Thursday, January 22, 2009


As always, I'm starting out by saying thank you to those who continue to show your support and check out our blog.

Comments....I'll get straight to it. THANK YOU! Thank you for your request for this to continue when I get home. Much appreciated. I didn't know that someone cared that much to keep hearing how things are going once back in the states. And, to answer your question, yes. I'll keep posting when I get home. I'll take my computer with me on my much needed vacation and do my best to write some things on here. I'll put up some pics of me snowboarding all over the east coast. I'm SO excited about going snowboarding!! I just can't wait!! But back to the comment asking me to keep writing. I've thought about that just about all day and told myself I would not go to bed until I had written a response. So, to all of our 'adopted family' yes, I will do my best to keep the thoughts coming. Honestly...there are some events coming up that I know I will need to vent about. I know there will be a few nights in the near future that I will look forward to coming home, putting on my sappy country music, and start typing. There's something about it. It's like a release for me. I guess it's a captive audience...kinda like when you're talking to someone and you're trying to explain something. You know they're listening, but you can also tell they are thinking of a response at the same time...or they're looking away at something or someone that has caught their eye. They hear you, but they're not listening. Well, here...I feel like you listen. Part of that is because I type and type and type until I have explained myself completely without interruption. I guess it goes back to the concept of sometimes we don't need someone to listen to us so they can give us an opinion...we need them to listen just to listen. So yeah. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need someone to just listen when I get back home. When I get back home I'll have to face all of the personal issues I've kept away from you for the last 12 months while I've been gone from home. I'll just have to figure out a way to keep it somewhat private, but by then...I may not care anymore. Well, part of the reason for not blasting my personal life on here is because I feel like people read this to get an idea of what it is like to live in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, to get a glimps into the lives of a couple Soldiers at war. Hence the name of the blog. If this was a blog/story about my personal would either be titled "What the Hell??" or "Days of Our Lives...Seriously, That Happens??" SO, with that being gives me a few ideas of how to keep it Soldierly. Documenting the re-adaptation to society and dealing with the reintegration back into civilian life is plausable. And very reasonable. I have my marriage to get back to...kinda, my job...which is not medical at all, my friends...that have betrayed me, my family..that has loved me and I owe so much to, my house needs fixed (friends' betrayal)...bills... and other 'stuff'. So yeah...I'm sure I can find a way to keep the blog going. It shouldn't be too hard. It will be too cold to ride the motorcycle. In the summer time...riding the motorcycle is my release. An afternoon riding around in the the best way for me to completely forget all the crap that we let get us down. BUT enough of the sappy garbage, I'm going snowboarding in less than 30 days!! This time next month...I should find myself in Ohio or New York cruising down a mountain in some fluffy winter snow. Too many good things to look forward to.

Thank you again for your comments and i greatly appreciate it! To all of those who have left comments on here, you're awesome!

Mom and Dad, I LOVE YOU!! And I'll see you soon!!!

Somewhere in Iraq,
sgt wormy



MOM said...

I have to comment here again. It is sad to find out that friends are not real friends, life is not as it should be, and trust is something that has to come from honesty. Your house will come back together, your life will continue to be fun, and we will "ride" as a family soon.
love you

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 01/23/2009 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

Anonymous said...

It does my heart good to know that you will continue to post to this blog after returning to the States.

Many months ago I chose John's name from the "anysoldier" website and learned of this blog. I have followed it since and I've LISTENED, really listened.

In less than 30 days, I will be watching for your post to let us know that you're safely home.

God bless you, your brother, and all of your family!