Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Trip to Kabul and WHO is FREEDOM

First of all, Freedom is Tessa Freeman. Now you know how I come up Freedom. It was a play on words of her name. There are going to be pictures of her on here. My favorite one of all time is on here. It is the pouty face. I think this wins so far as the best picture on here. Now the rest of you can see who is making me so happy and just how hot she is. If you know her or see her, make sure you tell her I miss her and love her.

On to the Kabul trip.....

I finally go to take another trip to Kabul. I was really excited to go again. It was a last minute trip. I had been trying to find someone to support us so we get down there and get some medals picked up and the guys that I usually ride with came through for me on Wed. We left later in the day than I am used to leaving. It ended up being an easy ride to get there. We took the normal route to get there. Once I was there I made contact with my guy down there to let him know I was there would meet him at the warehouse when it opened to get the medals. That became a problem real quick. It was my third trip down there and you would think I would know where the heck the warehouse is. You would think. Well, I knew the general area, but I could not find it and I was making the guy me a little mad in the process. Come to find out I did not go over one road far enough. We laughed pretty good for a while about it.

Well, my guy finally showed up, but the guys with the truck were in a meeting and I could not reach them to have the bring the truck down to pick up 25 boxes. I convinced the Greek Navy lady to let me use the Polaris Gator. We got it loaded and took it back to the trucks and unloaded it all. That was the eay part. One the way back it got interesting. We, well I did, decided there was an easier way back to the warehouse. Come to find out, it was not. We ended up on a dead end and had to turn around. I am not sure if anyone has ever "tried" to drive a Gator, but they are not worth a crap when it comes to turning. If you have ever seen the "Austin Powers" movies you would know what it looked like when I was trying to turn the stupid thing around in a TIGHT spot. It had to back up and pull forward about 50 times to get out. We were laughing till we had tears in our eyes from how stupid I was. Eventually we got back to the warehouse and gladly gave the Gator back to them.

Once we started back I convinced the guys to take the longer route back so I could see a different part of the country. They were happy to go that way because the guy in charge needed to make a stop. Lets just say we ended up with some grapes from the country side. They are smaller than a marble but twice as good. I was happy to get some and actually put some feet on the ground outside of Bagram. I was pretty excited and nervous about it.

The route we took back was pretty exciting. I got to see a lot more than previously. All the pictures you see here are from that route. You can see in some of the pictures how they built up the side of the hill. I found that pretty interesting. In the picture with the car, look past it and look at the houses in the background. There are a few here that show the houses they have and little villages. There is also one that shows the mountains in the background past some housing. I also like the ones of the sun setting at the edge of the mountain. It was pretty hazy and dusty that day so that is why it looks the way it does.

There are have also been some developments in my relationship with Tessa. She moved into Mom and Dad's house the other day. I love this seeing that mom and dad barely know her and are letting her live there while they are on vacation and even invited her to go with them. She is living in the basement and starting a "new" job. She is returning to her old job. She got tired of the one she had. She reminded me that I told her to follow her heart and do what makes her happy and that is what she is doing. I am just glad that the happiness still includes me. I look at this as another step that will help us be closer and her closer to my family. I just cannot wait to get home and see her and Courtney and my family. I am going to ask Tessa if I can finally say her real name and put a few pictures of her up on here so you know who is making me so happy.

We are now at 36 days until I leave this place for a few weeks. I am ready. I am actually off this weekend. I got three days off for a little rest and recuperation. It is very much needed, although this is day one and I have gotten almost everything done that I wanted to. That means I will be bored stupid by Sun night. Then on Monday I have a KP again. So in the end, I am out of the office for four days straight. I hope that it will help relax a little and get back into things with a fresh clear head. I know that the work is going to pile up for when I get back.

I got some of the best boxes since I got here this past week. I got my two boxes from Tessa, to include a pink fluffy pillow and her and my parents sent me some Vault. That is one craving that was going to drive me crazy. I am limiting myself to one a day. I have almost enough to last me until I leave to come home on leave.

You may have noticed the picture that is on top of the page now. That is one that a friend of mine made and let me have a copy to use on here. If I had something like that for Jeremy, or at least the pictures I needed, I could post up on there too. I will get on him about that as soon as I can. The picture you see has the "seal" for Combined Joint Task Force 101.

I am trying not to talk a lot about Tessa, but it is hard not to when I am so happy. I do want to tell you a few things. She is telling me things that I thought no one would ever say to me or were only said in the movies. She tells me how great I am to her, although I do not know what I am doing. She also tells me that my personality is what drives her crazy in a good way. I am so used to be talked down to that it is hard for me to wrap my mind around feeling like they do about me. I can tell you that the feeling is mutual. She also went out and bought a dress only knowing what that it is for one night. She does not know what else I have up my sleeve. I know she showed it to my mom and my mom really liked it. She is not allowed to tell me anything about it just like I am not allowed to to talk about her ring that I bought. I cannot wait until I get home next year because I will have 30 days to take a vacation. I have a lot of plans for that time. I plan on taking a cruise with Tessa and taking Courtney to Disney World and visiting family in Ohio.

Well, I made notes of all the things I wanted to talk about and I covered them all. I am making a DVD this weekend to mail home to mom and dad, Tessa (they may get one to share) and family in Ohio. It will not be as long, but a lot more work is put into this one. You will have to ask to see it if you are interested, or I can send them you at request. I am also sending one to Jeremy. I wish he would send more pix and videos to me so I can make a better with both of us.

Well, it is time to get moving onto something else. I love you all and miss you all. Thank you for the support. Please make sure you check out the sites I posted on the sidebar. They are some favorites of ours. Once again, I need Jeremy to send some sites to me to add to the list.

Courtney, you are my little angel and I miss you so much.

Tessa, you are truly the love of my life and my soul mate.

Mom and dad, thank you a million times!!!

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Anonymous said...

freedom is beautiful and i hope i get to meet her at the reunion. kisses to u and jeremy and i pray for u both and think of the service u r doing us all by giving up ur families and protecting ours.with love and prayers, L.B.