Monday, January 18, 2010

JRTC, Just the beginning

Well here I am at Fort Polk, LA in the "box" at FOB Sword. This is really an adventure in training I have never seen. I wanted to jump on and give a quick hello to everyone out there. I know that there are some of you out there that are keeping up with us. Well it is time for it to get exciting again!! Not much longer and I am out of Fort Polk and headed back to Fort Campbell to prepare for the deployment. I have had a lot of offers for house sitters and I think I found the perfect one. Some one that needs some where to live and some one that I can trust. At least my house will not be empty and lonely.

I am working the night shift here and this was my first night. Don't really have much time left to say much, but I can say that I am ready to head home for what little time I have left. I am keeping notes of my adventures here and will post a detailed blog about it all later once I am home.

Thanks again to everyone out the and go to Taco Bell and pig out for me please!!

SGT John Strader

Oh and Jeremy, I know what you are instore for. And its not fun!!! This place is a shithole!! Even main post and boring and empty. Afghanistan is better than this bro!!


Anonymous said...

I selected your name from the website and mailed your first package in July 2008. Hard to believe it's been that long! I have followed your "Two Brothers" blog since it began.

I will continue to be interested in the two of you and will look forward to your next post.

Please keep all of us informed on when you will be leaving the States.

God Bless you in your journey and thank you again for your service to our country.

Anonymous said...

glad to know you're doing well & that they haven't cut you off completely from the outside world like you anticipated. I continue to pray for you daily & hope to hear from you soon. ~Melissa

Anonymous said...

It starts all over again with the 2 brothers and the family that will miss them.
I hope that your precious daughter gets to visit her uncle (before he goes) and grandparents often.
I will pray every day for the two of you and look forward to every post that you make.
love to the 2 of you