Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Society Today

I was watching the news the other day and people were complaining that there is a DirectTV commercial with David Spade and Chris Farley. The problem to some people is that Farley is dead and they are upset that they are using a piece out of Tommy Boy for the spot. It is the scene in the hotel where Farley puts on Spade's jacket and is doing the big man in a little jacket scene. That is one of the funniest parts of the movie and and one of my favorites. I have to agree with Spade when he says that believes that Farley would love the commercial. People will find anything to complain about.

I was reading some forums on FieldandStream.com yesterday and some one is complaining that with the technology today that hunting is too easy. He stated that with today's technology that he can get his deer and be out of the woods by 645 in the morning. Why in the world would you complain about that while you are using the technology that is out there? He stated that he wished that the technology did not exist because it is taking away from the challenge and the sport. Well, why is he using it then? That makes no sense to me. I talked to a guy yesterday and he has scouted, photoed, and seen a buck in a certain area several times. He has been after this monster buck all year. He has used what he knows, technology and good old smarts and still has not gotten the trophy buck he is after. I also know of people that have used the trail cams and photoed trophy deer and set up where they are and still have not seen or gotten the buck they are after. Even with all the technology that is out there, it is still a challenge to get the trophy. I have set up on several paths that I know are being used daily by deer. I will go on one day, mess up the tracks, stomp around and then the next day there are several new tracks and deer prints in my boot prints. But I am not mad that I am not seeing them. I know that I am there at the wrong time of the day. Maybe I need to move on down the path further cause I am setting up where they are in the middle of the night. No matter what technology is out there, there is still a challenge to everything.

Last night when I was hunting, it was almost sunset and I heard a shot. I had given up and headed back to the truck. By the time I was there, I noticed that all other hunters around me had started leaving, except one. He was parked in the direction of the shot I heard, so I waited for a while on him to come out, and a couple other guys come out in the same area. I talked to them and they heard the shot and saw the deer. We waited on the guy to come out and talked to him. He was sure that he had hit the deer but could not find it. We decided that the four of us would go look. By now, it was dark, although we had a full moon out. We headed back into the woods and looked for over an hour trying to help this Marine find his deer, to no luck. This goes to show that there is a friendship that can bond hunters together. No one cares where you are from, just that you are a hunting brother. You can be on the side of the road after a hunt and the majority of vehicles will stop and talk to you asking what you saw, where you were, and how your hunt was. There is no other place to find a brotherhood like this. I actually find a new hunting buddy for back home just by making a call to pay a bill. I should be hunting with my new hunting buddy this weekend. He wants to learn a few things and has plenty of land at his disposal and we are going to check it out and see what we can find.

I'm all over on this post, for one reason is that I started this at 9am and it is almost noon now. I am actually having to work today!!

I have been thinking about that Jeremy has been saying regarding possessions. It is weird when you think about it. OK, you go to the store and you want and MP3 player to listen to while you are at the gym, walking, or whatever reason. What is the first thing you think when you think MP3 player? iPOD. Who doesn't? It is all that you think about. Who thinks about the Sony that is half the price and just as good or better? What about those that get the tech magazines each month and see something new they have to have that costs twice as much as something that is close, but not quite as good? I used to be very guilty of this. I was hardcore into computers and computer gaming two years ago. Now, if it works, who cares. I would spend thousands of dollars each year just trying to keep up, when it was not needed. Your thing might not be computers, but is it car? TV? Clothes? Why do you need a $30 t-shirt when the one that does not have that logo on it covers you the same, and serves the same purpose? Don't get me wrong, I will not wear some designs or colors, but I don't care who made it. As long as I like it, that is all I care about.

