Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I want to see you...

Hello all!! I want to thank all of those who are supporting my brother and I over here. If you're new, my brother is in Afghanistan and I am in Iraq...somewhere in Iraq.... I open every post thanking each and every one of you for your support and kindness you show us. I don't do that just to be repetitive, I do it because I mean it. With that in mind, I am REALLY looking forward to experience the power of the American people as we work to fill the request I posted yesterday. Please help us, and thank you!!

I want to see you....I was talking to a very very dear friend of mine yesterday and they asked me, "why don't you put more pictures of yourself up?" I tried to explain that a lot of the pictures I take don't include me...AND I've been doing some secret squirrel stuff so I can't post the pictures I do have....BUT I would try to find some or take some and post up on here. SO, that's what I'm doing. I'll start putting pictures up here....

I want to see you....thank you. Hearing that made me feel very special. Thank you. I'm not sure how to start this next part, but I'll try to make it make sense.....it shouldn't be too hard. One of the things I have asked for the most from home are pictures. Pictures of my family, my dog, my house, my niece, the farm in WV, and other things.....Pictures. Just pictures. If you read back far enough you'll come across another post that talks about pictures. I think it was actually "Let Us Pray"......I'll remind you...even though I'm not going to try to put as much emotion in it this time....I'm about to the point of mental exhaustion and I just don't think it's in me right now. What is a picture? A picture is a moment in life captured forever. And in this respect it's the ones that we get in the mail. I have almost every picture I've gotten in the mail hanging on the wall in my room/chu here. Each day when I walk in I look at them and just think about the beautiful faces and things in them. When I sit on my bed and use the computer, I face the wall of pictures, letters, and cards that people have sent me. I wish a picture was just a picture.....if you let yourself get caught up in the moment and daydream about the picture....my beautiful little niece playing in the front yard....running around laughing, and smiling....playing with Otis, looking like a little princess....it's so much more than just a picture....it's a time in her life that I'll never get to be a part of. She's a year older now and I'm missing out. It's a day that I'll just get to hear about. As I sit and imagine her cute little voice laughing and playing in the front yard...just wishing my daydream would be reality. But it's not, and it never will be...That day has come and gone. Kinda like that song..."My front porch lookin in"....I hear that and think about the "blue eyed blonde with her shoes on wrong"....I like to call her Angel... I'm sorry I was daydreaming again... The only thing I can do is look forward to days to come when I can be there. And Otis...oh Otis. I can't wait to get home and ask him, "wanna go?!" He loves Lowes as much as the manliest of men. He LOVES to go to Lowes and walk around looking at stuff, getting to lay in the floor while I take forever looking at something...occasionally getting pet by a passer by....and on the way home we stop by Taco Bell....I always get him a cup of water, no lid, half full....he knows which cup is his and which is mine. I don't have to tell him not to lick my straw, he knows. But for now I just get to look at the picture and make up the rest in my head. I get to daydream and remember the days when those things were a reality....and look forward to doing those things again. Now I'm sure that people want to see pictures of us and the things we do so you can maybe make up your story or daydream about what we were doing before or after the pictures.....ok, I can see that. OR maybe you just want to see my handsome face??? Oh, I don't know...... Pictures can be great....they are great. Part of being away from home for so long includes the mental struggle of not being able to with the people you want to be with or do the things you once did. BUT part of the mental encouragement is that we will do those things again. It's just a matter of time. People say that "absence makes the heart grow fonder"...well I must say that people are right. It sure does. I'm laying here trying to think of a way to say something but it just won't come to me....my thoughts are like a flyin squirrel jumping from one branch to the other....they're all over the place...speaking of flyin squirrels....nevermind...sorry I get kinda sidetracked once in a while. I often find myself browsing around Myspace and Facebook. I have spent hours just looking at peoples' pictures...just wondering what I've missed from being over here. I enjoy looking at everyone's "Summer 08" pictures and "party" here and "good times" over there....I just look and look and look....wondering how many of those pictures I might be in if I were home. Other people's pictures have kept me going and they don't even know it. You see, pictures are important...in ways many of you don't even know. Well...it's late and I'm about tired...I'm looking forward to getting home, taking a lot more pictures, and enjoying everything I can possibly can.

SO, blah blah blah....I want to see you. You want to see me, and I want to see you too! So thank you for the request. Afterall, you've honored my request several times brightening my days.

Thank you all again, and I love you all!!

Somewhere in Iraq....




MOM said...

those are 2 great pictures and THANK YOU for attaching them. For those of you who wonder which is Sgt Wormy in the top picture .... it is the one on the left....the cute one ... the one I am proud of... my SON.
I will mail pictures tomorrow if any way possible. I have new ones of a couple people and will work on more. It is hard to take pictures when you do not see someone but that will change for the next couple weeks.
love ya

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 09/24/2008 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

DNR said...

Hey Sarge! (sorry this turned out to be a lot longer that I first thought) Very cool post. There are quite a few pics on my blog, feel free to stop by. www.ihadtoputsomething.blogspot.com. I know original name, right?

I guess your mom stopped by the other day and left a comment. That usually prompts me to go read, especially if I haven’t heard of or read the person before... Let me just say, WOW! There are a lot of blogs in her profile. Sounds like a great lady.

You want pics? Digital or prints? I know we’re not really close in proximity but if you EVER make it to Indiana, call me. My post about the party at the Barn, you are welcome. Seriously, please, join us. Any time. Tell them DNR sent you and if there are any issues.... I’ll take care of it, promise.

I’ll finish this like you start every post. THANK YOU! God bless and keep you. And seriously, I do hope to meet you some day soon.

Sr. Ride Captain
Indiana Patriot Guard Riders