Saturday, May 31, 2008

New experiences.....American Healthcare

Well, I'm writing for two to break the record of posts in one month...14 YEAH! I'm not sure why that is so amusing to me but it is. I've tried to do for the last two months but for some reason, I haven't gotten around to it. It's probably the same reason why I haven't done a few things that have been on my list for quiet some time now..... Hopefully....HOPEFULLY this time next month, I will be SSG Wormy and not SGT Wormy!! I put in my promotion packet today. It will get forwarded up on Monday and it will probably take until the end of the month for a decision to come back. Some guys in my unit don't want to see me advance (I've been looking for that word all day....blonde moment) but even though they don't like the idea, I'm pretty sure it won't matter. The people that do matter, the 1SG and the Commander stand behind me a 100%. At least that's what they say. And believe it. And for those who don't support it....OH WELL! I feel like I finally deserve it so we'll see what happens.

Dad has me worried....he's doing a little traveling this weekend. Be safe Daddy! Come back in one piece! He's just going to Ohio, but the weather is bad up there...... Love you Daddy!

One thing about being away from home is seeing all the garbage on the news knowing that people I care about are suffering through these trying times. Just like when I was in was AMAZING to think "wow, I live in that country" but not being in the country and seeing things from a different angle....WOW! It's a whole new view from the outside looking in!! Gas prices suck! The different views: DO SOMETHING!! / Don't do anything - it's good for the environment that everyone drives less. Yeah ok, good for the environment but not good for the economy. Pigeon Forge will suffer....Sevier County will suffer. And that means that most everyone I love and care about will be having really hard times. And that's not good. The Presidential race....WOW what a damn dog show! Maybe it's because there's not really been this much interest in the race in previous years that I remember...but I have NEVER seen such a childish, ridiculous, "oohh he said - she said", waste of good news coverage, (sorry) dumbass crap like this before. STUPID! I was wondering why CNN was covering the crane crash so heavily the other day.... THE NEWS IS SLOW! Not much is going on. The only better thing they have to cover is what priest or pastor said what in the Sunday sermon or who is apologizing to who for something they said..... It's so annoying! My point again....when you're on the outside looking in, you can't help but understand why other countries look at us and laugh. "stupid Americans" Yeah, pretty much!

Ok, SO.....New Experiences and the American Healthcare. Take three seconds a guess what I'm about to NOW, I can't tell what I did today....or what happened. If I did, I'd have to kill you. Just kidding....well, I still can't tell you. BUT what I can tell you is this: hmmmm lost my thought.....keeping it enteresting I guess. I'm working on my "suspense" style writing..... whatever. Today was pretty interesting....It aggravates me as I lay here thinking about how the news covers lawsuits for "sub-standard healthcare". When I get home, I'll paint you a mental picture of sub-standard healthcare. I will start with the unexplainable look of concern and sorrow on a father's face, a look of encouragement and hope from his big brother looking on, the look of hopelessness of an old man suffering injuries he didn't ask for, and the look of "please help me" from more....the unspoken "thank you" from the eyes of another...... and when I'm done there I'll try to describe the hospital care they received. Reflecting on today I see so many many different faces....each with their own objective in mind....each with thier own "job" to do in the situation.....some with political objectives, some with medical tasks, some with security, and some just seemed to be there.....Today's events were a first....but I'm sure they won't be the last like it. It was amazing to see the different cultures working together....and a the same time the aggravation at some of the "jobs" being done. It's amazing how one person's hurt can put such a smile on some else's face. I understand the happiness created by people working together for the better of some....but sometimes it goes too far......

Today was a day I may or may not forget....Today's events could easily be erased by the horrors of tomorrow......the Good Lord only knows what we will encounter next......only time will tell.....

It's amazing how Americans take so SO much for granted. I'm proud to be an American. I'm proud and oh so ever thankful that I was born in the land of the free! I'm glad that if my family or I get sick that I have people there to take care of me. SO many things we take for granted. Maybe, just maybe the next time you visit your doc, you'll go a little easier on the staff and tell them thank you. Tell them thank you for being willing to take care of your needs....because not everyone, everywhere would be so willing to do so.

I want to take a moment and thank everyone for the support and encouragement you give to my brother and me!!! There has been almost 100 hits in the last 5 days to this website!! THANK YOU!!! We greatly appreciate your interest and support! Comments and emails are always welcome. Feedback is fuel for the mind.


