Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Little Icy

As you can see we got a little ice last night here in Clarksville, TN. There was enough ice damage to trees and such that a Nashville news channel drove up here to report on it. Mom and dad even heard about the ice we got here. There were trees down everywhere. Oddly enough, there were no closing here in Clarksville or Fort Campbell. I find that a little weird. The ice is hanging off the trees and pulling them down, the power lines have ice hanging on them and as you see by the mailbox, we had ice all over, but not on the roads. The roads were clean, other than the rain that came down all day. Tonight is going to be the interesting night. It has rained all day and the temperature is going to drop below freezing and the low tonight is the high for tomorrow. That should really make it fun in the morning. Fort Campbell is on a two hour tomorrow.

You cannot really tell, but entire truck was a huge piece of ice this morning.

The new house has been going great. We finally closed last week. We got us a nice NEW three bedroom house in a new subdivision. We have a nice big backyard also. Today we had our first "accident" in the house today. Masey (our dog) decided that she could not make it outside and left us a gift in the house right next to the front door. This really surprised us seeing that she is house trained. I got a little mad, but got over it pretty quick.

Life since I got back to my wife and back in the states has really been getting better. I am a lot happier now, although I still feel really bad about not being in Afghanistan with my unit. I guess there are some things that I have to deal with and there are some things that I cannot help. I will have to learn to accept the fact that I am not there with them and there is nothing I can do about it. Just waiting on my stuff from there to get here.

Well, I have eaten dinner since starting this. Oh, and Tessa does not think I am a good cook yet. I made a pot of chili, pork chops and chicken and every time something needs a little work. We are learning though.

Our life together has been going great. We are learning to keep each other happy and what not to do. I could not be happier!!

Thank you to all that support us and thank you for the comments that you leave that let us know that you care and are thinking about us.

To my brothers and sister, thank you!! I am sorry that I am not there with you, but the day will come again!!!

SGT John Strader


MOM said...

I will teach you both to be good cooks ...... as often as you call to ask questions about what to do and then you can come cook me something.
It was a very special time in our lives to have Tessa come live with us while you were gone and I am so glad that you have such a sweet person in your life now and not someone that will take you away from your family.
You have been to Iraq and now Afghanistan and there will be another trip in the future that will give you another opportunity to do your country proud and your parents.
Thank you for all you do.
Your house looks great and we know that there will be many memories made within the walls of your new home ....... like Masey not making it outside.
love you

MaryAnn said...

Good to hear from you John. I'm happy to hear you're starting to feel better and hope your recovery continues to go well. I tell you guys this all the time but I'll say it again - no guilty feelings about being medevaced, please! Your mission right now is to focus on getting better.

And congratulations on your new home!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey John yeah It is a little messed up up there.

As for "Masey (our dog) decided that she could not make it outside and left us a gift in the house right next to the front door."
If this is a young dog it just may have been all the stress of the outside changes(ice) Also if ya have changed the dogs diet in ANY way it will soften up the stool.

Good thing is it was by the door which means that the dog knew but just could not help it's self.

Now to the cooking ....hey just work on the Grilling and you will be King.

See ya buddy Halli..........

Anonymous said...

All of your 'adopted family' could give the two of you a recipe shower. Let us know how.

In the meantime, you might enjoy the Kraft Food recipe website. Many of the recipes come complete with video how tos...

Anonymous said...

Hey John, Looks a bit slippery out there. Congrats on the home. DrNo

Anonymous said...

John ..... check out that Kraft site someone told you about. You can register on it and they send you things in the mail and the magazine has great recipes in it and it is all FREE!! I get it myself and use it a lot as well as the coupons ..... which you probably do not use but should. The recipes are easy and taste great. :o)