Friday, April 11, 2008

You Can Do It

Jeremy is claiming that he is going to out do me on the pictures. Well, if he does, we will try again to have the better picture up. This can get interesting and be enjoyment for everyone else. You all my get some good laughs out of this competition if he makes it that way.

Enough of that though. The rainy season is here and today is the first day of sun in over a week. It was great today. I left early today because today is "low battle rhythm" day and took some pretty good pix. I hope that you enjoy them. The mountains got fresh snow from all the rain we had here. They were gorgeous today. Hold on, I am going to run outside and see if I missed sunset.

I missed it. Oh well.

We are finally caught up in awards. You have no idea how much stress is lifted off of me and how better I feel. Now I am bored to death though. I was given a large task to complete by the end of the day tomorrow two days ago and I did not think I was going to be able to do it. I had to change a lot of things in the database and I had no idea on how to do it. I spent two very long days focusing all my energy and efforts on it and finished it yesterday. I did not have the first clue as to what to do, but because it had to do with a computer, I figured it all out. I was emailing people and walking around looking for help and no one could help me. I was so excited and proud that I got it done. My boss was even amazed that I got it done. He did not think we would be able to do it, and I proved him wrong. His boss wanted all the reports changed and how things were logged changed and we made it happen. I went further than was asked and made it even better than was required.

Enough bragging for now. It is "Fat Friday" and we are getting ready to go eat some pizza.

One thing that I forgot to mention. Yesterday morning we had a fallen comrade ceremony. There was a soldier that was killed in action and before they shipped his body home, they drove it down the road while "Disney Road" was lined with every soldier, sailor, airman, and marine on post. It was very hard to watch that, but it makes you realize the sacrifice that is made. Please remember all my fallen brothers and sisters in your prayers and their families.

People are still asking what I mailed here. For now it is the same things: orange mint lifesaver, homemade cookies, the small slim jims (original and spicy), single use kool-aid (I don't want sugar free), disinfecting wipes, and other small junk food. Oh and letters and pictures of home. Never have enough of those.

Jeremy and I talked about it, and Mom and Dad are doing it, and we are suggesting that you mail one box to both of us. Mail it to one or the other and we will send what belongs to other on to them. That way you are only paying shipping one time. We do not have pay shipping for ANYTHING that we mail each other, no matter the size. I know that mom is mailing me a box and I sending what she tells to Jeremy. It is too easy.

I want to thank you all for all the support and all that you are all doing for us. Here is Jeremy's address and mine again:

Jeremy Strader



APO AE 09334

John Strader
CJTF-101, CJ1
APO AE 09354

Until next time:


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