Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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I really don't have a good enough title for this blog entry. It's not that I don't know what this entry will be about.....I just can't think of how to put into two or three words.

First off, thank you to those who comment on here. And thank you to those who email us or send a message to our myspace pages. I check this site at least twice a day to see if anyone has left a message. It lets me know that someone is keeping up with us and we're not forgotten. Now I know we're not forgotten and everyone has busy busy days, and it would be silly to think that everyone sits around hitting the refresh button every five minutes to see if have added anything on here or not. I'm realistic. I know that everyone has thier day to day, and I don't think my day to day is any more important that anyone at home. BUT, the occasional email or comment (DAMN THE AIR CONDITIONER!!) is wonderful to read from time to time. Sorry for the outburst....I'll explain that momentarily. SO, for those that respond, thank you. For those that read and go on...thank you too! But, if you have an extra two seconds, drop us a line to keep our enthusiasm up.

IED.......did you read that entry? If not, stop reading this one, and take the 10 minutes to read, think about it, and re-read it one more time to catch everything.

If you missed the headline today, let me give it to you again.......

"BAGHDAD - The killings of five U.S. soldiers in separate attacks in Baghdad pushed the American death toll for April up to 49, making it the deadliest month since September. One soldier died when his vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb. The second died of wounds sustained when he was attacked by small-arms fire, the military said Wednesday. Both incidents occurred Tuesday in northwestern Baghdad.

A third soldier died after being struck by a bomb while on a foot patrol early Wednesday in a northern section of the capital, while another roadside bomb killed two American soldiers in southern Baghdad, the military said in separate statements...... "

I wish that I could say it's been a quiet couple days here in Mosul, Iraq. But it would be a lie. My team has been through A LOT the last couple days. Please pray for us, and others as lives are changing and families are hurting. My Soldiers are handling everything rather well so far. But it's only the 2nd week of being on the ground here. I wish I could say more, but I can't. Actually, that's all that needs to be said I guess. How many details does one need to answer the call to care? Watch the morning news..... I don't know that you'll see anything yet, but one detail in the first "Bahgdad" paragraph will change....very sadly.

Now about the air mentioned in the "IED" entry, my room shook when the IED went off the other day. Well, every time my AC comes on, it sounds a lot like the other day. Odd, I know, but still. I kinda jump almost everytime the damn thing comes on. With that in mind, I wasn't in my room to feel the blast earlier tonight. I'm not sure how many felt it tonight. But, many will feel it in the morning....

I hope, and I mean I really hope that no one thinks I write things on here so you will feel bad for me, my Soldiers, or any of the brave men and women that do the things we do in defense of our country. That's NOT THE POINT! I don't need your sympathy. And I'm handling everything just fine.... I write the things I write because I want people to see Iraq from a different angle. Not the CNN, or WATE 6 angle of things over here. But from someone with a different view. And my view is very very different of those in other places doing other things. Because I know that our Soldiers are doing incredible things for the Iraqi people. Building schools and all kinds of things for this nation. Unfortunately I see the outcome of a lot of bad things. I wish I was out there to take pictures of the good things going here...but I'm not. So am I any different from CNN and the local news.....yeah, I think so. I may only talk about some of the bad things that happen, but hopefully with the emotion and personal aspect of it you won't just look at the headlines, blame Mr. Bush, tell your buddy this war is b.s. and move on. Hopefully you'll care and look past the blaming part, realize there isn't much as an individual that you can do to end the war, and care about the Soldiers and thier families. So, again, sometimes the things I put on here is to get you to think.....

Hopefully I'll have some exciting stuff to talk about next time......

Love you all, and I miss being home!! I miss the motorcycle and car shows, and a good steak from O'Chux. You all take care, and be good!


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