Somewhere in Iraq
SGT Wormy


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank you!

Jeremy was right. Thank you for balloon release that has to be one of the nicest things anyone has done for us. Once again, thank you Misty, Fern and kids for what you did.

I guess that Jeremy got a little bent out of shape that I posted my base on here. Hopefully you got to see it before Jeremy took it down. If it is on the internet like that, I am not worried about it. Also, he changed my name to John J. Rambo. I did not do that. There is a guy here, SGT Bahena, that calls me that all the time. It drives me crazy.

I was going to get on here and talk about something, but I be damned if I remember what the hell it was.

I got another box from Mom today. Always a treat!! She sent homemade oatmeal cookies and as soon as I finish here, I am tearing into them.

I prepared a little something special today to send home. I am not going to ruin it, but it is going to Jeremy, Mom and Dad, and Christina and Courtney.

There is not much going on here. Actually, it is a little boring.

I only have four months left and I am home on R&R for 18 days. I am counting down the days!!

I miss you all!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The grip is getting tighter.....

Hello all!! I first want to say thank you all for visiting this website and I appreciate the unspoken support for my brother and I!! I also want to thank those for the spoken support you have expressed to us in the past week and months!! Memorial Day was nice! It was kinda hot here in Iraq, but it wasn't too bad. We had some cookouts on Friday and Saturday....I almost forgot where I was again.... They were nice though. Hamburgers, steaks, chicken, and some other stuff...with a cold near-beer to top it off! I can't complain too much. Hey, if I was home the only thing I would have looked forward to was traffic, headaches at the restaurant, and more traffic. I did hear that it wasn't too bad this weekend though....surprise! Oh, one thing that I have been able to do lately is help the surgeons in the operating room. Now, that obviously means that some unfortunate events took place to put people in the operating room....but they will all be fine and I look for them all to have a speedy recovery. Anywho....I got to help put some wounds back together. The first time I was in there was on a "you can watch" basis. But the other time i got to help in a pretty minor way, but I still got to help. Luckily, I've been off the times I've been in there so it hasn't interferred with work. Other than that, I've been staying out of trouble and just doing my thing. Another SSG and I have been working hopefully by the time i get home I will have put on some muscle!! I'm looking forward to looking different when I get back! I've been struggling with the cardio bit, but I ordered me a jump rope to kick that off. One thing we need over here....we'll see how many read this..... we could REALLY use some replacement parts for the workout equipment we use. Well, actually we cant even use half the stuff in our little gym because the cables are broke. Imagine looking a piece of workout equipment: the cable that goes from the weight bars to the handgrip....they are broken. I think we need a total of 5 cables to fix all the machines in our little gym. If we could get that....AWSOME!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!! I have looked on the internet and was not able to find any. It may take going to a gym and asking for advice....or a donation... ??? Well, other than that I don't have much to report....OH wait I do too.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to the family of Misty Chase, Fern, Chloe, and the others that helped with a Memorial Day Balloon Release. The family got together and had a balloon release for me and John this past weekend. That was so so so sweet! Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!

Thank you to my dad, momma, grandma, and the Ladies of the WMU at Beech Springs Baptist Church for all the cookies, goodies, toys and other items they sent!! Cookies don't last long over here! Neither does anything that sugar in it for that matter! It makes us work harder to burn off the calories, but no one complains about eating all of it. :-) Also, thank you to the people that send us care packages from all over the United States! I signed up the unit to get care packages through a website....and WOW the response has been outstanding!! Thank you again!!

I really really can't think of anything else to update on so......

The Grip is Getting Tighter!

Last week I was going to write a story about who has the grip on things over here. The United States Military....or the Iraqi's?? This is mainly for those that think we aren't doing well over here. OR that wonder when we will get to come home. OR for those who wonder if we are making any progress at all.

