Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

Well, I am here. It is not all that is cracked up to be. It still does not feel like I am gone. It just feels like another day in the Army for me. I guess that is because there are not alarms going off all the time like they did in Kuwait when I got there.

The food is a lot better here, and there are a lot more people here. The living conditions at this point are not bad, but are going to get worse. We will be in "B huts" with no heat soon. That is going to be a real thing in the winter. The mountains in that background here look too good to be real. It looks like a backdrop for a movie. I will take some pix as soon as I can and get them up in a week or two. I have a lot of pix from the plane ride to here, but no way to post them. That had to worst plane ever!! I have never been so crowded in my life. My ass literally would not fit in the seat. The weather is not that bad so far. It is actually a little hot. I was expecting it be all green and lush here, but it dusty like Kuwait. That part really sucks!!! It is killing my sinuses and allergies.

I visited the office where I will be working and it is going to be a little crowded in there too. I am ready to get to work and get this over with so that I can home again. Overall, I think that I will have some fun and enjoy myself. I really miss everyone and hope to hear from you soon. I have to go for now so that I can send some personal emails.

SGT John Strader


mom said...

John asked me to correct his address. It is important that you send to the correct address and make it exactly as below:
CJTF - 101, CJ1
APO AE 09354

Still no address for Jeremy but will put a comment on here as soon as we get one.

You all better write to these 2 soldiers and if nothing else just send a Card and sign it. Mail from home is great. Send them a newpaper or a section of the paper. Home news is always nice.
Thank you boys for serving
Love to both

Anonymous said...

John I am glad to see you have gotten there safetly.That plane ride looked pretty awful. You sound in good spirits,thats great. love&prayers-Misty