Thursday, August 7, 2008



52 years ago today, my dad was born. I am not as good Jeremy but there is a lot to be said about my dad. He busted my rear when I needed it, and he loved us always. He played ball with us in the front yard, and he made us work hard in the garden. He taught us respect, he made us laugh and laughed with us. He gave us everything we need, and spoiled us when he could. We could not ask for a better father, now or then. He is showing us so much support and going out of his way to do a lot for us. It is hard for me sit here and not get all teared up thinking about how I miss my dad. I miss him telling us to be good any time we walked out the door, knowing we would not. He never spared our feelings when honesty is what we needed to hear. He could not see us getting hurt, physically or emotionally. He rode my rear about Christina for years but I would not listen. I finally did and look at me now. I can remember Jeremy ACCIDENTALLY cutting my wrist and my dad jumping into action after mom yelling at him and him about broke my wrist on the way to hospital while mom was driving the old station wagon. I did not bleed on drop until we got to the hospital. I remember us running up to the door at the hospital in Monroe, NC and the guard asking if we had an emergency and dad yanking my wrist down and say "what the hell do you think?" I still laugh at that to this day. I was actually looking at the scar and remembering that today while I was missing my dad on his birthday. If only I could compose myself long enough to call him. I guess we have to let it out once a while. I cannot tell you what I got him for his birthday because he does not have it yet. Once he has it, I will tell you what it is.

Dad, once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you for everything!!!!


SGT John Strader


DrNo*Sparta* said...

Hi John, Great post's. When you get in country make sure you get on TS and look all of us up were all looking forward to hearing from you ! Take care and talk to you soon. DrNo~SPARTA~

MOM said...

I agree ........ great post! Reading the post I took a look back into memory land and remember your dad yelling at me to drive FASTER!! A once in a life time event...... BLOW YOUR HORN!! RUN THAT RED LIGHT !! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ...JUST GIT THERE and then once to the hospital not letting me go back into the room because he was afraid I would pass out. And making me drive so he could hold you together and I .....would not pass out....LOL. Oh the memories.
Love ya John .... and Jeremy