So, who does have a grip over here?? When I say the Iraqi's i do NOT mean the insurgents, I mean the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Security Forces (police). For me, this is pretty easily answered, but I can't just come out and tell you that the Iraqi guys are kicking ass and taking names while our Soldiers are acting as a "backup" force. Ooppps, there it is. It's been relatively quiet here. My days at work lately have consisted of not doing a whole lot. And that's that's GREAT! Has the violence gone down that much? Have the insurgents given up and fled South? Does the Iraqi Army and Police have that much of a grip that they are controlling the streets, the crime, and are they finding all the explosives before the bad guys have a chance to use them? Maybe..... maybe so. So does that mean that we can come home now? No. Don't be silly. Just because your pet learns the command 'No' doesn't mean you can leave the house and expect him/her not to tear the trash up, or go through your laundry. Make sense? A little progress doesn't mean you're done. It doesn't mean you can say that your mission is complete. It only means that things are getting better and that with more practice, direction, and help that hopefully then you can start to THINK that your mission is complete. The Iraqi's are making progress. With thier progress means less involvement from our troops. The less our Troops are used, the more I sit around on my butt, the more I sit around, the better. So, who has a grip? It's a two handed battle right now with one hand grasping tighter than the other. From my opinion it seems like the Iraqi's have a pretty tight grip on things. They are not only improving their military standpoints, but they are also improving their logistics too. Less patients here means more patients in local hospitals. They are doing their best to take care of things. And from where I stand, it seems like they are doing a pretty good job.

I hope you enjoy my postings and I will try to think of something 'great and moving' to put on here soon. What day is it? It's the 27th of May!! WOW! I've been here more than a month already!! But who's counting right?

Love you all and I'll write again soon!

Somewhere in Iraq
SGT Wormy


Monday, May 26, 2008

Where am I??

This is very quick post seeing that it is 130am and I need to get to bed so I can get up at 9am and run 8 miles again. This time I am dragging one of soldiers with me.

I was going to put a picture of where I am on here but I am going to ask if it's ok. Jeremy suggested that I ask to put such a detailed pic on here.....

Love you all!

SGT Strader A.K.A.
John J Rambo

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do They Have a Grip???

Well hello everyone! I see that someone has been visiting our least that's what the counter says at the bottom of the screen. SO THANK YOU!! Thank you for the visits!! And when you get a chance to email us and let us know what's up in East TN or where ever you may be....that would be great too!!

Well, I'd love to entertain and tell everyone that I saved 3 Soldiers lives this past week, and that for some reason they brought in an Iraqi guy blown all to we just put a bullet in his head to ease him on out instead of trying to save him and wasting our time.......that would be a neat story......BUT, BUT that didn't happen. None of that happened. And if it really did, and I told you....I'd have to kill you.

So what HAS been going on here in the Northern Inquizzitive, Radiant, AWSOME, Quietness ? (N. IRAQ) I'll tell you what's been going on....... ......................... There you have it! All that!! WOW! In case you missed it....NOTHING IS GOING ON! We have had a really really quiet week. Too quiet if you ask me. I have a thought for this blog entry and I think you will like it... but it's after 12 and i have to be up in 5 hours. I will however finish this in the morning.

SO, do they have a grip?

More to come........

Somewhere in Iraq


Monday, May 19, 2008

100 Days of Wind

The first days of the 100 days of winds have passed. This is not your normal breeze blowing gently in the afternoon. This is 24 hours a day of high winds. Winds high enough that they can and will make you side step, lean into it, or just let it push you along. I should know, it almost knocked me over yesterday. This is like having a severe thunderstorm in E TN without the rain and thunder and lighting. The sun is shining just as bright as ever, along with all the loose dirt and sand in the air. I have been through some pretty rough sand storms, and this is close to it. The dust is terrible.

We have made a lot of progress in the awards section. We have a new Major from the Marines in our section, and lets just say that my mom got it right when I was telling her about him. He is working us hard and trying to get a lot done in a short amount of time. It has been interesting and will continue to be that way for a while. He is changing too much too fast.

There is not really much to talk this time around. Christina is still not talking to me. No surprise there. This is normal for when I am gone. Courtney asked for another box of toys so I went and got her some and mailed it off today. I got to stand in line at that post office for over an hour just to mail a couple boxes. That was fun.

Well, I need to order some new running shoes and shower shoes. I am a little bored sitting in the B hut alone, but that means I can get some cleaning done and enjoy peace and quiet for once.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Mom and Dad,

I love you!! I just wanted to tell you two that I cannot say enough how much I appreciate what you have done since we have left home! Personally I left SO much stuff undone it's rediculous. I apologize for that and again from the bottom of my heart thank you so much. I left my house a mess, it had to be re-financed-DAMN TINA, Jana's stuff wasn't in line, my motorcycle needed fixed, my truck is falling apart, my bills weren't in line, and it seems like there is more...... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I just cant say that enough. We couldn't ask for better parents! I know I've said this to you all in emails but Iwanted to put it on here so everyone else could see that we have the best parents in the world!!

