Monday, March 1, 2010

History Repeating Itself

Did not have a good title today so I used what I was thinking about, but unable to talk about it for fear that some one out there might use it against in court to get what they are after, although I am not too sure what it is.

Life has been treating me pretty good. My unit is still a lot of fun and I really like the people that I work with. They finally decided that I am redneck. Evidently they were on the fence whether I am or not. Some one said, you drive a truck, listen to country music, and sound like you are from the south. Some one then said, "I bet you wear RealTree on the weekends." I told them I tried to get some Real Tree sheets at Bass Pro but they were out of them. That was the nail in the coffin they were looking for. Now they know I am redneck and the jokes never end. I am glad they are getting a kick out of it.

Courtney has been doing good too. I got to take her to the first birthday party that she was invited to from school. It was a pool party and she had a blast, as did I. Amazing what you can learn from other parents about her mom. Didn't even have to ask. I would share it here, but I will hold that card for a while. You never know when you might need it.....

I know that Courtney knows that I am leaving again and I worried about her and how she will handle it. I will get to spend my last week here with her and I am glad. It all has to do with finally getting more time with her. Andy Farmer had a big hand in that I really owe him!!!

Now I have to get it together and get in shape and lose some weight for my PT test that is coming up. It is the last one before I take off for Afghan. Speaking of which, I am glad that I am going to have a house sitter while I am gone. I was really worried about it and now I don't have to worry. Between Sonya and Jay, my house will be in good hands while I am gone.

Well, there is not much in life that I can really talk about right now. I cannot talk some soldiering issues or some legal issues that I got pulled into until it is all over. Oh, I am not in trouble, just have to prove my innocence. Once again, lawyers fees that I cannot afford.

Oh, I did get a new tattoo. This time it is a cross made from nails on my forearm opposite of the wall I got a while back. I hope to finish my arm before I leave for Afghan. I already know what I am getting, just have to wait and see happens in the next week or so.

As always, thanks to everyone for your support.

SGT Strader, John

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Anonymous said...

Great to see another post. We know it will all work out for the best and someone will some day get more than they bargin for. You can only play with fire so much before you get BURNED.
As for Courtney, I see that she is one special angel. She also has one special dad.
Keep that chin up and a smile on your face and keep everyone wondering.
love and God speed to you