Friday, June 13, 2008

Special Request

The special request is that if you leave a comment, please leave your name. You do not have to register and all that, but PLEASE leave a name so we are not guessing who left us a message. If we do not know you, who cares. I personally would like to know who to thank. Some one left a comment on my last post about knowing what it is like to give you heart for ten years and I have no idea who it is.

I also need to add to the request of items we want. KOOL-AID!!! Never have enough and everyone always wants mine and because of the person I am, I share and give most of it away. We want single use packets. We do not have sugar we can get to make half gallon jugs, so please keep that in mind. My friend, Joe Fiore, found some generic ones at Wal-Mart with half the sugar and they are better than the real deal and half the price. Thanks for being cheap Joe. You found me a new favorite. My favorite flavor is Fruit Punch or Tropical Punch, but Kool-Aid is Kool-Aid.

Oh, speaking of plastic ware to eat with...Jeremy would LOVE a cheap set of silver ware. His Soldiers keep asking for and wishing they had some real stuff because most of the time they don't get to eat in the dining facility due to what they do. Usually they have to grab their meals and run back to the office in case a call comes in. There are about 10 Soldiers in his group. I can't give the exact number but that's pretty close....

This post is not going to count towards the record post in one month for those of you that know we are trying to break 14 posts in one month.

SGT John Strader
aka John J. Rambo
The arm pit of the world: Afghanistan


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MOM said...

so Jeremy needs "silver"ware and John needs Kool-aid?? No problem from here. You want me to leave my name?? that would be a great idea or send an email to let you know who is saying something if they do not want everyone to know. I am so excited .... something new to think about and send
love ya