Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm still kickin....

First...as always...thank you for your continued support for my brother and I as we...well mostly my bro continues this blog even after we're back from overseas and we're on with our busy lives. Thank you.

I'm still kickin...I'm still here...and there... Well honestly, it's about 230am and I'm not sure how much I'll get written out here before I call it a night. I have a 10am appointment with my surgeon. Yes, as my bro mentioned i had surgery on my shoulder. I tore some stuff years ago, I'm sure of it...but about 2 months ago when we were on the lake...as he has mentioned, I bought a boat...anyway...my buddy was driving and I was on the intertube and my bad shoulder popped out and I fell off the tube, and when i hit the water, I hurt my shoulder pretty bad...well I finally went to the Dr to see what the damage was. This time was different from other times when i hurt it...well i guess I should say when I made it hurt...this time it was popping and hurting pretty much all the time. Much different from other times. SO the assessment was I tore some stuff and I needed surgery. SO a week and half later, I went under the knife. 6 days ago was surgery. So I've had the week off so far. I've meant to get on here and catch everyone up with a short version of my summer.... I'll do that either tomorrow afternoon, or one day next week. I have to work this weekend but I'm taking next week off for "vacation"/recovery. I'm still pretty sore and the worst part is taking a shower and getting ready to go somewhere...I need some help with that stuff...any volunteers? Just kidding.... with that said, I still don't have a woman in my life. I've dated one girl since I've been home. One. I've been home since Feb and I've only let one girl get remotely close to my heart. We started dating in June I think. And honestly, even though we only dated for about 6 weeks...she's still lingering around. We're both trying to decide whether or not we want/should be together. She's a little younger...22, but i'm trying not to hold that against her. Well, I really really don't feel like getting into that whole mess...and yes, it's a mess. ANYWAY...I'm back to working at O'Charley's restaurant again. I did however get transferred to a store in Knoxville. So I no longer work in Pigeon Forge...but in Knoxville. It's a little longer of a drive but I like the store so it's not too bad. So back to the earlier in the summer...I have been pondering about buying a boat for years now...but haven't because of the short time each year you can use it....well, for some stupid reason I decided I finally wanted one. So I shopped around, waited, looked, and shopped some more. So finally I found one on Ebay and I feel like I got a pretty good deal. HOWEVER, what I didn't realize is that a boat is a lot of work. I think I had the boat for about 3 weeks before I got both engines running. And then from there, each week it was something different wrong with the boat. And now, for the past 3 weeks, it's been broken down in my driveway. I have some of the parts, and I know what is wrong, i just haven't had the time to fix it. SO, now that I'm out of commission with my shoulder...it will be a winter project. No big deal though. I must say that while the boat was running great, it was A LOT of fun. everything from tubing, to fishing with my bro till 3am on the lake. I really enjoyed being able to spend time on the lake with my friends and family this summer. It was awesome!

What else is going on...the issue with my brother-in-law...well ex bro in law now... I kicked them all out of my house before I got home from iraq...i can't remember what all I put on here.....anyway, I've taken him to court for the damages to my house. The judge ordered him to pay me $1,800 plus court costs...I was able to get about $350 out of his bank account, but other than that...nothing. We're going back to court in a few weeks to set up a payment plan...he's turned out to not be such a great friend after-all....but we live and we learn.

Well...I think I'm going to close for now...one thing I like to have before I get on here is an idea...I like to have a thought and a thought line that I want to cover. Well, one just came to mind..... "life after war" . I'll get to that in the days to come. It's been interesting. At least my friends think so...but I don't think they would use the word "interesting"....they would prob use words like...different, changed, help, used to be.......oh well..there's a thought there, but I can't find the words. Anyway, I'll try to make it worth your time if you feel like reading it. So, "life after war" is next.

Again, thank you for your support!!

Till next time,
Out here,

SGT Wormy

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MOM said...

Jeremy you just have not slowed down since you got back home. I have noticed some change in you since home and see more changes coming. I am very proud of you.
I look forward to the next post.
Love you