Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Roof-top

Hello everyone!! Again, I want to thank everyone for their support, emails, comments, and nice words that have been expressed to us and our family. It's been a pretty nice week here in Iraq... is that possible? Sure.....why not? I'm sure I speak for the both of us when I say we are looking forward to getting some of the 'special requests'!! Mail is SO SO NICE! Americans for the most part hate going to the mailbox everyday to see what bills, notices, or other 'junk' is in there. Here....OH it's a different story. Out mail room opens at 1800 (6pm) everyday and I'm there at 1755 at the latest unless I'm on a call or caught up doing something else. I'm there everyday to see what has come for my troops and me. It's like Christmas morning everyday! I get up everyday and start the countdown to 1800 to see what came today. So again, thank you to each and every one of you that has sent something or is going to send something. We appreciate it more than anyone can say!

Life is going pretty good. I'm still working out in an effort to impress when I get home....I hope it works. I'm trying to keep my strict diet...but man I love to eat! And I love good food....even though the good food is somewhat a problem...I still find something everyday that is hard not to eat. It's funny, the DFAC (Dining Facility) will have potato salad here on one bar, BBQ chx on another, baked beans on another, and french fries on another hot bar....I'm probably the slowest person to find what they want to eat and sit down for chow. I have to do at least two circles around the chow hall to see what I can put together for a good meal. Enough about food.... My work days are going pretty good...not too busy for the last few days.... Someone could say a lot about what we do....sit and wait. Just like the civilian ambulance squads...sit and wait. Slow days are good days. It would be foolish to think we will have all "good days" but for now it's going well. My group played in a soccer tournament the other night....indoor soccer. I was the goalie. I did ok...the score was 5-3. We did loose but it was fun. We are playing another soccer game tomorrow afternoon. That should be fun! Speaking of soccer....if anyone has any used/old shin guards....that would be nice. I should have taken a picture of the shiner I got the other night on my shin....ooweee...it hurt. But no pain, no gain right? The indoor games were 4 on 4 and the outdoor game tomorrow will be 7 on 7. One of our guys played on a team that got 2nd place on the FOB overall. Well....I think that's about it for this part....

The roof-top....

Ahhh, the roof top. It's a nice place to kick back and relax. A nice place to do some thinkin. It's a place where you can be amused by aircraft coming and going on the flightline. With a backdrop of Mosul, the sun going down, and a C-130 landing it makes for a pretty sight. The roof top can also be a source of information. Usually when a big boom goes off, we run up to the top and see where the smoke is coming from. It's hard to describe the feeling you get when we go up there, see a mushroom cloud, and wonder how long it will take until we get a call to help. It's a feeling of uncertainty....lives are changing....chaos is errupting on the scene....bodies here, bodies there... and we sit, waiting for a phone call to do our part. Sometimes the explosions are followed by small arms fire. That only makes our minds race more....what's going? Sometimes we are 'lucky' and are actually on the roof top when things go "BOOM!" It reminds us that we are in Iraq, that's for sure! But the roof top can also be a place of peace or fellowship. Not all times and things have to have a bad spin on them.... sometimes we go on the roof to just 'get a way'. It's a place you can go and think, read, or just reflect about the day's happenings. We use the roof top to smoke and just talk sometimes.....everyone needs a roof top. Somewhere to get a way from everything else that's going on and just chill. It's nice to just go up there and think about home...family...friends...and other normal stuff.

Well, that's a quick glimpse of the roof top....I was thinking that I could write something a little more interesting....but it is what it is. Some entries I really like, and some are just ok...why? I don't know. I guess if nothing else maybe you can just see one more 'thing' that we live with, use daily, and understand another part of our lives over here.....

Well, it's late and I need to go to bed....hmmmm, I'm going to bed and most people are getting off work, fighting traffic, or actually home cooking dinner. Ummmm home cooked dinner...a couch to snuggle on afterwards....a back porch to sit on and enjoy a cool summer night....my dog to pet, and remind me that everything's gonna be ok....a late night movie with the wife before bed...my king size bed...my big bed...my soft, big bed.....hmmmmm....like John said...the little things.

Love you all!! Take care and until next time....

Somewhere in Iraq
SGT Wormy


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MOM said...

"The Roof-top" ......... sounds like an interesting place to be/go/see .....
Thank you for sharing an interesting view and a place to be.
Mail ..... I challenge EVERYONE who reads the blog entries to send at a card within 24 hours of reading it.
I am preparing a box for Jeremy and John ...... wanted it in the mail today but it did not work.... and it is fun sending boxes of surprises and hearing how happy they are to receive something ..... something that they did not expect along with something they have requested.
love you guys and thank you for what you are doing and what you have sent home.