fun to work with and knows what they are doing. YN2 Jacobs has really been a big help and is taking the initiative to learn a lot of what I have to do and no one else is willing to learn. I think he will be able to hold it together while I am gone. I am counting on it.

I am getting pumped about the high school reunion as well. I have been working hard to look for that too. Not to mention looking good for Tessa.

I have a lot of plans for Courtney while I am home too. I hope that she has a lot of fun. There will not be much sitting around while I have her. I have a lot of things I want to do and hope I have the time to do it. I just thought about taking her to the Cleveland Zoo while we are in OH. It should be a lot better than the Knoxville Zoo and I have never been there either. That might mean I have to adjust my schedule a little to make time for that. We will see what happens. I hope that she sees as much of the family as possible. I also get to introduce Tessa to them. I am sure that if mom and dad like her, that everyone else will too.

I am typing this at work and it is time to get back to work and get something done. I am bored but have a lot of work to do that I do not want to do. God bless you all and thank you for the support.

I love you all.

Courtney, I will be home soon. I miss you and love you!!

Tessa I will be home soon to show you how much I love you!!

Mom and dad, thank you again for everything!!!!!! I love you two and cannot be thankful enough.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Hello all! First like always I want to thank all of those who are supporting my brother and I by checking the blog, sending us care packages, and praying for our safety. It all means a LOT!

I apologize for the delay in putting a post on here. And thank you John for helping me out by putting this on here. My internet is still out and I'm not sure when it will be back up. It sucks because I can't call home as easy and I can't browse the internet like I want. I even tried to call home from the office today but the phones were messed up.

Well, I'm still hanging in there. Not much going on really. Same old stuff just a new day. I'm getting closer to coming home on R&R! That's for sure! I'm looking at some of John's posts and he's counting the days...well, I am too!!....Kinda. Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly when I'll be getting home...unlike John. He already has his dates set. I just know it should be November timeframe. I know John wants me to be home when he is, but I just don't think it will work out seeing that the deadline for October leave has came and gone. There was another Soldier that is in my unit that wanted to go home in October. He and his wife are trying to plan their leave together so I felt obligated to let him and his wife go home together opposed to bullying him out of the way and taking leave myself. SO, we'll see how it works out. Maybe I'll be home for hunting season offense bro, but that's almost as good if not better than getting to see you... :-) For those of you who really know me, you know that the week of Thanksgiving is a VERY sacred week. For three reasons....My birthday falls that week, it is Thanksgiving, and most importantly...HUNTING SEASON!! Now I know I know, it's wrong to put hunting above the day that we thank God for everything he has done for us. But I'm not trying to look at it that way. Thanksgiving is really more important than hunting season but I just wanted to get the point across that the third week of November is the one week I look forward to ALL year! As soon as I get back to TN from hunting, I can't wait for it to come around next year. It's a family affair, and it's some of the best bonding time I have all year with my daddy, my family, my inner-self, and God above. There's nothing like sitting in the woods all by yourself admiring the works of God and feeling an incredible peace....right before you shoot a big buck!! NOW, I've said all of that to emphasize why I said hunting season is almost better than seeing my brother.... I'm sure he understands. Sorry bro.

Well, Iraq is still Iraq. Not much going on over here. I've found a few new ways to keep myself busy. I'll call it "extra-carricular activities". AND, if I told you any more, I'd have to kill you. :-) No seriously, for the safety and well being of those involved, I can't say. Don't you just hate that? I'm such a pain in the butt! I try to do that once in a while so it will give people the opportunity to ask questions later. ANYWAY.... I hope all is well back at home. I've gotten some emails from people here and there and they seem to be doing quite well..... I also appreciate the comments I've been getting on Myspace. Thank you! Well, I don't have much more to write on here I guess. I'm sorry I couldnt be more interesting. When I get my internet back up I'll put up some more pictures. Well, till then please keep praying for us and keep us in your thoughts. We both need them....John also either needs a smack on the back of the head, or a great big hug. He's freakin out about getting everything perfect for when he's back home next month. Don't worry bro, it will be fine. I know that's easy for me to say, but it really will be fine. Don't have a panic attack on me. Well, that really is about all I have for now.

THANK YOU ALL AGAIN! I love you all and till next time....

