Friday, October 23, 2009


It was a hard decision to make a post telling my story about what I have been through. Life is not an easy journey. There are wonderful scenes to behold, there are flat tires, and there are interesting people long the way. I have met so many of you and glad I have. I am thankful for the out pouring support I have received in the few hours since the post. It really encourages me to continue on with sharing those private moments in my life.

After I finished the "Confession" and went home, I thought of other things I could have added to that post. One things I did not tell you was that I flatlined three times. That is my understanding from those that were there. I know that it took me almost a week to get my head working again after all I put myself and those around me through. In addition, Tessa never visited me on time to make sure I was OK. The pills that lowered my blood pressure were the ones that almost did me in. There was nothing they could do other than try to push the meds out my system. It was too late to pump my stomach. My body had already absorbed too much of the medications. There are funny stories to go along with my ordeal. I know that you might wonder how in the world can you find something funny about all this. Well, remember I told you in another post about mom sending me an email about attitude and finding the good or funny in everything, well there was something that was funny. As I started gaining consciousness, I had gas. If you know me, that means I let it out. Evidently it was long and loud. I finished the relief with extra relief in my pants. Evidently it took me a few trips to the bathroom to realize I soiled myself. My parents and I still laugh at the fact that I crapped myself in the hospital and took forever to realize it. It might be gross, but you can always find something funny or good in everything, no matter how bad it is. I can't believe I just told the world I crapped myself with a lot of people around to see it.

After all this was over, I decided it was time to make life a little easier seeing that I was maintaining a new house on my own and I sold my bike, truck and junk in my house that I did not need. Life is at a great spot right now and there is no way that anything or anyone is going to bring me down. Everything in life is happening for a reason. Let life happen and do not worry about it.

SGT John Strader

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Anonymous said...

I miss you... I hope you take care of yourself...Too bad I wasn't the one that "swept you off your feet"...Cuz it sure felt like you swept me off of mine...