Thursday, September 18, 2008

Been Gone a While

I was a little delayed in the getting the two prior post up for a few reasons. On Sunday I went on another road trip. This time I rode in an up armored Humvee. This was a lot different from what I am used to riding in. We got held up in traffic in Kabul and the way we got out was interesting. I do not think this is a place that I should I tell you, but it was interesting. I was able to get to ISAF and get all my medals picked up and delivered back to BAF that day. That was a long day.

Early that morning I when I got up I was not feeling very well, but I sucked it up because the only other option was also sick, but he was worse than I was. I went on the trip and got back and continually felt worse throughout the remainder of the day. About 10pm I gave up and went to the hospital. I was given the cure all, an IV. I took the IV and they gave me meds to help with upset stomach and PAIN? I was not in that much pain, but they found it necessary to give me, so I took it. A little while later when they checked on me I was not feeling better. The doctor took a long time to get in there because it was a "busy" day for us in the part of the country. When she came in she pressed on my stomach, which did not feel good at all, asked a few questions and left. The nurse came back and told me they were checking for an apendicitis. I told them hell no I was leaving. The doctor came back and told me I did not have diareha so it must be that. She never asked if I had eaten that day, which I did not eat enough to make a difference (I have not been eating that much anyway). I left and went back to the office.

At the office I was telling them what happened and told them I was going to bed and would see them the next day. BUT....a Major came out of the back and TOLD me to go back and have the test. I listened and spent the next 6 hours being tortured and then the diareha started!! I was so mad I was cussing everyone I saw. Come to find out I had a stomach virus like I told them to start with, I just wanted something to help with the upset stomach. I was put on bed rest on Monday, worked like crazy on Tue and Wed and now today I am off and getting all this up on here. Sorry if you did not want to hear about the bodily fluids, but that is the most exciting thing that has happened in a while.

Today Tessa is going for a few tests and mom had a few yesterday. I ask that you pray for them both. I am still very excited about having Tessa in my life and could not be happier. I am also VERY excited that mom and dad love her so much and all is going so well. Now if I could just get past my trust issues and understand that I have found the perfect person, all will be good and will not screw this up.

I went back and was reading some past posts. I found where I was talking starting a diet and losing weight. Well, today I checked and I have lost over 15 pounds since late July. I am not under 210. I am very excited.

Well, I am going to watch a movie or something and be bored to death and think about going home for 18 days in 10 days.

I love you all!!

Tessa I will be home to show you just great it will be.

Courtney, I have a lot planned for us and hope you are ready to stay busy and have a lot of fun!!

I love you mom and dad and thank you for all you are doing.

Jeremy, I am going to kick your butt and you know why!! I love you bro!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you 2 boys have this blog. Just took a coffee break and got caught up with you. It is like we are sitting at the kitchen table. Always nice to read you letters. Keep up everything u do!!. Love ya and miss ya!!

David M said...

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