Somewhere in Iraq.... :-)
SGT Wormy


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life As We Know It

I have read Jeremy's posts and I have been thinking a lot about what he has said. I can tell that boredom is starting to catch up to him. When you are away from friends and family and you are basically a prisoner, the little things that you miss really start to eat away at you. Although we are on compounds designed to keep others out, it feels like we are the prisoners. You are not allowed to venture out and see your surroundings with out 210 rounds of 5.56 hanging from your IOTV (these two alone at a size Large weighs about 50 pounds; strap something on and see how it feels to where that all day), not to mention your Advanced Combat Helmet, you 17 pound M16A2, and any other gear that is required that day. The little things like being able to get away for the day will drive you crazy. When you have time off, it is spent watching movies, going to the gym (that is what I did for over 2 hours today so I was not sitting in the room), going to the PX to look at the same things that were there six months ago when you arrived, or going and eating fast food. When are sitting alone for several hours your mind starts wonder and you start playing "what if". That is not a fun game. For me, although I trust Freedom with all my heart, it is wondering where she is and what she is doing. This gets the better of a lot of people.

Jeremy also talked about Hiliary and the other politicians. Every time we see something regarding the elections, I think of the South Park episode about elections. The election in that show is a giant douche versus a turd sandwich. A few times in the show they mention that every election is between a giant turd and a douche sandwich. I see this as being very true most of the time. I am not big in politics, do not pay much attention and I doubt I ever will. I will decide what is going to drive my vote that year, research who is doing what they say and supporting what I want. This time it is the Fair Tax Act and the withdrawl from Iraq and Afghanistan. I have not done the homework yet, but I will. I am going to voice my opinions on the candidates this year, but will say that McCain made a good/bad decision on his running mate. I know that several people like what he did.

There were several things that Jeremy has talked about that I wanted to comment on, but now I cannot remember what they are.

Mom, Dad and Freedom got the DVDs I mailed home and they watched them last night. Of course Freedom said not to send anymore because it made her miss me more and she did not sleep last night. Another very special package arrived at the house yesterday as well and I am VERY excited about that one. I am pretty Freedom has not idea what it is, but she will soon enough. I wish the other package that I mailed home would get there soon as well.

Pretty much this post is just a lot of rambling. I was going to put my voice out there about the supporter and those that are not suuporting us, but I think that is better left for a private conversation and not something to spill across the internet. It is obvious to to me that we have a lot of supporters out there, but I am ashamed there are those that are strongly against all we are doing.

A bit of good news: I am loosing some weight like I have been trying to do. It is starting to show in my face and I am glad. My ten year high school reunion is coming up soon and I need to look good for that and for Freedom when I get home.

I talked to Courtney last night and from talking to her I can tell she has grown a lot just by how she is talking and what she says. She talked my ear off for over 15 minutes. That has not happened since I got here.

I guess that is enough rambling for now. I promise that next time it will be a little more interesting and meaningful.

Until next time, thank you for all the support that you are showing and you have no idea what it means to us!!

Mom and Dad, thank you and I love you!!

Courtney, I love you and miss you!! Daddy will be spening all his time and money on you for 18 days!!

Freedom, I love you with all my heart and cannot wait to get home and see you again!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hello all! And once again, thank you for your support! My brother and I REALLY appreciate it! We just can't say that enough!

Well, I got some awsome feedback on my last post. Thank you to whoever you are! I really appreciate the support and uplifting words. It may seem that when I put things on here, I look a little weak, or beatdown....Well, a few things aside, I'm doing really well. Work is slow, and lately it's been VERY boring....leaving too much time to do absolutely nothing. Most of the time I feel pain and heartache for those directly affected by the unfortunate things that happen to them. I feel deep deep sorrow for their families, friends, and the Soldier himself. I try to put things in perspective and think "that could be me"....I don't let it get me down, it just brings me back to a harsh harsh reality of this war we are fighting. I know I blab on about things I've seen over here, but I do that in an effort to try to get others to see that some pretty bad shit is happening over here. Soldiers are hurting....lives are changing...families are affected. It blows my mind about what I see on CNN, Foxnews, and MSNBC....there have been a few times where I see a glitch of something that happened over here...and that's about all you get, a glitch. Of course, I understand that the military can't give out details. But once in a while, once in a while maybe just a little more light should be shed on the situation so fellow Americans can try to get a grip on what's going on over here. And it's usually funny how things get to you about three days after it happens...sometimes anyway...but again, that's the Army de-classifing everything. Necessary, I know. But then again, if more light was shed, then those "anti-war" 'people' would have more to protest about. I can't stand those people! That stuff drives me up the wall! Almost as bad as Hillary Clinton not just going home.... And about that...changing subjects...I'm glad that John McClain picked a woman VP. I think the Nation is ready for a female leader...but not quite a female President. I'm not sexest...well...maybe in that particular position I am. I think Mrs. Palin has a lot to offer the country and I think she'll put another angle on decisions that are made. A positive angle that is. And her daughter is pregnant...SO WHAT! I understand that political leaders are supposed to set a high standard for most if not all morals, family issues, and general well-being 'stuff'. BUT the particular situation just goes to show that her family is normal. Hold the phone....I don't agree with pre-marital sex and young adults having children like she is...and it shouldn't be 'normal' to be in this situation. Maybe common would be a better word. I don't know what the right word is but the situation just shows that one of our top leaders in our Nation faces much of the same issues people deal with in every walk of life. Kinda like 'no one is exempt from life' . Life throws things at everyone...not just a few. And with her family going through this situation can offer support and courage to many many women in the same situation.

