Monday, March 17, 2008

Manas, Kyrgyzstan

Try and say that one. Well, I got here about 4pm EST on Mon after leaving Fort Campbell at 9pm EST on Sun night. That was a long trip. The time difference here is 11 hours, so that is really messing us up on sleep. Most people are sleeping right now seeing that we are headed on to Afghanistan later on.

It is not that bad here. It was drizzling when we got here, turned to snow for a few hours and now it is raining and cold. They said that a bas snow is on its way here, but it is in the 70s in Afghanistan. I am ready for the warm weather.

The living conditions could be a lot better. The TENT that we are in is leaking in the corners and that is where we are, in the corner. It is a huge then with over 300 people in it. The food is OK. It is bad to Army standard though, and terrible to normal food.

I am having hard time typing on this computer. I am in an internet cafe on post, and everything in Russian. It is all weird, but I am managing.

The trip here was not that bad. We stopped in Germany and was able to get off the plane for an hour. After that is was another 7 hours of flying to here and we got here at 1am local time. By the time we got to the tent and found our bags, it was 4am. We had formation at 8am and now we have nothing until we leave later on.

I am not sure when the next time will be that I am at a computer. I will try to keep everyone updated the best that I can. I miss you all and hope all is going well.

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