Thursday, June 5, 2008

Short Hello

I hope that everyone has enjoyed what Jeremy has written for all of us on here. I ask that you take this serious and pray for us. I am having a real hard time right now dealing with being gone from my little angel. I have not handled a few situations with her mom very respectfully recently and I am ashamed of myself for the way I have been acting. I ask that you pray for me to have the strength that I need here to continue to be a good leader and the best father I can from here. Every couple of months it really hits you hard that you are so far away from those you love and those that love you. This is one of those times where I am feeling weak. Just pray that I will find that strength again soon. I keep three things in mind at all times and they are what are helping right now: 1. In all the way acknowledge Him and He shall direct they paths; 2. I can all things through Christ who strengthens me; 3. Ask and ye shall receive. I keep these in my mind at all times and I have for years and it has helped me through very tough times in life.

On a lighter note, I passed Jeremy's last post on through emails. One person specifically was the Chaplains office (right next to mine) and they are getting a lot of responses from those they sent it to. It is getting passed around on post and a few promised they are going to check this out. It appears that some one has because were about 100 hits today.

I keep forgetting to tell you I start my first college class towards my bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Homeland Security. My first class is going to be History of Western Culture and start on 30June. I am pretty excited.

I miss you all and hope all is good at home. We are praying for you because we hear about the economy and the gas prices all day. Please stay safe and we will be home soon.


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