Sunday, April 12, 2009

Freedom Isn't Free

Well hello again! It hasn't taken me so long to post another entry this time. Hopefully you will enjoy this post..BUT first, thank you to all of those that continue to check our post and see what my brother and I are up to. Thank you for all of your continued support.

Well, before I get to the main part of this entry, I'll fill you in to what I've been up to... I've been working on my house quite a bit and I am really happy of the projects I've completed. I've gotten some things done that have been really bothering me for a while. I've gotten to ride the motorcycles a little, and that's always a great time. I've had the chance to see a lot of my I outlined in the previous post, and I'm looking forward to the car show coming up next weekend. I'm looking forward to the weather warming up a little bit more and staying dry so I can put a garden in my back yard. Something I'm not looking forward to is going back to work. I have to go back to work on Wend. Ewww...BUT I have to get paid somehow. And although I've enjoyed my two months off work, I think it's about time I go back to work and get back to living a "normal life". Some other stuff I've been working on is my walk with the Lord. I'm really trying to get back where I should be with God. I've always had my faith, but I feel like I've slipped into a place in my life that I shouldn't be. So now, I'm working on doing more of the right thing, and not what just feels right. It's gonna be a little tough, but I know it's what I need to do and what God wants me to do. I've been going to The Gathering, and I must say, God is at work there.

Freedom Isn't Free. If you've checked out my Myspace or Facebook link lately, you'll see that I got a new tattoo. The idea for this post was sparked by a local Marine that was died in Iraq last week. I'm going to do my best to pay my respects to him and his family early this week. My tattoo was inspired by one somewhat like it that I saw before going to Iraq. The two Soldiers that I decided to put on my leg were two that I don't think I'll ever forget. MAJ Pryor was a well accomplished surgeon that was killed on Christmas Day, 2008 at approximately 1130 in the morning. SSG Savage was killed approximately one week before he was to leave Iraq. He was on one of his last missions and unfortunately didn't survive an insurgent attack. Even though I did not know either of the two Soldiers, and I had never met either one of them prior to the day of their unfortunate departure of our lives and this world, they both managed to take a special place in my heart and my head. I'm not sure if I can get you to understand that Freedom Isn't Free and almost every day an American Service Member looses their life overseas. I honestly think the only way to make a good attempt is to paint a clear picture of a series of events that took place on one of many days while I was in Iraq that reminded me that Freedom Isn't Free... but why do I need to make something so personal before you would understand? I've never done it before and I'll not do it now. There is a certain level of respect and honor that goes with those stories, and to make public even a few details is almost too much. I'll not insult anyone's intelligence and assume that no one can feel and or think they understand exactly what I'm trying to say. Please try to understand and take it to heart the next time you see on the news that a Member of the Military was killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. If it's possible and if they are from a town close to where you live, try to go and pay your respects to the family of the lost loved one. The families of these heroes need your support and I know they'll appreciate the simplest "thank you for your sacrifice" or other encouraging words of gratitude. Hopefully next time you see something on TV or hear on the radio about someone loosing their life, you'll stop and say a little prayer and remember, Freedom Isn't Free.

Till next time,
SGT Wormy


Anonymous said...

WOW, What a statement!!! Thank you for protecting my family!

It has been a long time since I have talked to you, but have followed this blog and updates from your mom. You have made us all proud

In my prayers,

Anonymous said...

well said.
my THANK YOU's to the both of you. Stay strong now that you are back in the states and be safe.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! Welcome home and it was really good to see you. See you in June!!!

Aunt N