Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Address Change

Well, I found out today that my address is changed. It will be below.

Today was another fun day in the army. I had to give a briefing on Sexual Assault today. That was a lot of fun. I bored to people to death with that one. Tomorrow I get do bore them to death with Drinking and Driving Awareness.

I talked to Jeremy again today and he did his H.E.A.T. training yesterday. That training is where you are put into a Humvee that is on a machine and they rotate it like a barrel roll. When it stops, it is upside down and you have to get out. He said it was fun. I am just glad that it went better for him than it did for me. I got stuck and my IOTV (bulletproof vest) came down on my neck and I could not breathe and they had to stop the exercise and get me out. It scared the crap out of me.

Well, I really don't have any other info to share, other than the address change and that I am finally packed and ready to go. Time is approaching FAST.

Here is the address:

Strader, John

CJTF-101, G1

APO AE 09354

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