Saturday, August 16, 2008


Jeremy said it right when he said it is boring. I have not had anything worth wild to write about, so I have not written. I could have come here and told you how much I miss Courtney and Freedom and how great they both are, but I have done that. I can tell you Christina found someone that "has potential" and how I am glad but a little hurt inside at the same time, but I know I am happier. OR...I could come on here and tell you about the alert we had the other morning as we started leaving for PT, about how there an indirect fire attack on our base. OR I could not tell about.....and how many.........and how it took to..........and how bad......... OR I could come here and tell you about how someone is saying some things I did not say and now my ass in a sling and it is going to become a he said she said and hopefully result in nothing happening to me. OR I could tell you it is 42 days and a wake up until I get on that big bird to come home on R&R to see my family, propose to Freedom, and spend a lot of money having fun. OR I could tell you how many DVDs I have watched and wished I had more TV series to watch. OR I could give you a new list of items I want from home...OK.....I will do that at the end. OR I could tell how tired I am all the time and had to get sleeping aids because I am not sleeping at night and I am on details all the time. see there is not much to tell about that I am allowed to talk about. I can tell you I thank God every morning and night for the wonderful blessings I have...Freedom....Courtney.....a brother who is health......awesome supportive parents.....awesome supportive friends.....another closer to home. I could also tell you that I am at 95% and 97% in my classes I am taking with one being over. OR I could tell you I am working out really hard, eating a lot better, and running 8 miles in the morning twice a week so I can lose the last 15 pounds before I get home.

Like I said, there is not much going on. The temperatures are cooling off, the days are getting shorter and it is as boring as ever and drama filled as expected.

I am not going to talk about how happy with Freedom and how much we love each and how great it will be. I am not going to talk about how I do miss Christina at times, I did spend almost 10 years with her, and how it does bother me a little she has met someone. I know I have met someone better.

I will give you an update list of things WE want over here:
VAULT soft drink (if you do not know what it is, go in a gas station or store and look where the COKE brands are; this is my favorite and I miss it so much; I DO NOT drink diet although I am trying to lose weight)
Pecan Pinwheel Little Debbie Snacks
Any TV series on DVD (we are getting bored to death and most do not have TVs)
Tuna/chicken salad mixes or premixed cans
sunflower seeds (they are helping us stop smoking and dipping)
Any Little Debbie snack
Crackers (NO club or saltine or Ritz; be creative)
Trail mix - specifically "Mountain Trail" from Wal-mart brand
Ramen Noodles and the like

This is a collective list from most in the office. There are a few other things, but that is it for now. Some of it I told them to get on the internet like I have to do at times. Those are the things that are impossible to get here, or very hard to get. The Vault is something I have been craving and dying to get.

I want to thank everyone for the support that you are providing. You may have noticed the changes on the site. We are going to see how this goes and might delete it if we do not like it. Also, you notice a list of favorite links. Please check them out. We have our MySpace and on there. Check them out. We will add other sites as come across them.

I love you all and God bless you all for being true patriots.

SGT John Strader

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Halli said...

Yep it is public that the enemy tried to get in base and the other areas as well as the fallen French.

It won't be to long bud hang in there.....Regards.