Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home, Afghanistan, Germany, Afghanistan

Well, that has been the order of where I have been. I guess I need to explain all that don't I?

Well, most of you know that I hurt my foot while I was on leave and went through therapy and treatment at Fort Campbell for a little while. Well, I got back to Afghanistan about 6Dec and now here I am in Germany at the hospital. On Fri I went to the hospital in Bagram and found out I had Gallstones and needed my gall bladder out. I was sent to Germany and I had it taken out yesterday morning. I will be spending the two weeks here in Germany recovering and then it is back on to Afghanistan to finish my mission. I am glad that I am going to get to finish my mission and come home with my unit and not go home alone. I really wanted to go home, but I also wanted to finish my mission. I asked God to give what he felt was the best, and he did. It is hard on Tessa and me for me to have to go back, but we both know the right thing is for me to back and finish my job.

I am sorry that I have not posted on here in so long, but there are good reasons that I will not discuss here, but if you ask, I will tell you.

Most of you know that I had a GREAT leave and that I got engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world. Now, it is time to pass on the news that our wedding is going to be 20June09 at mom and dad's house. You mark your calendars and plan on being there to see us get married. The excited is more than I can explain to you in words. Just know that I have the perfect woman and my life has never been better.

With Christmas tomorrow, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Courtney is going to spend some time with Mom, Dad, and Tessa later on today and I cannot wait to call and talk to her and see what Santa brought her.

There is not much else to write about right now. I am pretty tired and drugged up and hurting from the surgery so my thoughts are not all here. Hopefully in the near future I will get on here and elaborate a little more on some things that have happened recently. I will go ahead and tell you that I am no longer working awards, I am focusing on casualty reporting and a few other administrative things in my office.

Once again, sorry I am not on here that much and I promise to start doing better. Things have been a little boring other than having surgery.

I want to thank everyone for the support you are showing us. Oh, before I forget, Germany is really treating the wounded warriors great here. They have a lot of things set up here to makes things as easy as possible for those that come through here. The donations and support that is sent here is unremarkable. There really are a lot of great people out there and I am thankful for them and hope that they are blessed for what they are doing.

I want to thank my family and Tessa for being there for me and supporting my decisions. Tessa is the most perfect woman I have ever met and I am so lucky have some one so wonderful, to the point that she is even helping me turn my life around to start living better for the Lord and start studying the greatest book ever written.

To my brothers and sisters still in Afghanistan, I will be back soon!!

Thank you all and love you all!!

God bless you all and hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Counting the days...

Well HELLO! It's been a few days since I last wrote anything on here...sorry. Thank you to all of those who continue to show your support for my brother and I by stopping by to check out what we've been up to and what's going on in the world of two Soldier deployed over seas. THANKS! Also, thank you to all of those who have sent packages, cards, and letters! We greatly appreciate it all!!

Counting the days...yep. That's about the highlight of my days. Knowing that I'm another day closer to getting the heck out of here! OH the things that I have to look forward to when I get home....and the things I don't have to look forward to...ah we won't think about that stuff for now. I'm not REALLY excited about going home's close, but not that close. I know some of my group is really getting excited, but I don't think it will hit me until we have about a week or so left. It doesn't seem like I've been here that long, but I guess I have. Unfortunately, I have some friends that are leaving pretty soon. I'm gonna miss those guys and gals. I can't say that for everyone over here I have contact with...but the folks up here that are going home I'll miss 'em.

My brain took another dump....not much has been going on lately....we're getting ready for CHRISTMAS. YEAH! If you haven't noticed, the approaching holiday is CHRISTMAS, not xmas. I can't stand it when people degrade Christmas by spelling it xmas. It's not a celebration of x's's a celebration of Christ's birthday. I hope that you'll keep that in mind the next time you have to spell it or you see someone else spell it. SO we're getting ready for Christmas, we have the tree up, there are more and more presents under the tree, and we're generally just getting ready for a good day. I'm sure it will be just fine...considering where we are. We may not be with our families, but we'll have some good friends close by and it's more about Christ's birthday than anything. I'll get some pictures up on here as soon as i can remember to take my camera to work and take a pic of the tree and stuff....

Well...I was thinking that I'd have more to say but I just can't think of anything right now...

Thank you all once again, and I'll write again soon!

Somewhere in Iraq,
sgt wormy


Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's up!!

