Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another day....

Well, here I am again...sitting here doing a bunch of nothing. Thank everyone for all the comments on here! They have been great to say the least!! My mail system is REALLY slow now, but thank you to all of those who have sent stuff that we've gotten and stuff that we haven't gotten yet! I need to update the Hall of's on my to do list.

Hey bro! GREAT JOB ON THE PT TEST!! I thought about making a little wager on who could have the highest score when we get home....?? My situps suck pushups should be getting better with all the working out I'm run...I'm workin on it...but that's a work in progress....slow progress. I hate running! BUT GOOD JOB!! I know you've worked hard on it and I'm proud of you!!!

Another day...we've had a pretty slow end to our week. Let's hope it stays that way. I've seen enough this week to last me a long time....long long time. My team up here is doing really good! We're hanging in there. Not really much to report on I guess. I did however buy a swimming pool for over here. Yeah, that's right...I said a swimming pool!! Hey, we have to do all we can to 'enjoy' our time over here. It's only a 10' round and 30 inches deep pool...something to sit around in on a hot day...drink a near beer, and enjoy a cookout. It should be a nice endcap to any stressful day. Hopefully it will be here in about three weeks...depending on the mail service. I hear everything in the states is going pretty good. The family is doing pretty good, the house is still standing and I got to hear my dog Otis on the phone today so he's doing pretty good too. I know he misses me and he misses getting to go to Lowes five times a week with me to see what's new and get some stuff for the house. I miss him too. There's nothing like having to clean a pound of dog hair out of the front of my truck once a week. Well....there seems like there's more to write but I'm not sure what....I called work today (O'Charley's-Pigeon Forge, TN) and talked to some new girl I didn't know....I got a kick out of it...I gave her a hard time and blah blah blah, I guess that's a long story but it was funny to me. Oh, Constance, if you read're in trouble for being late to work!

I wish I had some more interesting stuff to write on here, but that's about it for now. Nothing too interesting...well as far as stuff I can put on here.....

Well, to all once again, THANK YOU for your support and we greatly appreciate it!!

Somewhere in Iraq
SGT Wormy



Anonymous said...

ok ....... I am kinda watching the hits to the site and since 8pm last night there has been 15 hits and that is pretty good.
I will get that pool cover on its way even before the pool gets there. now ........ pool toys ...hmmm and that kinda stuff is on sale right now ... with those flat rate postal boxes ... what can I send. Hmm
wonder if john needs a pool also?? Hmm

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you miss Lowe's as much as Otis! HA

Aunt Nancy