Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finally Moved In

Well, I finally got internet in my room. I moved into my new room on Friday. It is pretty small, but it is my own room.

I barely have room for a desk, shelf and bed. It leaves me enough room to stand in the center and spin in a circle. All the furniture is homemade.

I had to make the desk and shelves, so be proud of my handy work.

As you can see, my place is small, but I am proud of the work that I did so that I could be comfortable.

Here is the Platoon Sergeant, SSG Cundiff. He has done a lot to take care of us. We are glad he is here with us.

Here is the group hanging out outside before bed trying to wind down. We usually sit around laughing pretty hard while making fun of each other. We are having a lot of fun here so far and I really hope that it continues.

I am really missing everyone. I have been thinking a lot about Jeremy and worrying about him. I really wish that it would have worked out for us to be together, but this is how it ended up. I did get to talk to him a little yesterday. It was great to hear from him and found out how is doing. I know that he glad to be in Tennessee for a few days. He was very excited about surprising Mom and Dad, although they were a little disappointed because they thought they were going to Texas to see him. It was hard to keep lie a secret for so long from so many people. I know that if Mom was listening and paid attention she would have heard me and Johnny slip up on more than one occasion in her house. I know that Jitka caught us a few times.

I hope that Lucas is doing good. I know that he is growing like a weed. He will be walking and into to everything by the time I see him again.

I talked to Courtney for a short minute last night. She is still not very talkative on the phone and it is really hard on me. I know that she still does not understand, but I wish she would realize how much I miss her. I try to talk to her all that I can, but due to the time difference, it is hard to catch her awake.

I have been working pretty hard trying to learn a job about things that I know nothing about. I have learned a lot in a few short days, and I know that I will be learning until I leave. It has been fun, long days that will continue to be very long for quite some time.

I can’t wait to get some more pictures of the mountain up soon. I am waiting on a clear day so that I can get some good pictures. I am turning my request for some awards so that I can get to Kabul soon. I am ready to see more of the country and need to do it soon before the Taliban and insurgents get more active in the warm weather. I get to see a lot of picture while doing awards for Combat Action Badges and Purple Hearts and it really makes me worry about Jeremy, myself and all the guys that are out there keeping us safe. I wish that I could tell you some stories of things that are happening, but due to level secrecy, I can’t talk about it. I will tell you that there are some really brave souls out there doing some great things.

SSG Butler and I have decided that we are going to reenlist around October. We have started making the request to do it in a Chinook (double bladed, huge helicopter) with the mountains in the background with the back door open. We really hope that we can make it happen. I am having to think about if I want to stay at Fort Campbell or move on to another location like Fort Knox.

Mom and others keep asking what I am wanting and needing here. I told mom some cookies, peanut butter and chocolate chip, orange mint lifesavers, slim jims (hot and regular, the guys eat them like crazy), single use packets of Kool-aid, Gatorade, and other drinks that are NOT sugar free to add to our bottles of water. We can get sugar free here and we do not like them.

It is getting late and I have to get up early and run my two miles in the morning at 0530 and it is 10pm now. I really miss you all and wish I was there, but don’t worry, I will be there soon riding the bike everywhere.

Please don’t forget about my brother and all our brothers and sisters in the armed forces across the world. There are several countries here on post with us helping out, to include: Canada, Egypt, France Poland and many others.

There are pictures missing because the internet sucks so bad. I gave up and I am going to bed. Forget this crap. I am paying a lot of money for this and it barely works!!!

Until next time, AIR ASSAULT!!!

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