Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blah blah blah......

Well, HELLO! I hope everyone is doing great and their summer is getting off to a great start!! My summer is GREAT!! Nice days in sun with friends....going swimming in the lake after work...bonfires at the lake...some cold drinks on ice....poker games with buddies....grillin some steaks on a charcoal fire....holding my girl's hand everywhere we go....chillin in the camp chair for one last smoke before bed....and who could forget the fireworks next month??!!.....ahhhhh my summer is going GREAT!!! QUICK SOMEBODY SLAP ME! OK back to reality....the sun is here that's no joke...the lake bit was last summer...bonfires too(last summer)...yeah we have near-beer on ice, eh hum... I can neither confirm nor deny if I play poker with the boys....grillin some steaks tomorrow night!....my "girl" is an M16 rifle that goes EVERYWHERE I DO...she's my honey! .....camp chair is right outside my room-it's the icing on the cake, each day is completed with a smoke looking up at the stars and the moon wondering if John is looking at the same moon I am.....AHHH...the 'fireworks'....booms day has nothing on this place! you may not see the flash but we measure size on how hard the ground shakes...and trust me, the ground DOES SHAKE....SO YEAH! My summer is starting out to be fantastic!! The only thing to make it better would be uhhhh oh yeah, to be home! BUT we're making due with what we've got.

WOW I got to the blah blah blah before I even wanted to....Thank everyone for their support and all the things that you're doing for my brother and I!! We greatly appreciate it!! Speaking of John...lucky guy!! Your mail is still working! For those that read and remember that I look forward to 1800 everyday(mail call)....I haven't had anything to look forward to for the last couple days. They are under-going some logistical changes in getting our mail to the FOB....so there is no mail for about 5 days...today was day 3. I hope it's only 5 days! The little things....MAIL!! Mail is great! There I go again..thank everyone for all your support and everything that you're doing to support not only us but all the Troops and their families!

OK dokie....blah blah blah.....well that's about all I got to say about that. I'll be thinking about 'the little things' as well. I also have a ummm a funny picture idea, but I need my roommate's help and he's not here...I'm workin on it. Well....you know I really don't have anything else interesting to write.

I do want to thank all those that read the blog daily to see what we put on here. It has grown to be a part of my day. I check at least twice a day to see how many people have been on here. I know, I know it throws off the number some, but I take that into account. However, there has been quite a few people check us out lately. THANK YOU! I almost feel like I have to write something everyday or everyother day. I don't want to disappoint anyone. Well, again, THANK YOU!!!

Somewhere in Iraq

SGT Wormy


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