Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Adventures

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!! Last night was a fun one, that is for sure. Which also resulted in laying in bed until noon and waiting on the headache to go away. It finally did and now mom and dad are on their way here i guess. They wanted to come for a visit before the adventures of the new year get under way. Yep, it is starting already.

Most of you know that I was working on a special assignment for Garrison Public Affairs with a great job doing tours on post. Well, there are people that promised they would get out of that job as soon as they could, mainly because they do not like me, and they held true to their promise. I will not go into the detail of how it all happened, but I will give a quicky on it. I was in OH seeing my Grandma as Jeremy wrote about in his last post (which we got a Christmas miracle and she is doing really good now) when I got the flu and was in the bed, and I mean only leaving to run for the bathroom, for over 36 hours. On Mon I was finally up and moving around when I got a call that I needed to get back to Fort Campbell to see the Sergeant Major on Wed. So, I took off and came back. Evidently, I was transferred to another unit on post and no one told me. I was supposed to report on 15Dec, but guess what, no one knew where I was working and no one knew how to contact me. Well, they would have if they asked the right person!! I finally got it cleared up and explained how I ended up in the tasking to Garrison and I was basically told that was over to get to my unit. I got signed in on Mon, and was informed to start packing bags. I am off to Louisiana for 30 days for some training, and then on the to desert shortly after that. So, my year is starting out great. I am preparing for a deployment, trying to find some one to watch the house, and working on a storage unit so there is nothing in the house to be stolen. Wait, maybe I shouldn't tell the world I am leaving for so long. Oh, but my neighbor will be here everyday and will be keeping a good eye on my house. And there is always insurance. Plus, not many of you know where I live.

Well, the adventure of the new year will starting very quickly but I am ready for them!!!

SGT John Strader

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Anonymous said...

WOW! that time again. Going to go serve. be strong and keep that positive attitude. there is more to this story and I hope that it gets finished. thank you