I'm just not satisfied with the way I've expressed myself. I'm laying here trying to think of a way that I can write or re-write how much we appreciate what you all have done..... and how proud I am to have the last name "Strader". If people only knew...... if they only knew how lucky we are to have such loving and caring parents. If they only could begin to understand the pain you two have suffered having not one of us, but both of over here at the same time....and you have been so strong and supportive. You all pretty much knew that I was volunteering to come over here, and not once....not once did you ask or express that I stop raising my hand and just chill out. You supported me a 100%. Thank you!

We love you! And you all are the best! Take care of yourselves and if you don't mind give Otty a hug for me and tell him I said "I'm talking to you". I love you and miss you bunches!!

Strader Jeremy
407th Medical Company (GA)
FOB Diamondback
APO, AE 09334


Insert Funny Quote Here

Well, I told you all that I was going to run the 8 mile loop for seven days and I DID!! I finished it on Sunday. I am finally off a full day now so I had time to go to the doctor find out that I strained my achilles tendon. That is no fun and it hurts like hell. I plan on running it 2-3 times a week after I get better. I am starting my new shift tomorrow and not sure if I am looking forward to it or not. It is going to be 1pm to 1am. I will have to do all my running and exercising on my own from now on. That is going to be the real challenge.

Other than all that, everything is good here. We have gotten a lot of awards done and still have several to go. There is not really been anything exciting happen that I am allowed to talk about. I do have some funny stories for later though.

Courtney's birthday is coming up soon. I am going to miss her turning 4 and 5 while I am here. I just hope that Christina sends me pictures of the party and of her opening all the things that i got her. I know that she is going to love it all. I am going to order her some more things and hope that they get there in time.

Not much to really talk about right now so I guess I will try to find something to do until it is bed time again.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Quick Thought

I just finished watching "Charlie Wilson's War". If you have not seen this, please go out and spend the few dollars it takes to rent this movie. It will show you what Afghanistan is like. The country that you see is what it is today. It will also give you a little insight as to why it is what it today. It is from the US perspective, but it is still a perspective. I now know more than I ever knew about this country after an hour and forty five minutes. It will also show you how the US tries to fix things, and does not always finish what was started.

Expect a longer post tomorrow after I get some sleep.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Another WONDERFUL night in Iraq!

Well, it's me again! How is everyone? I hope all is well in East TN or where ever you might be reading this! I hope everyone had a GREAT Mother's Day! Speaking of which,
Yesterday wasn't too bad. I was expecting a busy busy day because it seems like they like to hit us on our holidays....and our Sabbath Day. And because it's been relativly quiet lately. BUT it was a super nice day yesterday. The weather was incredible! I keep hearing about this horrible Iraqi weather that they have, but so far we have only had about three days over 100 degrees... at least while we have been in Iraq. Lately it's been about 80-85....NICE! I cant complain at all! But who knows I probably just jinksed us... oh well. I forgot to put something in one of my previous posts....I menitoned the Lou Au....well, right before we started eating I was standing around watching a game of horse shoes and a nice little birdie shit on my head. Well, the brim of my booney hat anyway. It was pretty funny at the time....1st time I think I've been shit on in while....and it not be someone I know anyway.
SO, any way....I was off work today and that gave me reason to stay up late last night and surf the internet and not go to bed early. So there I was lying on my bed, surfing around on Myspace and ebay......half eyes were getting heavy, and I was about to call it a night. I was gonna smoke a last cig...(yeah I'm trying to quit) but there I was half out of it, peaceful, and just about ready to get some beauty sleep.....only to be fully awaken by sirens and a loud voice "incoming, incoming....siren siren siren....incoming, incoming.....siren..." you get the point right? Well....honestly most of the time we ignore the incoming sirens because a bird flying by our "high tech" Army equipment can make it think it's a mortar....and someone quickly comes on and says "all clear" and we keep doing what we normally do....well, last night was a little bit different... the siren lasted more than 5 seconds...more than 10....more than 30...I went to my door to see if anyone else was running to the bunkers....nope. So, I went back inside my hooch....45 seconds...I went back to the door to check one more time...about 1 min...I woke my roommate up and told him maybe we should go out to the bunkers....1 min 15 quit. "All clear".....Well now, that was exciting! I wasn't sure whether or not to get into the bunker, or get in bed??? Pretty silly huh? And to add even more to my humor, I asked around today and most people didn't even hear the sirens....hard sleepers I guess. So that was my interesting night. The siren went off another time, but it was a quick 5 sec followed by the all clear.... Odd..... but just so you don't feel like I escaped death or was in harms way too much....we didn't have anything hit inside the FOB last night. Basically, no mortars.
John, don't worry about trying to make people think when they read this....there may be some kids that read it and need your simplicity. :-) Just kidding! Hey it's about time for another picture contest! I've been thinking about what I can you better put your thinking cap on..... But seriously....I just get bored and have lots of time to think about what to put on here. I don't get on here just dying to make people think about what's going on over here. I just like to try to write from a different perspective once in a while.
Well, enough from me. I miss everyone and hope all is well! Take care and I'll be home before you know it!
Somewhere in Iraq,
SGT Wormy