We all have our little quirks that make us happy and make us who we are. Some of us are still figuring out who we are. Some of us will be doing it for years to come. Me, for example. I have always enjoyed hunting but I married two women that did not like it and I did not have time for me and to make me happy. Last night I could have, and should have, went home and cleaned the house, but I did what made me happy and I went hunting for a few hours. I am learning that the more I spend outside doing what I want, the happier I am. I have been asked several time recently if I have dated since Tessa left or if I have tried. Well, I did date one person, Sonya. It was great while it lasted, but there were some differences and other issues we needed to work out. I have found comfort in discovering me and being me right now. It is not that I would not date, but I am not going to settle or go out looking for it. People are enjoying me being me. I am not going to stop being who I am and doing what I love for some one, other than Courtney. I get tired of hearing other hunters say they cannot hunt very often cause of a spouse. I don't understand that if a spouse wants someone to be happy, why not let them do what they love and what brings joy to them. I have had chances and opportunities to go on dates and meet new people, but I am too busy keeping me happy to worry about keeping another happy. I will tell you now that the next person I am with will either love it or hate that I have things I want to do with my time. I am me and not who you want to transform me into.

People ask me if I am going to start dating or looking after hunting season. Well, I hate to break their heart, hunting season never ends. There is always something out there to hunt. I am going to try my hand at turkey hunting for the first time this year. I am waiting until after deer season, but I am getting ready. I have most of what I need to go. And it is not starting to date. I am always dating even if I don't have a date. Why should I sit at home or go out looking when I can spend that time being happy instead of frustrated that I am not seeing anyone? Life is too short not to enjoy yourself. Don't get me wrong, I would love to share my time with some one, but why should I sweat it? I was not looking for Christina when she fell in my lap.

I know that I have been all over the place on this post and it is long. I hope that everyone that logs on takes the time to read it all. I have a lot to say about some things that I have been thinking about. I don't want to only tell you about hunting and boring you to death with all of that.

One more thing. Almost everyday I see the same people at the gas station and at the gates coming onto Fort Campbell. They always ask how I am and I tell them awesome, great, or whatever comes to mind. Every day is a great day if you let it be. There is no reason to have a bad day. No matter what has happened, find something positive in it. You get a flat tire, you just got a little workout changing it. Or you got delayed just enough to your destination that you heard your favorite song on the radio and was singing at the top of your lungs. Let the little things make you happy, not bring you down. It is too easy. Once again, I will mention "You Are What You Think" by David Stoop. Maybe if I mention it enough, you go out and find it and actually read it.

I hope that this finds everyone is having a great day!!!

SGT John Strader


Anonymous said...

Sonya wanted you to change your ways and tried to transform you into someone you were not? The way things appeared to be going we would have thought differently. It sounded as if she enjoyed to do those things as much as you did.

Women that do not enjoy those things cannot understand why men/some women find such satisfaction in them. The ones that do enjoy them, understand what it means to be able to do them or they are right there with you doing it too. Are you afraid you'd be beat by a girl? Just jerking your chain : }

Also, any woman that chooses to be with a man in the military is automatically signing up for long periods of time spent alone. She has to be able to manage without you. If hunting a few hours a day ruffles her feathers, deployment is unimaginable.

Most women just want the reassurance that even when apart, she is never far from your heart. Give a woman love, honesty and security and you will be amazed at what awaits you.

Do the things that make you happy. And do them again. Don't let anyone prevent you from doing the things you love. Just remember, she may be one of them.

Anonymous said...

It is okay to have nice things John you just have to be willing to give them up and not be obsessed by them by putting them before God.

Anonymous said...

John it sounds like you have grown up 10 years in the past 10 months. Learning what life has in store for you and appreciating it is so wonderful and you have seemed to learned to do that.
Even though your post is all over the place it said a lot that made a lot of sense.
The comment that says it is ok to have nice things..... that is true but when it is obsessing over them and always having to have the best, most current, up-to-date material things then you are putting a lot before God in your life. I know that is what you were saying and meant. Do you tithe and then spend the extra or do you spend and then tithe what is left if any? that is the question on obsessing and putting to much before God.
Good luck in life and keep smiling.