Monday, September 21, 2009

What a Weekend

The start it off I went home and got to see family and of course got my little angel Courtney. I was so happy to see her and had fun with her.

I did have some personal drama going on over the weekend, but I was able to brush it aside and still have a great weekend.

Now on the fun in sun, oh wait, make that fun in the rain.

I went to bed at an early 9pm anticipating the morning hunt Sun morning. Well, be so excited, I did not sleep at all. The alarm was set for 345am, but of course I was wide eyed at 3am, so I got up and got ready. I double checked all my gear. Paced the floor waiting to leave. Checked my gear again, paced a little more and realized I better put my phone, license, and paperwork in ziplock bags. Then I remembered toilet paper. Got all that ready and hopped in the truck and off I went. I was the only car on the road in the hunting area. I wanted to get there early and get the spot I wanted and I got it. At 506am I started for the woods. Of course the first tree I wanted in was too big for my stand so I trekked on. I found another tree pretty quick and was up in it in no time. Of course I was anticipating the sun to come up and waiting on that first deer to come walking by. And I waited...then the sun came up...but no deer. So I started on the calls and scents. Then I heard a shot in the distance. Then another and another and several more. I thought for sure that I would see one any second. Then the rain drops started. OK, a little rain never hurt anyone. Then a little more rain and more shots. Man, this sucks. Where are the deer in this area. Now comes the down pour and I am soaked to the bone. A little later the sun comes out and I am drying out. I decide it is time for a potty break. Actually, my stomach did not give me a choice. Remember how I said that I put all those things in bags, well not the toilet paper. You know that means. Soaked toilet paper is hard enough to get out of trees when your yard gets rolled, let alone usable in a situation where it is needed. Well, I managed and back up in the tree. The rain started again and I was getting frustrated. At 230 I decided it was time to go. I get to the truck and decide it is my first day hunting, and will have to wait another week to hunt again and I am not quitting early. I moved down the road and found another spot where I saw a trail, tracks and a bedding area. I thought for sure I would see something here. Well, I after about an hour and a half, I saw nothing and storm came again. This time I was done and it was only 30 minutes until the hunt was over. The creek bed I that was dry when I went in was full. By the time I was out, my boots were full of water. Full to the point that when I got home I was pouring water out of them.

That was my first day of hunting this year. I did not see one deer. All and all was well worth it. I got be outside all day and enjoy the woods. I have been waiting on this day for a long time. I am now waiting on Sat and Sun this week to do it again, rain or shine. I will get me a few deer this year one way or the other. West Virgina hunt is coming up soon too. Speaking of which, hunting when it is 80 degrees outside is a lot different than when it is 10 degrees. At 10 degrees, there are no mosquitos or other bugs to drive you crazy. I will get used to it and it will not slow me down.

I wrote this blog several times while sitting the trees yesterday and here it is. I hope that everyone had a great weekend as well.

SGT John Strader

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