Thursday, May 8, 2008

8 miles X 7 days = PAIN

Not exactly the title that I was thinking about all week, but it will work. My First Sergeant decided that he was going to challenge the whole company into running the eight mile loop around base for seven days in a row. I am going to be the third person in my section to complete this. There was one other one that tried, but she stopped after four days because the pain was too great. At 225 lbs, I am not coasting through this. I just came in from completing day six. My ankle looks like a grapefruit, my knee feels like I pissed the mob off, and I feel like some drained every once of energy out of me. Tomorrow is the last day and I plan making it if I have to crawl. I did not come this far to give up.

After I am done, I plan continuing to run it at least 3 time a week. This is my escape and time to think and clear my head. Jeremy has his quiet time, well this is the only quiet time that I get. It is an hour and and half of solitude. Yes it takes close to an hour and a half to run 8 miles.

I tried to talk to Mom yesterday but the internet was messing up pretty bad so I was not able to talk. It is not much better this morning, but it is good enough to get this up.

I am sorry that I have not updated this for over a week, but I have been really busy and tired. All this running has really taken its toll on me. I promise that I will start doing better.

I am not really full of inspirational talk or anything like Jeremy, but maybe one day I will have something to say to make you think. I will provide you with picture and he will provide the stories and inspiration.

Well, I need to go get ready for work while you all are getting ready for bed. I hope that everyone is doing well.

I miss you all and can't wait to get back to East Tennessee.

Where am I ???

Ahh the sweet smell of fresh air....a soft spring breeze hitting me in the face as I walk down the sidewalk. The sun is at the high point during the day, but its just right....just right. Not too hot, not too cool. Just right for a little ride.....I start to make my way to the garage.... I get my gear.... I'm almost ready. Opps, I forget that I have to change the laundry so I'll go take care of that first. So I'll make my way the other direction to take care of that, once again enjoying the cool Spring breeze. I'm reminded of the song "take me home country home." So picture this....I'm walking to switch the laundry.....lost in a world that I only wish I was in....then, like a train blowing the leaves off a tree that's planted too close to the tracks, a Humvee drives by as I stand on the edge of the curb and takes that thought right with it. Bringing me right back to where I really am....Iraq. Reality sets in...I am walking down the street to get my laundry from the cleaners...then I have to walk back and get my helmet so I can drive a Humvee to the shop for repairs....the only thing not distorted from the first half of this, is the nice unusually cool Spring breeze.
It's nice to forget where I am sometimes...and lately it's not been hard to do that. I've been able to mentally escape from the world I'm really in and go back to east TN....but usually brought back by sound of gunfire or something blowing up in the distance. I guess it's been really good for our guys lately....I haven't had much to do. And that's a good thing. The less I do and more my crew stays bored....the better it is in a sense. We have been keeping ourselves busy with making sure the vehicles are up to standard and learning our way around the ER from the techs that work over there. Ebay has been keeping me busy....unfortunately....unfortunately my camera and my laptop have decided to stop working. So, I'm waiting on both get here so I can do the things I enjoy with less hassle.
I miss everyone and hope that all is well and everyone is getting along ok. I've been gone about 4 months already. Can you believe it? I can't. Some one said that today and I was like "what!" Yeah, it's been that long.
Well....I've written about all that I can think about....I've had this idea for this blog for a couple days...but I'm not sure I painted the picture that I wanted to.....I guess what I hope you understood is that recently it's been great. Walking around my living area being able to totally get away from where I really am and then quickly being brought back by either the sounds of war or a combat vehicle storming by. Sometimes the silence of the situation around you can help you escape the constant wonders of what's going to happen next....what will happen next? Get to a bunker...get back to the CSH....go pick up an injured Soldier....go pick up chow....put the next movie there anything else on the news other than the damn election bullshit....I wonder if my package came in the mail today....I need to type some papers....I need to get my promotion papers in line.... where does it end.....when does it end? So I bring myself to wondering how people can overlook the new headlines about more and more Soldiers dying and how April was the deadliest month in Iraq in a long long time?? I guess I understand it a little more now. If I can forget long enough for a 30 second daydream that I really am in a war-torn, no mercy, kill all the Americans you can Country.....then I guess I can forgive you for not noticing the headline of *CNN or *WATE Channel 6.