Hello all! Again thank you to all of those that continue to support my brother and I by looking and reading our blog...including all of those that are here with us. We really appreciate it.

I can't say how much I appreciate all of the care packages that I've gotten in the last two weeks or so. People are so amazing! We've gotten everything from a Christmas Tree, and yes it's a CHRISTMAS tree, lights, decorations, ornaments, garling, and various other "stuff" to help put us in the CHRISTMAS spirit. I can't say how much we appreciate the items we've gotten. We were sent stockings...both empty and filled! We may be in Iraq away from our families this year, but we have had such an amazing amount of blessings from people we don't even know that have sent us things. THANK YOU! I called the states the other day and was put on was awesome! The CHRISTMAS music was playing and it reminded me of being home and walking into Wal-Mart or somewhere else and hearing the Christmas music playing. It was nice. I think I could have stayed on hold for 20 more minutes and been just fine with it. That goes back to how the small things in life make us happy. I need to take a picture of our Christmas tree and put on's not too bad. I think it's pretty. But maybe that's because I decorated it...with the help of one maybe two others, we "put the tree up" Thanksgiving I think...or day after... I can't remember, but it was close to that time. We're looking forward to having another nice dinner together on Christmas. It will be really nice to sit down and have a nice dinner with our "family" over here. We've grown to be pretty close and pretty good squad that is.

Man! I'm looking forward to going home! More than anything i'm looking forward to seeing my niece. I miss her the most out of anything. I hope her mom will let me spend some time with her when I get home. I didn't get to see her while i was home on R&R...her mom wouldn't let me see her. But, it's ok. Courtney is only getting older and smarter. One day I'll explain to her why there are no pictures of me and her while I was home...Anyway...I'm looking forward to getting home, going to Ohio, and enjoying the great outdoors! The two week trip I have planned for Ohio should be GREAT!! I'm really looking forward to it.

Well, I'm sitting here thinking that I had more to say but now that I'm here typing my mind is drawing a blank. There are some things I wanted to say, but either they're not coming to mind, or I'm holding back....I mainly just wanted to get on here and give everyone a little update and say hello. I won't dare say that one's necessarily been ----- but it's not been too too crazy lately either. That goes back to the theory, when a medic has down time...give it to him and don't complain, because if he's busy all the time, things can't be too good for someone. Well I'm going to do a little online browsing...I'm typing a lot of words but not saying much...OH YEAH...

I just remembered something....I LOVE getting cards and construction paper letters from kids across the country. I actually carry one around in my pocket that was mailed to us. It's this little card that has a picture that a little kid drew on it. It's the coolest thing. There are so many young people that I want to write back from 6 years old to one letter from an 18 year old. It's so awesome when I get those in the mail. I've had the one kid's letter in my chest pocket for about two months now I think....everytime I reach in my pocket I feel it and I remember why I'm here....for them. So hopefully they will have a better life. So they can get up each morning and be a kid. What I would do to be a kid again....So thank you to all of the school teachers, Sunday School teachers, and others that take the time to write a little note. It's awesome!!

We ALWAYS welcome comments about what you think about our blog, our entries, or if you just want to tell us something. OR if you have a question for one of us. If you want to know something about over here....we might be able to tell you, we might not. SO feel free to click the "comment" button at the bottom of each entry and leave us a line. We really appreciate it when people do and it motivates us to write more, and it shows people care about what we write.

Again, thank you all for your continued support, gifts, care packages, letters, cards, and thank you for reading our blog.

I love you all!!

Till next time.....
sgt wormy


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back in Afganistan

Well, here I am back in Afghanistan. I got here on Saturday after a short stay at Fort Campbell after messing up my ankle. There is not much to write about. I am back and and happy and not happy about it. Luckily I have Tessa (aka Freedom) to help me out while I am gone. We are planning a great wedding for 6June as long as I get home in time. From rumors, I will make it in time. I am pretty excited about that, as is Tessa. We could not be happier. I could tell you stories for days on here about all the wonderful things we did and the great times we had together, but I am not going to bore everyone with the perfect woman and relationship. I start work again tomorrow morning and we will see what will happen. There are a few here that are not happy that was in the states longer than my leave, but there was nothing I could do about that. It is something that I will have to deal for a little while.

I got to spend some time with Courtney while I was home too and it was great. She has grown more than I ever expected and she loves Tessa and that really means a lot to me. She really got attached to Tessa and clung to her more than me for the most part.