Well, more thing before I go. My internet is going to be down for about two weeks starting Saturday-ish. I will still do my best to get postings on here through my brother. So, for those of you who might look forward to what I have to say...hopefully you won't have to wait that long....Who knows what the next two weeks have to bring, we'll see. Hopefully it won't be that long...I REALLY like the's a life line of mine. It's like the caffeine in my coffee...keeps me going!

Ok ok enough for now. I love you all and thank you for your comments. I'm still anxious to answer any questions that you may have so feel free to ask.

Till next time....

Somewhere in Iraq

Monday, September 1, 2008

We're not bullet proof....

Hello to all of those that continue to keep showing their support for my brother and I. THANK YOU! We greatly appreciate it!

First, please say a special prayer for the Soldiers over here. There are lives changing every day in ways you would never ways I don't know. But either way, lives are changing, Soldiers are going through things they shouldn't have to, seeing things we shouldn't have to, and we/they need your prayers. I wish I could say more but I'm at that line where I can't. Just please say a quiet prayer for those that are hurting both physically and mentally this 1st day of September.

I'm going to get straight to this one because it's kinda late and I'm a little tired...and it's getting late.

We're not bullet proof. You know....we Americans have this mindset that we're bullet proof. We can take anything that's trown at us. We can withstand any of life's challenges no mater physical or mental....We're Americans! Greatest country in the world! Well....from my standpoint...we're not bullet proof. We're not bullet proof at all...unfortunately. Things hurt. Bad sometimes....really bad. But who am I? What do I know? You already know this right...? Some days I wonder how much people actually think or care about what is going on over here. I know some people REALLY care....but for the other 290 million people in the United States....I'm just not sure. Maybe people care, but they don't show it....maybe just maybe they don't understand what's going on over here. All they know is that President Bush got us into a fight with some bad guys that turned out not to be so least that's what they've heard. People don't understand the pain, suffering, and sacrafice that others make so they can sit on the couch eating cheetos, burritos, and doritos while drinking a diet coke watchin Dr. Phil solve our problems. They just don't get it.

This just isn't coming out like I wanted it to. Part because I can't express myself the way I want due to limitations set on what I can write on here and part because I just can't focus. John posted "What do I miss?"...well, I miss a lot of things too...I miss the feeling of importance from the American people. Now, maybe I'm not seeing all the support and understanding...but I did account for 20 million that care...I think that's a fair number. I see all the election coverage on TV and it seems like the American people just want this whole thing to be over. And that's the limit of support they offer. They just don't understand it's not that easy. They see this as a political thing, a budget thing, an oil thing, or a money thing....well, I kinda see it a little different. I see it as men and women serving their country. I see it as men and women defending freedom. I see it, I see the men and women hurting and dying for their country. I see it as men and women doing something the other 299 million people in the United States won't do; wear a uniform and protect freedom.

Today wasn't a good day. Today wasn't a very bad day...but it wasn't a good day either. We're not bullet proof. Physically or mentally. Today was a perfect example of how we're not bullet proof. You know, seeing what I've seen over here and doing what I've just blows my mind to think about Vietnam and WWII. We've lost a little over 4,100 Soldiers I think. 5 YEARS! That's it! Vietnam and WWII they lost that many men every day! Every day! I can't imagine the carnage and gruesome things that were witnessed in those wars....I can't even imagine..... I've seen just about every kind of injury you can imagine.... Physical pain and mental anguish...I've seen it, and it sucks. I was going to list a few, but I'll let you imagine... yep, I've seen that too.

I'm done rambling. I feel like I've wasted the 45 minutes it took to write this but hopefully someone will enjoy it....hopefully.

I love you all and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Appreciating the life we have....
Somewhere in Iraq