Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I finally got the buck I have been looking for. Here is the story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I love to tell it. I have told it so many times already!!

I got out of work at 3pm yesterday and drove as fast as I could to my assigned hunting area. I got to the area and decided I was going to try the field hunting that goes on around here. I got to a field and stripped down and changed clothes right there in the open. Once I got geared up, I noticed that some one field dressed a deer right next to where I parked. I decided that there must be deer in the area and started walking the edge of the field looking for a tree to put my stand. After 45 minutes, I could not find a tree I liked and went back to the truck frustrated and decided to move on. I ran into a guy on the side of the road and he told me he had been walking around all day and seen tracks all around the creek bed in the area. I decided I would go to the creek bed and walk in from there. I parked and geared up again and started walking. I did not realize that I had walked a quarter of a mile from my truck. I followed the creek bed and started seeing tracks and trails. I could not find a good tree. Then I finally found where the creek bed branched and two deer trails converged into one. I found me a nice tree and set up shop. I was in the tree and ready to go at about 445.

The squirrels and woodpeckers were everywhere and driving me crazy. At about 6pm to my right I heard a little rustling in the thick. I thought it was another squirrel and was not too worried about it. THEN...a big buck came walking out. It looked like I was in a hunting show. He was walking straight at me. He was about 25 feet when I saw him. I slowly got ready, pulling the trigger, pulling the hammer back so there was no click, slowly released the trigger and I was ready. He was straight on, which not a good shot. I had to hope he was turn to his left a little and follow the path. I was scoped in and ready. He made that slight turn to the right a short 15 feet from me and I was ready for the shot...God please don't let me miss...BANG!!! He jumped and ran across a firebreak in the woods. I jumped up in the stand trying to see him and lost sight of him. Then...I heard what sounded like him laying down. I reloaded and got down the tree as fast as I could.

I walked over to where I shot looking for blood and there was none. I was worried I missed, but how could I from only 15 feet. I walked across the firebreak and there he was laying the path.

He has a whole in his side, a sucking chest wound. He was blowing air out the whole in his side, but no blood which meant I did not hit a vital organ. I guessed he was die quick and I went and packed up all my gear. When I went back to him, he just looked at me like who the hell are you. I took a few steps back and decided to do the humane thing. Oh, I forgot to tell ya I let out some yells of joy when I first saw him laying there. I pulled the hammer back and was ready to go. I pulled trigger, CLICK!! I forgot to put a new primer in my muzzleloader. I put in a new primer and took a few more steps back in case he jumped up. Pulled the trigger...BANG...and then he jumped up, took 5 steps and fell over. It was over. Now came the task of dragging him down the creek bed to the truck.

I used my safety harness as a drag, which works perfectly if the deer is not so freaking big. I started dragging him, 10 feet at a time. Got him to a clearing and started the field dressing. This only being the second deer I shot, it was not easy and I was not too sure I knew what I was doing.

Got him gutted and started dragging 10 feet at a time at first, then 5, then I was worn out after 100 yards. by now it was 630 and the office to check it in closed at 8. I left him laying and took off for the truck to drop my gear and call it in. I called the office and told them where I was let them know it was going to take me a long time to get in. Little did I know that he would call other hunters in the area and let them know some one needed help. Three hunters showed up to help me and we finally got him to the truck. They were surprised and impressed with the size.

I got him to the checking station and finally got him on the scales. 173.6 pounds. Nine points. I was very excited. Right now he is hanging in the cooler and dad is on his way up here to help get him cut up and in the freezer.

This should be the first of many this year. I can still get 2 on post, 3 in WV and 3 in TN. Trust me when I say that one is not enough.


mom said...

how many deer can you still get? LOL are you excited or what
love you

Anonymous said...

I think I would have cried if I were there and saw him looking up at you. With those big tears in his eyes as he is literally dying of pain.... But knowing you had big tears of joy would make it all better.... Best of luck... Keep tryin'!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That is very exciting!

What happened with the surprise you mentioned earlier? I was hoping that would have been talked about!