Friday, August 29, 2008


Hello! Thank you for all of your support once again! We even got added to someone else's blog! That's pretty cool! I checked it out and it's a blog about other's not too bad. AND WOW we have gone over the 5,000 mark of hits to the blog!! THANK YOU! Let's see John started this in March I think...soo about 8 months and 5,000 hits! WOW! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Well, my mom asked me the first question: Do we have a McDonald's? OH I WISH WE DID!! I would LOVE a double cheeseburger right now!! Well, maybe not right now right now, but I would definitely love one! I have this thing for McDonald's double cheeseburgers and their sweet tea! Although we do not have a McDonald's, we do have the typical Burger King. I say typical because those of you who know about Army bases....they all have Burger King. I'm not sure what the contract between the two is, but I'm pretty sure there's one there because that's all you see on posts across the states and Germany at least. We have a Burger King like I said. The only down fall with that is it is across the base, across the checkpoint, and on another base. It's about a 15-20 minute ride...remember we only go 25 miles an we don't get burgers from over there too often. We could go every day if we wanted to, but it wouldn't help me maintain my girlish figure now would it....I wish I....well, I don't have a girlish figure but it wouldn't help me anyways. I almost said 'I wish I had a girlish figure'...ooops...that would be a little wierd if I said that...I think you get the picture...I'm still trying to loose that 10-15 lbs...I REALLY need to get my butt in gear! Well, we don't have any other fast food here. In other bases across Iraq they have Subway, KFC, and maybe a starbucks. But here...on my base... nothing but a Burger King on the other side. So that answers that....

We survive on DFAC food and the occasional cookout. The cookouts can be pretty nice! I find myself buying $10 steaks and not minding....something I wouldn't do in the states. The charcoal, the chips, and some near beer, and you've got an ok dinner for about $25.oo A grilled steak is ALWAYS nice! The DFAC food isn't too bad....too bad I said, I didn't say it was anything to write home about. We've gotten used to it. We can almost tell you what food they will have on what day. Sunday's are supposed to be the "surf and turf" night. The steak you get isn't anywhere as good as the one I cook, but the crab legs, crab claws and occasional lobster tails aren't too bad.

Well, that's about all I've got for now. I hope you enjoyed the post and I look forward to answering any other questions you or friends might have.


Somewhere in Iraq
SGT Wormy


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