Monday, June 9, 2008


Hello all! I first want to thank everyone for their support for my brother and I. The blog has been pretty active lately. Thank you!! I really really appreciate everyone's support and kind words about the 'Let Us Pray' entry. The words of encouragement and comments are what keep us going. I'm not sure if anyone understands the anticipation and enjoyment we get from checking the blog to see who has stopped by and took the time to comment back to us. I think I check my email about 20 times a day no kidding. Emails are great! Again, THANK YOU!

I am so excited about something else...I got my camera today!! YEAH!! I've been waiting about three weeks for it to get here....not mentioning any names....Johnny....just kidding. Well anyway, now i get to share even more with everyone! Although I may be only be able to post my face and some other small things on is still nice to be able to capture my experiences....well some are good to remember....others I'd like to have never been a part of.....I'm trying to keep this positive.....I got two packages today! The camera and some other stuff my dad sent. THANKS DAD!! ;-) I got some beautiful pics of my wife...some of Lukas, and some of Courtney! AWSOME!! I also decided last week to buy a Nintendo Wii. Got that yesterday. Hey we may be adults...we may be Soldiers....we may be in war zone...but dang we gotta have something to take our mind off where we are....and the new Wii is the new attempt to do that.

Well....not much more that I can think of right now...I've got some late night duties to take care of so I better go.

On that note....please say a prayer. Right now....there's some people that could really really use them......thank you.

Well, till next time....till I think of something else to 'expand' on.......I have a couple ideas but I need to think about them a little more.

Love you all!!

SGT Wormy


MOM said...

So you think your dad sent you the camera?? That is ok ... I will let him have the credit. I hope to see some pictures soon. Can I send a blank CD and you send pictures home on it??
I enjoy reading what other people post as well. It is a shame that not that many comment though. It is really easy if I can figure it out.
Sure do miss you two boys. We look forward to seeing you when you get home.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremy and brother John,

I just wanted to give you both a high five for all you do for me and our country! You guys are awesome! I can't imagine the loneliness, the horror, and the day-to-day life stuff you guys encounter everyday! Your entries really put my life into perspective--so I may not be able to close a mortgage loan deal--I don't have people dying or suffering around me everyday. Please know that you both are in my daily prayers! It really takes some dedicated soldiers to do what you guys do! I have a nephew who is attending Westpoint and he too will(in a few years) join y'all in harms way. That will be the closest I will ever come to the Army. I pray that GOD (he is able) keeps you both safe and in his loving care. Like I said, I honestly can't imagine what you both face on a daily basis but I can tell you my favorite Bible verse that gets me through tough times--it is Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. God Bless you both and good night! Kristin

KLewis said...

Jeremy and brother John,

Oh by the way, how about a mailing address and a few "favorite things" that you like to get in the mail? From reading your blogs, it sounds like beef jerky and a camera are you fav's?