I'll forgive you..... but only once. I said I could forgive you for not consiously noticing a headline, but to ignore is completely different.

*The use of these two names were only used for the sense of easy recognition and comprehension of my point. I do not support nor endorse these channles, so do not read past the black and white.

My eyes are heavy and I feel like I'm blabbering.

I love you all,

Somewhere in Iraq...yes, Iraq not East TN.
SGT Wormy

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Good things....

Ok so I said that the next time I put something on here, it would be positive. Well, here it is.

I'm alive and well. Breakfast, and dinner were pretty good today. The weather is nice! It went from 120 degrees to about 75-85....or at least that's what it feels like. My team is doing well. The showers are hot. And.....Hillary Clinton is hopefully going to loose.

Enough of that shit..... back to reality.

Just kidding....It's been a realitively quiet few days....for me at least. Today my team did see an amputation, but they handled it really well. I was off work today so I didn't respond to the call. I keep missing the bad calls if you haven't noticed.... Two nights ago we had a Lou Ou.... or however you spell it. It was nice. They had games and a whole bunch of other stuff for us to do. We had fajitas from the DFAC (Dining Facility) and they were pretty good. They had a stereo system a pinjata, and some other stuff going on.... it was nice to just kinda relax, hang out with new friends and for a minute forget where I was. Last night I bored and wanted to go play some pool, so I went over to the MWR (Morale, Welfare, Recreation) bldg and shot a few games of pool while jammin to the latest hip hop. They had a dance competition too. WOW! $500 1st prize! I tried my best, but I was outdone by so many others... :-( I mean come on....I am white and we all know white boys can't dance. Just kidding I didnt enter....are you kidding me!? I will say that I may have had a chance because the ones that did enter and try to win.....WOW they sucked. Except for 3 of them....they were pretty good. Somehow they let two females enter and they basically put on a stripper's style was hot, but it really didn't seem right. Here we are in a war zone where sex is prohibited, and girls get raped sometimes, then these two get in front of 100 horny dudes and dry hump each other.....yeah, it just didn't seem right. Don't get me wrong, it was hot.....but at the same time we were like "what?" ANY WAY......tonight was "salsa night" at the MWR. So, I went back to enjoy some salsa music and shoot some more pool. After all I have to keep my skills up on the pool game for when I get back. So Johnny you and Josh better be doing the same. That reminds me, Josh - have a blast in Ireland! Drink one for me!

So, that's about all that's been going on....I've started a new diet and workout program. I hope to look different by the time I get home. Not being able to drink all time will surely help!

I've asked my mom, Johnny, and even my brother for some things that we can't get over here. If you're wondering why it's so hard to come up with even the basic's because there are A LOT more Soldiers than there are supplies. So when the truck comes and delivers stuff to the PX most of it is gone in a day or two because people buy so much of it, they don't know when more will come in.

I also want to thank Mom, Dad, John, Johnny, Jitka, and Jana for getting all the stuff I've asked for together. I really feel like a pain in the butt because it seems like everytime I call home I need something different. But they tell me "no problem" everytime. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

I am going to put taking some pictures on my list of stuff to do. It's kinda hard to take pictures where I am because so many places are off limits and could be used against us if they get into the wrong hands, or if the wrong people see them. BUT I will start taking some soon.

One more thing then I'll get off here.....all this positive stuff and I'm gonna end it on a "scary" note. I was taking a smoke break from pool and I was looking over the flight line past the CSH and saw this white flickering thing.....then another about 7 seconds later followed by a boom. That was a naturally I started asking questions to those that saw them too. Two mortars. Small, but still mortars. They were however off post because none of the sirens went off, no one got excited, no one really seemed to care. I walked back to the TOC....our office, and asked if they felt or heard anything....nope not really. So they were off post and at least a pretty good distance away....but it was still pretty damn cool, and scary at the same time. We went up on the roof to see what we could see....5 min later....a big white flash.....but no boom. Odd. No threat to us. No sirens, no comotion, no worries. It was still pretty neat seeing the mortars go up....and come down.

