Thursday, September 18, 2008


I typed this on 12Sep08 and I because of reason I will talk about in a later post, I am just now able to get it on here:

Well, I was told that I better get something up in here soon. What I am supposed to put on here, I have no clue. I promised not to put the weirdest phone call ever from an ex-wife on here. I really want to, but I promised. I could tell you all that I am bored to death and working my ass off. There are days where we have both. Currently, I am facing having to completely rebuild my database that houses all the information for awards. This is going to be long process seeing there is so much info and crap to recreate.

I could talk about how excited I am to finally come home on leave and see everyone. I bet you all want to know what I am doing and where I am going. The where is the easiest part. The what is a little difficult. I am getting engaged, going to OH and spending a lot of time with Courtney and Tessa. All that is pretty much in stone. I am down to about two weeks before I leave here. I am so excited I can barely sit here.

I talked to dad and Tessa earlier and found out that gas is sky rocketing in the area. I just looked at the Knox-News Sentinel site and saw just how bad it is going up. I hope it calms down when I get home. I plan on doing a lot of driving. The gas prices are stupid and there is no need in doing what they are doing. The excuse is the lowered production in the gulf. I understand the law of supply and demand, I did take economics although I slept through it, sorry Ms. Holloway but that crap is boring. What I do not get is why gas should be affected like that. The price per barrel is down overall and is at a low since March of this year. The excuse of supply and demand is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of for gas. Everyone in the world knows that gas is critical to life all over the world. If the price per barrel is down, so should the price. We are not going to buy less because it is higher. OK, maybe we will travel less do to prices, which hurts a lot of business. Take Ruby Tuesday’s where Tessa is at. They are VERY dead for a Friday afternoon. Why? No one wants to drive from Knoxville or anywhere else to hang out in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg because it will cost too much to get there and get home. That also means that all the businesses are going to suffer and that will drive up those prices. Not to mention the restaurants, where the price is going to go up because they deliveries are going to cost more with the gas up. The government is too scared to step in and do something about it, although we all know that it will help the economy. If you are paying less for gas then you have more money to spend elsewhere and therefore will boost local economies. I guess people like me are too stupid to see what they see or are too smart and willing to do something about it. Where are the heroes on Capital Hill that should be helping us out? Oh wait, they are making money off of the higher prices. Although I am not at home suffering through the prices, I still feel the pain and will feel it more when I get home. I will be lucky enough to live ten miles from work and hopefully be able to car pool with Tessa to and from work. I really hate to hear that friends and family are suffering due to the gas prices. I know that gas prices influenced my new car purchase, which resulted in a car that is messed up and not worth it in the end. I guess that is enough of that. Wait, you have been sending me things I need, I wish I could send you some gas to help you out right now.

I finally heard from Jeremy again. Looks like I am helping with Iraq awards again. His chain of command needs to realize the things that are being done by lower enlisted and award them properly. I am not going to go on about that, but it is a mess that needs to be taken care of.

On to my favorite subject. Tessa. I got an email from mom the other day and she was talking about how great Tessa is. When she elaborated, she told me that Tessa makes her feel like a lot younger than she is. Yeah mom, you are getting old so anything helps. I think that my dad even like having her around. Now would be a good time to compare her against Christina and how they are the opposite, but if you know me, you know that is not necessary. Here are a few pictures that Tessa the other day of mom and dad. Dad is asleep in the chair like normal, with mom and Tessa making fun of him like we always do and mom acting like a goofball which is also normal. Tessa has told me several times that mom does not want her to move before I get home and I have a feeling that mom might win that one. Or at least have Tessa coming home to them as often as possible. Tessa said she missed them already and she is not even gone yet. No one can imagine the joy and happiness it brings me to know that my family loves her so much. I have finally done right and found the happiness I have always been looking for. Christina has done the same but I am not going to elaborate at her request.

As far as here is concerned, it has not been that bad. The weather is getting nicer, I am losing weight, I am as happy as I can be here, and it is close to come home for leave. I have a new partner here in the awards section and it is great to have someone that is fun to work with and knows what they are doing. YN2 Jacobs has really been a big help and is taking the initiative to learn a lot of what I have to do and no one else is willing to learn. I think he will be able to hold it together while I am gone. I am counting on it.

I am getting pumped about the high school reunion as well. I have been working hard to look for that too. Not to mention looking good for Tessa.

I have a lot of plans for Courtney while I am home too. I hope that she has a lot of fun. There will not be much sitting around while I have her. I have a lot of things I want to do and hope I have the time to do it. I just thought about taking her to the Cleveland Zoo while we are in OH. It should be a lot better than the Knoxville Zoo and I have never been there either. That might mean I have to adjust my schedule a little to make time for that. We will see what happens. I hope that she sees as much of the family as possible. I also get to introduce Tessa to them. I am sure that if mom and dad like her, that everyone else will too.

I am typing this at work and it is time to get back to work and get something done. I am bored but have a lot of work to do that I do not want to do. God bless you all and thank you for the support.

I love you all.

Courtney, I will be home soon. I miss you and love you!!

Tessa I will be home soon to show you how much I love you!!

Mom and dad, thank you again for everything!!!!!! I love you two and cannot be thankful enough.


MOM said...

Time is getting very close for you to get here and you know that you need to put in your list of things to do is to eat at Gondolier! with all of us.
Yes you have been to the Cleveland Zoo at least 2 times. Sorry if you do not remember it but I know you had a great time and so will Courtney and Tessa (if the animals behave...LOL)
See you very soon.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey Brother hope ya feel better now.

Yep The Hurricane shut down power to Houston and inturn the fuel supply
has been shut down for a limited time
as far as Knoxville fuel prices they are or were above and beyond what they should have been cause here in Nashville it only went to about $4.25
the highest..Now we have the problem
of not having any fuel. yep most stations are OUT so maybe fuel will be back in stock when you get home.
Have a safe trip..........HALLI