Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just hanging out...

Hello! WOW! Thank you to those who continue to show your support to my brother and I! THANK YOU!!

Just hanging out...well, that's about it. That about sums up what I've been doing for the last week since I got back from R&R. Just hanging out. The one word we're not allowed to use over here is "quiet". It's like a curse or something...people say that we don't really do a whole lot over here...well, that's a good thing. When I have a 'lax' or 'lazy' day...it's a good thing. I am pretty surprised though with the elections coming up I kinda figured there would be a spike in the activity over here...now, understand that some areas are always busy and some people are always busy but for me....well, it's been pretty quiet. Ooops...I said it. Sorry. Sometimes I wish I had a more exciting job and that I got to do more...I guess that just comes with the job though. But, it always depends on what kind of unit you come over here with....some medics stay busy. I almost wish I was one of those. When I say busy I don't necessarily mean busy treating people, busy can mean running missions or a number of things. By the way, that's not me in the pic...my boss would probably shoot me if he knew I put that on here.... :-) He works a lot of hours...and sometimes the sleep monster gets the best of us!

Anyway....can you tell I'm bored....sitting here just blabbering on about a whole lot of nothing. My room did shake a few minutes ago. It's amazing how far away an explosion can be and still rock the building. Hey bro! Get off your butt and do something! Just kidding. He mentioned falling off my landing at my house...yeah, he's not allowed to set the table at my house anymore. I thought he was kidding at first, but no, he banged up his ankle pretty good. The site has had a lot of activity lately. THANK YOU! The counter has been messing up, but I'm pretty sure we're well over 6,000 hits. Not too bad. Not bad at all. My mom asked me about the weather over here. Well, it feels like 75 or so in the day time which probably means it's about 80-ish. And at night it feels like 60-ish....maybe in the 50's. It's really not too bad. But the rains have begun. And that means that it's a soupy mess over here. And you would think that it would all dry up pretty quick but it doesn't. The mud just kinda lingers around...it's pretty nasty. But oh well. Hopefully we'll make it out of here before the real rainy season starts.

Well....I really don't have much more to write about. I need some ideas so if you have a question about something over here, or if you're just curios about me in general...feel free to ask. Just click on the 'comment' button below the post and ask away.

Thank you once again for your support! I'll see everyone at home again pretty soon!! LOVE YOU!!

Somewhere in Iraq,
Sgt Wormy


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