Monday, September 29, 2008

You asked for it....

As always...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Thank you for your support for my brother and I!! I just can't say it enough!! Karen G, you are truly a patriot and I just don't have the words to express my appreciation for your dedication and hard work!! Thank you!! I appreciate it, and a great hundreds of other Soldiers thank as well!! DNR...thanks for writing. I appreciate the offer. I love to ride the motorcycle so a road trip to Indiana/Ohio(where my family is) wouldn't be a bad idea if there is a barn party included. Thanks! I may just take you up on that one day. And thank you for your support and your sacrafice as a parent to a Marine and a brother of a Sailor.

OK...SO back to the request for pictures...WAIT...CONGRATULATIONS to my brother and his new FIANCE!! I just can't express how happy I am for both my brother and Freedom! I'm so excited. I wish that I could have been there for the evening of excitement! The only thing I know to say, brother...keep your fork. For those who don't know what means...I read it in an email about three years ago. It was about an elderly woman that always looked forward to church dinners, family gatherings, and other events. The meals were always the best part. But after each meal she would see people throwing away their forks...but never did. Because she knew that the best was yet to come. She would need her fork for best desserts that were still to come. Before she died, she made it know that she wanted to be buried with a fork in her hand....because the best was yet to come. SO, brother...keep your fork. I wish you two the best and I wish you two a life filled with happiness and many many years together!! I love you both!!

OK...SO back to the pictures. I've worked on this a little and hope you all enjoy them. I'm not sure how to put them all on here without them being a cluster, but I think you all will enjoy them none the less.

I'll ramble a little bit to take up some of the page....OH, one thing I'm not happy internet is going out again. For real this time bro. ;-) We have "window" mounted air conditioners and it's cooling down some so they now have the task to switch out the a/c with heaters. AND unfortunately, SOMEHOW the a/c power and the internet cables are intertwined, close to each other or some madness....SO for "safety" they are shutting down the internet for two days I think...maybe three? I think it starts tomorrow. I was having problems with it last night and thought they were about to start on it...but I guess it's tomorrow. It's aggravating because we pay $50 for 30 days of service and lately they have been getting the best of us! Not cool!

Do you ever find something out, or know something but you can't say anything?? Of course...kinda like that feeling you get at Christmas when you're sitting around talking after you just came from the store and your dad says....I need a drill for this project...I'm going to Lowes and buying it....OR you come home and the same drill you bought two days ago...there it is. In the back of his truck....BUT you can't tell him that you bought it.... OR when someone at work does "something" and you're like "OOOOOHH!!" BUT you still can't tell anyone....yeah...that's about how I feel right now. Stupid rules. I understand that when something happens over here a specific amount of respect is due and we are not allowed to express our feelings about something or say what happened. Hey bro...I need to think about a way to say we got a ticket to Disney yesterday...but instead of going to Disney it was actually a ticket to Epcot. We got a ticket, but it was to Epcot instead of Disney. Which was a good thing. It makes it easier....If you're lost...GOOD. Sorry but you're supposed to be.

Well....I don't have much more to write about I guess...I'm going to start uploading pictures and spread them through this post.

I love you all, and I'll be home soon!!
Somewhere in Iraq....

SGT Wormy


AirmanMom said...

Thanks for the pictures! A glimpse of your world!
Stay strong! Pray Hard!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

MOM said...

great post hillbilly and love the pictures. the blue star mom flag is great and although I do not know how to put one on here I have them at the house and work.
I will have to get John to explain the difference between Disney and Epcot because I know about Disney but not Epcot.
Cannot wait for you to get home for your visit. We are having fun with John here for a visit and Freedom is a wonderful person.
Love ya

David M said...

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