Monday, April 7, 2008

Mom's Request

The main part of this post is to fulfill a request by my mom. A few days ago we were sitting in our rooms and PFC McCollough decided that it would be funny if we only had on underwear, boots, socks, everyone a different hat, IOTV (flak vest) and weapons and took pictures to send home to wives and girlfriends, and ex wives. So, we were dumb enough to do it. I sent the picture of only me to my mom and she has asked me to post it on here. I did not want to get flooded with girls coming after because I am so hot with my ghost white legs, boxer briefs, and just plain sexy legs. But after a little convincing, I gave in. Anything to make mom happy.

I also promised the other guys the pictures of them would not end up on here. I guess I lied.

Jeremy called me twice yesterday. He is in Kuwait and has been there since Saturday. He seems to be in good spirits right now. I just hope he is warned about "day five" blues and crash. I keep forgetting to tell him about it when he calls. It is nice that he is so close and call me so easily. There is only 1.5 hour time difference for us. I hope that he keeps calling. I am very proud that he finally made it to this part of the world. He called yesterday while we were doing News, Weather and Sports. We do that every morning to update each other on what is going on the world. We all take turns doing it. I got to make an announcement that he made after he called. Later in the day he called and I was not in the office and told the soldier that it was SGT Strader looking for SGT Strader. It kind of through the soldier off. I walked in right before he hung up and I got to talk to him for a little while.

I finally had some time to get my work caught up yesterday. It felt so good to get so much done. Well, it is time for breakfast. I hope to hear from everyone soon.

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Turf said...

GHOOOSSSTTTLLYY legs.. you ain't kidding! BOY, you need a tan!!!! haha