Well, till next time.

Somewhere in Iraq
SGT Wormy

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Here are a few pictures that were taken a few days ago on the roof where I work. We wanted to get a group photo and single pictures to send to our families. LTC Miller made it happen for us.

We have been having an overall good time. The lack of sleep and difficulty sleeping is starting to really catch up to some of us.

I have been talking to Jeremy after reading his posts on here. He said it's been kinda rough over there where he's at. But he's making it just fine. Yesterday morning I went to my second fallen Soldier ceremony. I talked about this before, but it is still not easy standing there and watching two trucks drive by with an American Hero in the back and the flag draped over the casket.

He has talked about sacrifice. Well, I am betting that you did not hear that were 5 Coalition casualties (casualty means injured, not dead) in the past week. Plus this is Afghanistan and no one cares about it anymore. The injuries belonged to soldiers of another country. We got the message they were all very critical not expected to make it. This is not the first time I got one of these reports. One of my main missions is to process Purple Hearts. This is not fun or joyous. Almost everyday I have to read a report, talk to the Division Surgeon, talk to the Commanding General's staff, and find out if this guys lived, and if so, if the CG is going to pin a Purple Heart on him. A lot of injuries are minor, but some are not. I hate having the General's staff run in and say "Hurry and get me a Purple Heart for this guy. The CG is on his way to pin him, he is going to Germany for treatment. He is serious and the CG needs it 10 minutes ago." Not to mention that these guys are getting Combat Action Badges, Combat Medical Badges, and Combat Infantry Badges. I have to process more of those than you can imagine. 101st officially took over 10Apr08 and since then I have help process over 1200 awards. That is less than one month.

I have to read Silver Star, Army Commendation Medals with Valor, and Bronze Star with Valor (these are just a few of the may that we process) while I am working. Let me tell you, if the news or anyone got a hold of the sworn statements detailing the incidents, there would be a lot more good movies to watch. A lot of these guys are true heroes. Some save lives, and some give their life to save another. There have been many times that I have read statements that bring tears to my eyes. I have seen the senior Officers and Enlisted that vote on these awards get teary eyed over some of these. These men and women are heroes and most do not know it or care enough to know.

I had to read one story of a young Soldier (that means he got out of basic and AIT and went straight to Afghanistan) ......I took this out because it talks a little about strategics and Jeremy said I might want to wait to post about this one. Lets just say that this guy saved a lot of lives before, during, and after almost loosing his life to save his friends.

Back to the Purple Hearts. Doing a lot of these and the action badges that I mentioned before I see a lot of classified and secret documents detailing the bombs used, methods, and such for IED attacks. I have seen pictures of vehicles that were mutilated and you would think that no one would live and the guys were able to get up, get out and kill the sons of bitches that messed up their ride.

I am not in the mood to make you think like Jeremy can. I just want you to know that there is a lot going on here that we cannot talk about, and that you don't need to know. We are both experiencing different aspects in different countries, but we are seeing the same things through different eyes. I read one of the statements and sit back and said a little prayer for the guy that went to hell and came back a hero. It is time that some of you do the same. The next time that you're riding down the road and see a verteran license plate, and National Guard plate, a military sticker in the window, honk your horn, look at them and say thank you. Hell just wave. Do something. The next time you are at the airport and see a group gathering for a soldier coming home, join them and tell them thanks. Or buy them a beer, shake their hand, just do something so that they know you are there and you care. Trust me, there is nothing like a complete stranger coming up and saying thank you!!

There are over 250,000 people in our Army alone. You know one. Call them today and say thank you. Why do you need to wait until Veterans Day. There is a veteran out there right now giving up his time, missing a birthday, missing a birth for that matter, missing his family all so you can go home and sit on the couch and be a fat lazy slob. Get up this one time and do something good!!!

Oh, and Jeremy, I miss you and the stuff is on the way. I miss you Bro and worry my brains out about you. I am headed to Kabul soon so you will get to worry about me for a day. I just wish the day would come soon. I am ready to see more of this country.

Another day I will talk about how other FOBs get attacked everyday. And how there is snow on the mountains and roads that are not drivable and soldiers have to walk these roads in the mountains to find insurgent cells.