Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why Are Titles Hard to Think of??

First of all, thanks for the continued support. It means the word to us.

Jeremy posted an email that he sent to his pastor last week and I just read when I signed on to post on here myself.

First and most importantly, I will talk about what God has done for me, as he did. I get my hair cut here in Clarksville by the same place on a regular basis and never go anywhere else. I always knew there was a reason and it is starting to be clearer. A few weeks ago when I went for my normal cut, I waited on one of two ladies I like that cut hair. Of course there was small talk and the talk turned to church and faith in God. It was difficult talking to her because of the language barrier. Me being a good old southern boy and her being Korean, it was difficult, be managed as always. She was talking that she had been going to church and that she was finding it hard to have faith in her heart and she was waiting on a sign. I was not sure what to say to her or where to take it.

Skip forward to last week, Fri to be exact. I wanted to get a hair cut and look decent for family at home so I went in to get my hair cut again. My buddy's wife was working so I decided to wait on her. The lady from the previous week did not have a customer and sat down behind me and started reading bible aloud in Korean. After listening, not having a clue what she was reading, but feeling the pull and feeling the great feeling you do when you hear the Word, I turned and asked her what she was reading. She was in Romans. Her bible was English and Korean. She told me she could not read English cause her English is not good. She started explaining to me that she believed in her mind, but not her heart yet. She said she was still waiting on a sign. I was still at a loss of words, but started explaining the best I could that when the Holy Spirit comes inside you, you will know. We talked for a little while until it was my turn. While Jin was cutting my hair, all I could think about was "plant the seed and God will take care of the rest" (think I just found my next tattoo). I told her bye and left. I came back to the office and could not get my mind off of it. I got on the internet and started looking for something to print for her and take to her. I printed some things off, and although I was in a hurry to get on the road back home, I stopped and gave her what I printed and told her to please call or talk to me if she has questions. I pray that this has planted a seed in her that will grow and blossom.

I went home for the weekend and spent my time with Courtney and had a great time with her. I stayed as I promised my brother and went to church and see why he was asking me so much to stay. I was very glad I did. It was worth missing deer hunting on Sunday.

Now comes this weekend. I cannot afford to drive home every weekend, so I am staying home this weekend and hopefully I will find a church to touch me like The Gathering did. It was an awesome place and somewhere I cannot wait to visit again.

This week it was finally back to deer hunting again. I am headed out the next fives days and I have a really good feeling about it.

I am happy for Jeremy and that he found some one that is making him happy. People ask me when I am going to meet some one. I keep telling them I will after deer season. This time of year it is hard. Plus being in this area, men have a bad reputation, especially military. People do not understand that all people are NOT the same. There are good ones here. And I strongly feel I am one of them. Another thing that really gets me is that people that do not know some one, what they are about, are barely know they exist can tell others and have the opinion that Army guys are bad news and they are all the same. Well, a guy like in this area can say that all women here are the same and it is no more fair to them than it is to us. I was going to vent a little, but I will save it for another time.

My life is going really great. I have my friends, Jay is finally back from Afghan, and my wonderful family. I am very close to more time with my daughter and getting very excited about that.

I am with Jeremy on the whole thing about it is not what you own, but how you use what you have. I love to help others and I will never turn down some one in need or who needs help. I am that guy that will turn around and come back and see if I can help you on the side of the road, no matter what time it is. I know that bad things can happen, but if I don't try, I will regret it. Plus I know what it is like to be stuck on the side of the road needing help.

I am proud of Jeremy for the things that he is doing to help others and the sacrifices he is making.

Thank you for all the love that we are getting from all of you, even those that do not know us, thank from the bottom of our hearts. It means a lot to have people out there that support us. I could be facing another deployment next year, and that means this might get a little exciting.

I am all over the place on this one this time. Wow, I need to gather thoughts before I start writing instead of just letting it flow as I think about it.

Mom sent me an email the other day and I had a friend over and we talking about how people judge just because some one is Army. The email, "Attitude", started out talking about how some one always tries to find the positive in everything. It went on and on and I was reading it to my friend thinking mom had typed something about me, because it was describing me exactly. It wasn't, but made me think how happy and lucky I am just to be alive. I guess that means it is time to share the story on how and why I am still alive......

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MOM said...

I read this post after the post about your survival. The Attitude email was for you but not really "about" you. I definitely thought of you and your new out look when I read the story of the attitude. I have seen it before but thought that you could use it to further you along in your happiness. I would say that you have grown 10 years in this calendar year. God Bless you and Jeremy
Lots of Love