Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home, Afghanistan, Germany, Afghanistan

Well, that has been the order of where I have been. I guess I need to explain all that don't I?

Well, most of you know that I hurt my foot while I was on leave and went through therapy and treatment at Fort Campbell for a little while. Well, I got back to Afghanistan about 6Dec and now here I am in Germany at the hospital. On Fri I went to the hospital in Bagram and found out I had Gallstones and needed my gall bladder out. I was sent to Germany and I had it taken out yesterday morning. I will be spending the two weeks here in Germany recovering and then it is back on to Afghanistan to finish my mission. I am glad that I am going to get to finish my mission and come home with my unit and not go home alone. I really wanted to go home, but I also wanted to finish my mission. I asked God to give what he felt was the best, and he did. It is hard on Tessa and me for me to have to go back, but we both know the right thing is for me to back and finish my job.

I am sorry that I have not posted on here in so long, but there are good reasons that I will not discuss here, but if you ask, I will tell you.

Most of you know that I had a GREAT leave and that I got engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world. Now, it is time to pass on the news that our wedding is going to be 20June09 at mom and dad's house. You mark your calendars and plan on being there to see us get married. The excited is more than I can explain to you in words. Just know that I have the perfect woman and my life has never been better.

With Christmas tomorrow, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Courtney is going to spend some time with Mom, Dad, and Tessa later on today and I cannot wait to call and talk to her and see what Santa brought her.

There is not much else to write about right now. I am pretty tired and drugged up and hurting from the surgery so my thoughts are not all here. Hopefully in the near future I will get on here and elaborate a little more on some things that have happened recently. I will go ahead and tell you that I am no longer working awards, I am focusing on casualty reporting and a few other administrative things in my office.

Once again, sorry I am not on here that much and I promise to start doing better. Things have been a little boring other than having surgery.

I want to thank everyone for the support you are showing us. Oh, before I forget, Germany is really treating the wounded warriors great here. They have a lot of things set up here to makes things as easy as possible for those that come through here. The donations and support that is sent here is unremarkable. There really are a lot of great people out there and I am thankful for them and hope that they are blessed for what they are doing.

I want to thank my family and Tessa for being there for me and supporting my decisions. Tessa is the most perfect woman I have ever met and I am so lucky have some one so wonderful, to the point that she is even helping me turn my life around to start living better for the Lord and start studying the greatest book ever written.

To my brothers and sisters still in Afghanistan, I will be back soon!!

Thank you all and love you all!!

God bless you all and hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!


Mrs Greyhawk said...

I'm stopping by here to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wishing you the best in your surgery, hope all goes well.

Thank you for the precious gift of freedom you continue to give.

Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your brother, Godspeed

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are back to the posting. I was getting concerned about you and you not posting. I am sure there are a lot of things that you can chat about. It sure has been a long time since hearing from you.
Welcome back and I await the next post.
Best wishes on healing.
Merry Christmas.

kiltor2 said...

Hey John "Postal" wishing you a speedy recovery Sir!(I know you work for a living :) ) And hope you have as merry a Christmas as you can considering all things.

Bev said...

Thank you for all that you do.

Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas. Have a Joyous and Blessed New Year. Blessings to your family. God keep you and those that serve with you safe, strong and victorious.

Anonymous said...

Happy New year Guys
Thanks for all you have done and our prayers and pride are with ya.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year and all the best!

David M said...

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