Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well, here is my best shot....for now. It just sucks that the camera is hard to take pics with and was kinda shaky....gotta go...computer time up.

Ok, next day....more time to write...So I couldn't think of much to do....it was hard to come up with this shot, and I wish it was a little more clear....BUT, the 9mm, M16, suspenders, green nit hat from a care package, sunglasses, and shower shoes is what you're getting for now. I'll think of something better when I get some better resources.

We are about to pack up and head north. I got most of my stuff packed last night....I'm waiting on the retention office to open so I can re-enlist for another 6 years of fun. Making my total time of commitment left of 7 years. But by the time I get home, it will be 6 again. Well, I'm not gonna make this too long.....I'll put another one up here soon

SGT Strader

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Ferne Chase said...

OMG Honey, I hope I never have to see THAT again! lol...just kidding. You know I love ya!