Sunday, June 29, 2008

Christmas in June

Well, hello everyone! As always it's good to be alive, and thank you thank you thank you for your support!! This email is for those who have recently donated your kindness to us!

Christmas in Iraq.

WOWEE!! As you probably read the mail system here in 'somewhere in iraq' was down for about a week. I was expecting a few things from my folks, I think the other Soldiers were expecting a few things too.......BUT WOW!!! Thank you to those who sent boxes to us! I think we had 5 or 6 boxes of stuff to open. It really was like Christmas. I gave one box to two people over there to open, one to a couple more Soldiers to open, I opened was awsome. Just to see the faces brighten up after a long day of the Soldiers in my unit was AWSOME!! We got sheets for our beds, bath towels, candy, beef jerky, new socks, DVD's, blankets, soap, shampoo, other personal requests(thanks mom and dad!) gosh I can't even remember everything!! It was great! It really really was. Thank you! I'm not sure people realize how great it is to get stuff in the mail. Especially random goodies and stuff that we just can't get over here. Just think, if you have last minute itch for something on your way from go to Wally World or Kroger or where ever and get it. We don't have that option. We're very limited on the stuff we can aquire. So again, THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH!! I will update the Hall of Fame soon. I forgot the names of the people that sent stuff in the office, but I will update it soon! THANK YOU!!!

Now, if it's ok....I'd like to request some other items that we and the injured Soldiers in the Hospital could use.

Injured Soldiers first:
1) T-shirts, shorts, underwear, socks. When they come in they are usually in uniform....well we usually have to quickly cut that off of them. So it leaves them stranded with nothing to wear but gowns and sheets. It would be great to have something to give them. Extra event t-shirts, plain cotton shirts(colored or white) from Wally World, $3 shirts on the clearance rack.....again nothing expensive or extravagant.
2) Calling cards to call home with.
3) Disposable razors.

Items my Soldiers have asked for:
1) Calling cards to call home with
2) Family Guy shows (DVD's-used, burned, whatever-we like family guy.)
3) A couch cover - we have an old old couch in our office that's hard as crap to sit on.
4) A guitar...again - not expensive! Acoustic...maybe one from a yard sale or one you don't use anymore...

THANK YOU SO SO MUCH again for all your support!! We also want to express that if anyone knows someone else over here and they need something that we can help with, PLEASE let us know. We want to help others just like others are helping us. Our PX is getting better at having the basic necessities so if you know about another group that needs something, please let us know. I just can't express how much we appreciate everything that people are doing for us. And if there's a chance for us to help and pass on the support to someone else in need, we will. From the 407th, my brother, and myself....THANK YOU!!!

Somewhere in Iraq
SGT Wormy



MOM said...

what is the size of shirts - shorts - and other clothing. Is this male and female items?
are you going to do some campfire songs?? LOL
Love ya

MOM said...

I am waiting on a new post. It has been a few days and we have not heard from you. Sure are a lot of hits to the site.
Waiting for the next post ........