Tuesday, April 22, 2008

War is real...

Well, I saw my first battle field injuries today.... I didn't have to treat the guy, but those who did, took care of him. He was in good hands. When I took him off the bird, he was pretty close to gone....surprisingly it wasn't quiet as difficult to handle as I expected. I can still see the guy's face clear as day in my head, but soon, it will go away. It brought this whole thing to new level. I've seen someone die before, but this was pretty different. In training they teach us so much, not realizing how true it really is. First hand, the shit's for real! In a way it kinda sucks that someone wasn't a better shot.....because if they were, we wouldn't have gotten this guy as bad off as he was....he would have been dead instead. I don't quiet now if that's right to say but he asked to get shot. He made the decision to be an insurgent....and with that comes the risk of getting your ass kicked by American Soldiers!! Yes, it's true when they teach us that if you shoot or wound the enemy, and they don't die, you treat them as a Soldier. And that is exactly what happened. The field medic did a pretty good job.....how would I react to that situation in the field....I don't know.

Well, that's about all I have to say about that.

SGT Strader

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