Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Settling in...

Well hello everyone. How is life back in TN? Life here in Kuwait is absolutely horrible!! It's hot, there's sand everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE (on and off my body), it's windy(more sand), there's nothing to eat other than nasty chow hall food, bombs come in every day, there's nothing to do, and my Unit is bunch of idiots.....

WOW! Did I have you going? It's not bad here at all. It is hot but it's a dry heat so 90 feels like about 75-80 with a nice wind blowing, sand....yeah it's the desert but it's not in my ass....yet. Windy-not too bad it's more like a nice southernly breeze. Now the other day it did pick up, but it wasn't too bad. Food....WOW!! We have a taco bell, burger king, starbucks, KFC, two other no name places, a hot dog place, and the chow halls are AWSOME!! I understand it when people say you can come to the desert and get joke. And most important, the only explosions I hear come from the porta potty. There are some really loud generators, but other than that, we're good.

I've figured out how to call home for free. That's nice. Johnny I'll try to call as soon as I can get to the phones. It may be free, but it's a pain in the ass. We have to have a buddy everywhere we go so I have to find someone that doesn't mind going and sitting in line while I wait to use the phone. And then sit around longer while I'm on the phone. That's the only thing that holds me back from calling more. I found myself in an office today with a phone so I took advantage of it and called John. Sorry it was like 230 am USA time. Plus I didn't know how long I would be in that office. Anyway.....given the opportunity, a buddy, and a phone, I can call home for free whenever.

I don't think I'll get the 5 day blues or whatever John's talking about. I'm surrounded by too many fun people and have too much to do and look forward to for anything to get me down. We've some training that's keeping us busy, Jana, my wife, will be in the states tomorrow!!! YEAH! And that's day five or something so I'm pretty sure I'll be ok. One thing that does suck, she flys on Thursday morning and lands Thurs night....well that's early Friday for me so although she'll get there "tomorrow" I have to wait until Friday to talk to her and everyone.

OH, everyone keeps wanting to know what I want people so send...well John was right. The little packets of juice to put in our water is PERFECT!! We got a care package and it had....hold on, I kept the empty packet in my pocket for the last three days so I wouldn't forget.... "Crystal light sunrist, classic orange, sugar free on the go" Is awsome! Best Orange juice we've had yet! So any others in this line will hopefully be just as good. I got two of them in my care package, I haven't drank the other one yet...I almost feel like I should wait for something special to drink's that good. Anyway, I'm going on about a drink powder. Something else to think about sending.....and I say think about because they're expensive. Two way radios like the ones I got at Bass Pro. The ones I bought were $40, Midland, 22 channel, (not waterproof-I think) black radios. Myself and a handful-small handful are going to be seperated from the rest of the unit and we want to make sure we can keep in touch at all times on the FOB if necessary. Oh, and the always loved cookies! Ummm!

Well, I think I'm just wasting time now. This is getting really long. I'm gonna put some pics on here and head to dinner....oh and I'm working on out-doing John's pic in his boxers. Believe it!

OK, OK enough for now.....

Love and miss everyone!!

SGT Wormy

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