Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's a new look....

Hey so I had to just get on here and post a pic of me....I'm cool, I know. Just kidding...well kinda. I think every Soldier takes this kind of pic of himself or herself....the only thing I'm missing is my weapon. Well, this is a short one....BUT.... I talked to John for a few minutes today. He seemed to be in good spirits considering the very near future...very near. I love you brother! Be safe, and we'll be back home soon drinking a cold one on the back porch before we know it. I love you man!

SGT Wormy


MOM said...

that is a cool picture and yes you look cool. We will be seeing you soon and will share this weekend pictures with you if we get some and it quits raining here.
stay cool

Turf said...

OKay so sorry I haven't posted anything lately- i forgot my password so i had to create a new account so i could get back on here.. :) haha, yea love that outfit, jeremy! Suits you well!
Once, again i want the two of you to know that i am really proud of you. But you both better come home safely cause im starting to miss the heck out of you guys!!
John, good luck and be careful pushing papers! :) dont get a papercut or stab yourself with your pencil!
Jeremy, Stop getting hurt! i cant fix boo boos when your so far away! I miss you bunches and cant wait for your return!

Anonymous said...

Of course you look cool you always look cool!! Be safe much love from TN!--misty