Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Those were the words that I was looking for today in the court room as I was defending my innocence. You see, about a week and a half ago I was getting ready to leave work and I was called back into the office. I go inside and get told to go back outside and wait for my NCO to come out and talk to me. Well, she did. She told me that she was escorted to the sheriff's department to get issued an order of protection. I had no clue as to why or who would do this. Well, once to the sheriff's department I found out. Tessa had issued it. That left me confused, worried and not knowing what to do and a court date for today. So I get on the phone immediately calling family and friends trying to figure it out. After not knowing why she would do it, I called an attorney. After talking to the attorney and not knowing what surprise to expect, I coughed up the money to pay for one day in court.

Skip to today. Dad came up this morning to be there in case I need a witness to the events of last Easter. We go and talk to the attorney again before court and still have no clue what to expect.

Now it is our turn in front of the judge. Tessa takes the stand and pleads her case saying that she is scared. She admits to the judge that I had not threatened her and when asked the last time she saw me.....9Jul09. The look on the judge's face was priceless. The judge had to ask again to ensure she heard right. Then when asked for more proof, Tessa produced a blog entry that the world as able to read that was posted on 13Feb. The judge asked her how I knew she was married and she said that I was stalking her. The judge asked her if she knew that people talked. It was a great time for me. She squirmed and did not have a leg to stand on.

My attorney asked some questions but I will not go into what she said, but it did not help her. Then it was my turn on the stand. My side was not needed it seemed. My attorney asked a few questions to get some things on the record to protect me in the future. Don't want to give it away just yet.

I barely made it to my seat and the judge said there was not enough evidence and it was dismissed. I was pretty stoked over that. I am willing to bet that you can expect this to be the last time that you hear about her on here. I am glad that my freedom of speech was upheld and I can still talk about what has happened to me because of her.

On to some exciting news. Courtney lost her first tooth over the weekend while she was with me. It was very exciting. You should have seen her when woke to realize the Tooth Fairy had been there. Courtney was convinced that the Tooth Fairy was going to make a copy her mommy. Well, I sent her home without the tooth, because the Tooth Fairy had it. Once she got home, her mommy insisted that I send the tooth and I refused. Her daddy deserves one thing that is a first in her life. Well, Christina is so selfish and unwilling to let me have something that she told Courtney I had it and would not give it to her. Christina was able to get Courtney mad at me and now she will not talk to me. I am still in shock and awe over this. If you knew it all and I felt like typing it all, you would be too.

The deployment...well my dates go moved a few days so that gives me a few more days here. I would just assume to go and get it over with. But on a good note, Sonya, my old friend, is going to house sit for a year. She is preparing to move in and I am going to start moving my things around to make room for her stuff. I am glad that i will not have an empty house sitting here for some one to steal all my things. I will really owe her for this.

Well, you can tell there have been some things going on, but I still seem to come out on top thanks to God for answering my prayers.

Once again, thanks for all the support and God bless you all!!

SGT John Strader


Anonymous said...

ahhhh ....... freedom of speech!! Here is my part of that freedom of speech... there will come a day for all hateful, mean people to have their turn and what a turn it will be. Lieing, cheating, hateful, unloving, dishonest, "I want it all", will not get a person happiness in life.
I am glad you got to experience Courtney's first tooth. you are right in that you deserved that.

Anonymous said...

"Dismissed"... congratulations!

Your ex does not have the right to sabotage your relationship with your daughter! It's sad that her behavior is self-indulgent and self-destructive.

You can only control you, John. If you can take the moral high ground and act out of dignity and respect toward your ex, however trying that may be, your daughter will one day realize how much you loved her and wanted only peace and tranquility for her. I pray that your ex will be selfless enough to act in this way.

Thank you for your service to our country and God be with you as you journey on.