Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where have I been?

Hello! If you know this blog, you know me...first things first. Thank you to all of those who continue to follow out blog and show your support for my brother and I. You are GREAT!!

Ok, so I'm not sure how long I'll be able sit blab on about this before I paste an email I just wrote to one of our pastors in the church I go to. My life is truly taking a U TURN. And when i say that...I mean it's AWESOME!! I'm really lost for words on how to introduce what is next... Jesus has really REALLY been working in and through me lately. He's blessed me with a new incredible woman, I'm happy again, and the'll just have to read on. Overall I'm doing pretty great! I finally finished the re-model of my master bathroom. FINALLY. Ummm...I made some cookies the other night. Chocolate chip and no back chocolate oatmeal cookies. Ummm... I had shoulder surgery 5 1/2 weeks ago. I go back to the Doc Wend to see about starting physical therapy. YEAH! Overall it's going pretty good. My shoulder is healing pretty good.'s late and I REALLY need to get some sleep. 530am is going to come early. John, I love you bro! looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

Now....I post this next part for a couple reasons. One, to give glory to God and show others that He still works Miracles. And two, make you think, and hopefully stir your heart. None of this is for self, but all to Him. Before I put this in, two questions:
1) What is a miracle? and Do you believe they still happen?
2) What do you need?

Matthew 6: 32-33
"Your Heavenly Father already knows all your needs, and he will give you all you need from day to day IF you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern"

If you don't mind, I'd like to take a few more minutes of your time...

I guess first, my faith is growing. I'm finally walking with Jesus instead of just "talking" once in a while. I've finally stopped fighting the Spirit, and I've started surrendering to Him. For years I've fought and talked myself way away from having the relationship I, as a saved man, should have with God. The past month or two, I've just given up. By that, I mean I've given up the fight against God. And oh how wonderful the last two months have been, and especially the last month. I've started reading more, I'm praying more, I'm trusting God more, and it's amazing how great things have been.

So about three weeks ago I really felt like God was telling me I needed to sell my motorcycle and give the money to someone in need. At the time I was reading The Blessed Life and it made me see how I had filled my life with material things, but true happiness was no where to be found. I'd put so much into material objects in my life and nothing into Jesus and what He wanted. I love nothing more than to give to people who need. Jesus has blessed me so much, although I truly didn't see it, and I have kept so much to myself. There were times when I wouldn't tithe because I would rather find someone who needed something and help them instead of giving at church. I love to help people. Back to the motorcycle. This object has become part of who I am. People know me by this object. In reading The Blessed Life, I felt really convicted to sell this object in order to get rid of this....kind of sin and identity...this is hard to explain...I felt like I needed to sacrafice something I enjoyed so much in order to truly see the blessings God has just waiting for me. I'm not sure this is coming out right or not..... So, for three weeks I let the devil put dought in me, I questioned if this was really Jesus wanting me to do this, or if this was me....and if I did sell it, who would I give the money to? Would I carry a check in my pocket and wait for someone to walk in my life and wait for God's nudge? It's so weird because I even feel like I know how much it's going to sell for. Bobby, I feel closer to God now than I have ever felt before in my life and it's amazing! I tried to explain this to my buddy and he thought I was crazy. Especially when I told him I thought I knew exactly how much it would sell for....this number has been in my mind for three weeks now...I don't know why, or where it came from other than I really feel like God is at work. So, I've taken the step of faith. In one of the worst times to sell a motorcycle...and I almost let the devil talk me out of this because "who wants to buy a bike now? At this time of year?" But I've put my faith in God, I've given it to Him. No matter how much it sells for, if it sells for $500 dollars or $5,000 it's all His. The bike is on Ebay and the auction ends Wend. I've prayed and prayed over it, and I've given it to Him.

So, this morning, when Gene mentioned the woman at Wal-Mart needing a roof on her house....there it was. Instantly, without question...the money from my bike is for her and her new roof.

Since we've started this Miracle series, Jesus has answered so many prayers in my life. I've been praying for a God loving woman to walk into my life. I felt like God was going to bless me with that woman in these 40 days. I think it was 7 short days later, my now girlfriend emailed me completely out of the blue. She doesn't know why, but she did. She got baptized today in her church. She's been saved for some time, but hasn't taken that step. We've had so many wonderful talks and experiences together in the last two weeks. My brother that I've been praying for a spiritual miracle for emailed me the other day and told me he was planning on staying in town for one more day just to go come to church with me next week. Later that day he got the bracelet I mailed him with the pages of my prayer journal I tore out so he could see where I've been praying for him. My aunt told me a little boy in her church has a really bad seizure condition. The little boy was having so many seizures everyday that they were going to have to buy him a special dog that would help him during thoses seizures if no one was around. On my drive to work this morning I had this strong feeling to call her and tell her to tell them not to buy the dog because I was focusing all of my prayers for that little boy. During service this morning when i came to the alter to pray during the offering time, all I could think about was that boy. In my voicemail to her I told her to tell that boy's family that I really believed Jesus was going to work a miracle in his body and they wouldn't need the dog. Later I got a message from her saying they weren't going to buy the dog afterall....the boy was doing much better. Last Monday at work I really felt like God laid this woman (a waitress) on my heart to pray for her. I didn't know why, what her needs were, or if she had a need...I just prayed for her. I've prayed for her all week....i was hoping I would see her fri at work but she was off...Saturday was like Christmas morning...the anticipation to see her and tell her that I'd been praying for her and everything was going to be ok...5pm finally came around and about 30 min later I was finally able to pull her aside. She almost starting crying and said that it's been a rough week. I gave her a hug and told her it would be ok.

It's so amazing, the work God is ready to do if we'll just listen and stop fighting against him. I truly believe that God is not only working miracles in other people's lives, but he's doing one in mine as well. All these years of filling my life with "the world"....and all along the one thing I needed has been right here.

Thanks for your time Bobby. I'll let you know Thursday morning how much I'll be giving for the woman's roof. Please pray this so that it will be used as a blessing in her life.



Anonymous said...

speachless, in tears of happiness

Anonymous said...

I have prayed that God would bless you with peace, happiness, and all that you've been searching for.

Isn't He awesome!

You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

And, as always, THANKS to you and John.

It's great that you're both posting to your blog. All of us that have followed you before you came home can rest a little easier now that we know you're both ok!

kiltor2 said...

God is amazing and I just felt the holy spirit reading your testimony. I accepted the Lord as My savior about a year ago, and I must say I have had more inner peace than at any point in My life. Thank You for sharing and May We give all the Glory and Praise to God The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. I am still waiting on the Lord to show Me my talent(s) or maybe He has and I have ignored Him. I will recommit to My prayer life that He may again show Me. I feel He has given you a gift of intuition when someone is in need for sure. I only want to glorify Him. Be Blessed

Katherine said...

I really wish that I could find God like you and John have. I am just so lost. Reading your blog brings so much peace to me though. I know it is possible.