Well, there is not much to talk about right now other than how much I miss Tessa, Courtney and family.

Oh and the weather here is pretty cold. It would not be so bad if we did not have to walk so far to get everywhere.

Once again, thank you for all the support and I will be home soon enough!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Here I sit...

Thank you to all of those who continue to support my brother and I!! Another 111 hits last week! THANK YOU!!

Here I sit...again. Just hanging out after yet another awesome cookout. It was one of our Soldier's birthday today. Any reason not to eat at the DFAC is good to me. And i get to cook on a charcoal grill. NICE! We made it through Thanksgiving just great! Thanksgiving dinner was great. My entire group got to go to the DFAC for a lovely meal topped off with some nice conversation. I got to talk to my family and enjoy their happiness as well. I talked to my dad almost every day last week while he was in WV deer hunting. There were some pretty nice deer killed from what I hear...daddy hasn't gotten one yet, but his is coming. He over-looked some does, waiting on the big one to come strolling by. I can't say how much I wish I was there. It's so awesome to call up there, and just listen to the stories, the family, and all the comotion. I don't think my dad realized that I was content just listening to the noise in the background....kinda like being a fly on the wall. I miss everyone up there so bad, I just can't put it into words.

On another subject...the Military life is so simple...sometimes....sometimes. My NCOIC and I were talking tonight after all the grilling was finished and we were saying how he kinda got this feeling like he didn't want to go back home. I had to agree. When you think about the simplicity of our lives here, and how it's so structured. Take away all of the Hero's we've had to see, take care of, and try to push to the back of our's not that bad. Hero's are those that have made the ultimate sacrafice. We wake up, go to work, eat, work, eat, and go chill out in our rooms or however we see fit to spend our free time. At home, we have to worry about this and that and this and that and this and that.....gas, gas money, electric bill, water bill, will our employment come to a sudden end, will our vehicle break down, going to the grocery store, work in general....the list goes on and on.... But we all know that we love our other lives...the civilian side of life. And, we can't wait to get back to the freedoms and the things/people we love so much. It's a hard thing to think about. I signed another 6 year contract...I know I'll be over here again or probably Afghanistan at least once....and that's fine with me, it is. Personally I have a big problem with the fact that some Soldiers are making their 3rd or 4th trip to the "desert". This is my first. That doesn't sit very well with me. I have a duty to my country and I want to do my part. SO, what am I trying to say....I don't know. I guess leading back to the first part of this paragraph when I say it's hard to leave this and go back home where life is kinda a whole different way. It's hard to explain. I try to tell people that I really enjoy the fact that I'm in the Army. When I get bored at home in my civilian job, I "go somewhere"....usually by my choice. Now, I also "usually" have to say...."what?! me...I didn't see that coming." I think those who know me best figure that if I go somewhere, there was a little more to it than that. And, usually by the time I'm back home, I'm ready to be home again. Well, last time I was gone, i was gone for 18 months instead of just 12 so maybe that's why I'm not quite ready to get back home yet. I don't know.... there's fine line of happiness that I ride. I enjoy both the restaurant business, and the Army. I tell people that I live two different lives: one, my civilian life working in the restaurant, riding a motorcycle, driving a big truck on wet days, and doing my best to sort out my personal-personal life...and two: Serving my country in the Army as a medic. I know, two completely different jobs...IT'S GREAT! I'm not sure where i'm going with this....

I really really need to thank all of those who have been sending my group and I care packages. THANK YOU!! We've gotten so many useful things and so many nice folks have donated their time and money for Soldiers they don't even know. THANK YOU!! I just couldn't even start to name folks and orginizations that send us things...and I also know that's not why people do what they do...but THANK YOU!!!

Well, I feel like I'm ending this kinda quickly, but I've kinda run out of thoughts.... my brain just took a dump on me, and I'm lost for words. I will say this, friends are great. Great friends are far and few between. And between those friends you'll find those that you thought were good friends. The friends you didn't know would be so great...turn out even better. It's a shame that the ones you thought you could count on for end up not counting on them for anything other than a disappointment. And again, those who you never thought would care so much....come through in the end to help you through all the things that life throws at you. What's that saying...??? It takes a second to meet someone great and forever to forget them. Funny how those friends that you thought would be there for you end up being no where to be found, and those who you thought you'd never find again....they're right there with you.

I love you all and thank you so much!!

Somewhere in Iraq,
sgt wormy