Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Well, another day is gone, and it was a long one. It started with PT this morning at 530am. I am used to doing PT on the mornings, but not at this altitude. Today was the first day that we ran since I got here. The air is definitely thinner here. I had a real hard time breathing. We ran a short route so that we could see how it felt, and it was pretty hard on all of us. Tomorrow we are going to do it again. They told us that we got home, we will be running very fast because it will be easier to breathe.

I found out today that I am working the night shift in the Awards section. I have a guy that I am learning from that is very smart and has more to show me than there is time. After I learn it (in less than 5 days), I have to train my soldiers. It is going to be a long few weeks. The guy training me told me that I am going to have to work at least 14 hours a day for a while to learn it all before he leaves. I slid out early today because I am so tired.

I also found out today that part of my job is going to Kabul to get supplies for Awards. This means that I will get to leave the "wire" and actually see some of the country. It is about 1-2 hours to get there. I am excited about going and can't wait. More than likely I will have to go every time and take one other soldier from my section with me. They have to have a familiar face going every time.

We took a look at our "b huts" yesterday to see what we need to do them. I am going to have to build some shelfs and raise my bed off the ground so that I have room for my things. I have found the lumber to do it a few times, but I can't get anyone to go and pick it up for me. I am doing this all of them, but they are not moving on it when they should and are loosing out. Other people are taking the stuff, and leaving us at square one again.

The stress and drama from the soldiers is starting already. They are having bad attitudes and really pushing my buttons. They have been 4 or 5 days and trying to sign up for classes that would cause them to miss work and they have not even started working to see it they can even handle it. I am getting a little irritated, but it happens and I have to deal with it. For a lot them, it the first deployment so they have a lot to learn and experience. Some have never under the stress that this can cause and are learning quick. I am trying to help them the best I can, but they will not listen.

I talked to Courtney today for a short minute. She still does not understand that I am very far away. I try to get her to talk to me, but she is not interested most of the time and it is really getting to me. We had a meeting tonight at dinner and a lot of said the same thing, that we were going to talk to our kids then bury our heads in our pillows and cry like little babies. Hell, I am fighting it back sitting here talking about it, mostly because I am so freaking tired.

Well, I am going to get off here again. Happy Easter to everyone and I miss you all. You know, some good homemade cookies sounds good right about now. Too bad I don't have any.


Turf said...

John, well if you could give us the correct address then maybe you might get some cookies!! :) I dont know how good they would be by the time they got there but it doesnt hurt to try! :) I hope you had a happy easter too and that you dont stay as stressed out the whole time your there.

Jeremy, I also hope that you had a good easter- it was really great getting to talk to you. I can't wait til you get to come home. I'll send you some cookies too if you want.. or whatever easter candy is your favorite... dont know how well it will make it to you either and might be melted but hey its the thought that counts...
Miss you guys- Be careful and keep posting- i love hearing your stories... this website really was a geat idea, John.
Love, Shandan

irideus129 said...

Happy Easter!! I too enjoy reading the stories... I however have a question.. What are the rewards you are refering to? And what exactly is your job?

Jeremy, Hope all is well!! I will be back in TN about the same time you will probably.. When we get back together youve got your own personal bike mechanic... Oh and too bad you couldnt take youre bike on this trip... lol

Talk to you guys later!!

Phil Harrell

irideus129 said...

ok im tired too... Correction: Awards not "rewards"

Aunt Nancy said...

Good to hear from you. This was a good idea. The pictures are awesome. I would send you cookies, but I am not a good baker!

Talk to you soon.

Aunt Nancy

mom said...

Well ...... no time for making cookies here but when I get back you will get some CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies but until then there are some FAMOUS AMOS in the mail.
Jeremy ..... you let me worry if I want. I know that you will be safe even if you are going to do what you are doing. I will let you tell what you want to and to who you want to tell.
John there are 2 packages on the way to you.
Lots of love and worry