Saturday, April 5, 2008

What Day Is It??

Here I sit again in the B Hut with nothing to do. Earlier in the week I had pink and now it is strep throat. This is so much fun. I just love not getting to work. It puts me so far behind and makes it harder on other people in my section.

I found out that we have themes for certain days of the week.

Malaria Monday: We take our Malaria pills

Taco Tuesday: The chow hall has sorry excuses for tacos and burritos

Weapons Wednesday: We have to clean our weapons for inspection on Thur morning

Fat Friday: We eat all of anything that we want. This past week it was pizza and mountain dews.

The other night we got a little stupid on taking pictures. One guy said for us to strip down to underwear, put on our flak vests, hats, boots and weapons and take some pictures. To say the least, the pictures are very funny. I am not going to post them on here, but if you want to see them, just me know.

Well, I am going to sit around and watch some movies and twiddle my thumbs. So much freaking fun I can barely contain myself.

I hope to hear from you all soon!!!

Oh, I got email from Jeremy at 930pm EST that said he was in Ireland. He should in Kuwait pretty soon. I will let you know when I hear from him.


MOM said...

I did not get to go to Texas to see Jeremy but having him home was great.
The pictures that you both are taking are really cool. I will be taking a few of my own and sending them your way.
By now John you should have some of those "homemade" choc chip cookies and individual kool-aid packets that are not sugar-free....hint hint.
Jeremy made it to Kwait and should be there a couple weeks before moving on to the next location and when he gets an address we will be sure to share it on here.
John I think that you should post that "REDNECK" picture of you on this blog site. and include the other guys pictures as well so we can all see them.
You two boys stay safe and we will ride when you come home. Jeremy sure did surprise us when he came home before leaving. And after I thought about it there were things that I heard said but did not think much about them until now. I will need to pay more attention from now on. Jeremy has surprised me 2 times now and I am ready for the next one .... maybe...LOL Things like "hurry and fix my bike, I want it done now", no plane reservations until 7 days before leaving, date changes (but that is the army for you), and little comments and Johnny disappearing everytime his phone rang and it was Jeremy or John. But I missed everything Jitka said or may have done. Oh well, it is fun and "games" and lots of love.
Take care and we will see you all soon.

Turf said...

I'll send you lots of good stuff for FAT FRIDAY!!! :)