Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HOT summer nights!!

Hello all!! I want to again thank everyone for their support for our troops and especially my brother and I! THANKS!!

Well, last night I wrote that we'd be havin us a cookout tonight....and we's did!! MAN IT WAS GREAT!!!! Charcoal, plastic plates, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, onion, grilled corn on the cob, macaroni salad, friends, no big explosions, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, and STEAK!!.....oh yeah and near beer....ummmmm a recipe for a good night in Iraq. We had a great time! It was well worth the money that we spent for a taste of home. I think for a little while there.....we were somewhere else....not Iraq...not a warzone...somewhere else. It was nice. It was really really nice.

As we sat around after all the grillin and eatin were done one of our Soldiers sneaked up behind us, and hit us with a water fun...she borrowed that one from someone else. SO the thought came to mind...I hope it doesn't seem like all we do ask for stuff...but if anyone wants to go to the Dollar Store and pick up a couple bags of water balloons, a few squirt guns (not to be greedy, but the bigger the better-revenge is sweet!), and any other water launching devices would be GREAT!! And while you're there....if it's not too much trouble....a small, cheap grill set(spatula and big fork) that would be AWSOME!! We turn our steaks with plastic forks most times. Like my brother's the small things. The small things like being able to cook a good steak and hang out with friends....I just can't explain brother really said it right. It's the small things that keep Soldiers sane over here.

On another note, I can't just sit here and pretend that nothing happened today. I'll have to keep that story for when I get home....and decide when someone asks..."what did you do over there?" ....I'll have to decide whether or not to tell that story. Please, please say a prayer. There are families and friends that need them oh so badly. I'm not one to bark very often....but if you think you had a bad day......there are some that will never forget 25 June 2008....unfortunately.

Billy Ray Cyrus - "Some Gave All"

Somewhere in Iraq



Gena and Jose Hernandez said...

Jeremy... Hey it's Gena and Jose. As for the water guns and balloons consider it done. Also keep an eye out cause we got some soccer gear headin your way as well. I know what it's like and every little bit counts. We miss you like crazy. We just got back stateside a week ago and man is it nice. But so bitter sweet cause we have so many friends that are still fighting the fight. Take care.. keep your head down and your heart up!

Love The Hernandez Family

MOM said...

water ....... water guns ..... balloons ....... getting wet...YEP
You make me want to smack the rest of those stories out of you. The thought should bring people back just to see if you finish the thought or not....... "should I tell them or wait" ..... "how long should I wait?" ......
You better remember all these stories you are leaving us hang on...